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Here is the list of nine most popular sex stories published on ISS for the month of March, 2015.

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1. Love And Lust – Part 1

By amit.singh

A love cum lust story of two college students. It is about how two people form the opposite sex, discover their sexual feelings towards each. It is about an innocent sex adventure, which gets thrilling and erotic as the story progresses.

…Suddenly, she came down from the bean bag and sat with me on the mat. She was looking very intimidating and before i could think anything she kissed me on my cheeks, and kissed me with a flurry of kisses. This made me very happy and very horny! Just when I started kissing her back her phone vibrated, it was her sister. She got nervous, took her and moved out of my house. Fuck! I had missed a fucking chance today, I thought! Read full story here

2. Fazmila’s Nightmare

By indianminecraft

Anyone could have their eyes on a beauty like Fazmila. But I always doubted if Akmal could resist her.What about her father then?

…He ran his hand on her hips and went down to her thigh. Started pulling her Kameez up and she quickly held by his wrist. “Dada please don’t.” She cried louder than before. He grabbed her hand with his other hand pushed her face on to the table. “You won’t listen to you father?” his words showed anger. Fazmila kept on crying as her face and chest were buried on to the table. He pulled her Kameez above her waist to reveal her sweat ass covered in those tights. Well I have seen up to that before. I started touching my bulge through my pants. Fuck this is going to be awesome. I said to myself. I swallowed a bit of my saliva to wet my dried throat up. With one hand he slid her pants down to her knees and she was wearing a black panty…. Read full story here

3. Lovely Girlfriend Of My Girlfriend

By Romeo143

My girlfriend who is best friend of my first girlfriend and our first romantic experience was held in a hotel room which was fantastic.

…Now my love was in just a black bra and she is white, the white and black combination will be awesome, so I massaged her boobs for a while, she cannot control and pulled my head towards her breast and pressing my head for a while, I unhooked her bra and saw the beautiful oranges, with brownish nipples, I sucked them like a hungry baby for milk, I rubbed her nipples and she pushed me aside and now me at below she on my top, she too sucked my chest and gave a lip kiss…. Read full story here

4. Well Executed Plan To Fuck Charmi – Part 2

By Rajeev5102

Fucking my friends wife with his permission and he too joining in the act of sex and that threesome sex adventure was pleasurable.

…I took her to my top, she came to me and hugged me and kiss on me, and she came down and started to suck my cock, I know Kiran cant view that, he can only see her ass, but he know what she is doing, then I hold her tied up hair and made her to suck me deep, she suck me deep even she took my balls and sucking on her mouth, now my cock is saluting to Charmy for a march pass. I made her to sit on the table where the cam is hided and I stand and insert the cock in her pussy she wide her legs for me, I know Kiran is on dark, can’t make it what is happening… Read full story here

5. Let’s Play Sex With Colours

By sam_9000

It was an unexpected sex encounter with the neighbourhood Punjabi bhabhi during holi. You can admire Punjabi bhabhis assets forever.

…I started moving my hands over her back slowly unhooked her bra from inside with one go. She just paused for a moment; I immediately removed her top and removed the bra. And I could feel her boobs. So tight and perfect shape (around 36) I moved my hand all over boobs kissing her neck, she was holding my hair and pulling me closer. I slowly started moving towards her boobs kneeling down and started playing with those. I pressed one while I was sucking and tingling with my tongue with the other…. Read full story here

6. Shweta Saxena – The List Continues

By Sweety Saxena

Shweta in her horniness calls her best friends boy friend home for sex where he finds her secrets. She had invited him to his house for having sex.

…Arun bite his fingers on hearing the kinky conversation between a father and his daughter. He moved out slamming the door behind. Dad reached the bed and before that I jumped from the bed and pounced on him and pressing him against the wall, kissed him with aggression, thrusting my tongue deep into his mouth. He was taken aback by the ferocity of my attack. I was opening his buttons of the shirt while crushing my breasts against his chest. I took his hands and guided them back, over my buttocks, urging him to press me against him…. Read full story here

7. Pumping Plumy Padma (Cousin’s Wife)

By dazzlingshiva

Story of a horny guy fucking his cousins wife, who was once a slut and acting like a decent woman,on the dining table with honey and ice cubes.A memorable incident for both.

…I took the tea in one hand and wrapped my another hand around her shoulder and was brushing her arms. It felt like silk. We were so close and i could sense her breathe getting increased. She slowly turned her face towards me. The smell of her was making me mad. Already my cock was fully erected and i was unable to hide that in my pant. She was continuously seeing my pant and was smiling. I gabbed her head and moved her face slowly towards me. Her red lips were inviting me. I started licking her lips with my tongue and she too started responding. Both of our tongues were mingling with each other with the chap chap sound of saliva….. Read full story here

8. Fucked By Two Friends Accidentally

By sk255036

I got screwed co-incidentally and willingly with two of his friends in Goa where they had visited to celebrate their graduation.

…Now my boobs were crushed with his chest and my lips were locked with his lips. Might be he was good kisser as he was sucking my upper and lower individually and his hand slide to my hip. I was equally enjoying and fighting to enter my tongue in his mouth. I broke my kiss when he crushed my one hips with his palms and I moaned. We had forgotten about Rohit what we were doing in front of her. Then he made me lay on sand it was great feeling of laying sand. I didn’t know when Rohit had jointed us his both hand were on my boobs and Rohit’s lips were on me ….. Read full story here

9. My First Sex With My Teacher

By hornyguy1118

My first sex was with my teacher in my engineering. My teacher is very good to look can be called sex bomb looking at her attires and my dream lady.

…I removed my whole dress and handed my big erected cock to her hand and she was rubbing it. Already my pre cum was all over my penis. I removed her panties. I can see the fully shaved pussy which was light pink in colour. I made her to sleep on bed and started to lick her beautiful pussy. She was holding my head and pushing towards her pussy and pressing my head like go on don’t stop it. She has reached her orgasm now. I went up and kissed her again and started to suck the big nipples. I said her to suck my cock. ….. Read full story here

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