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I am a professor at the irrational school of drama as well as at the south Asian sex film academy at an undisclosed place.At both the institutes applied part of the performing arts, particularly abhinaya ( enacting ) , is shown to the psychiatrists and criminologists who wish to alter the pathogenic behavior of patients and criminals.It is no secret that certain people like to be associated with the certain famous people in a non-descent manner; I mean such pathogenic persons do like to ‘nakedly ” fuck” with them .

The Sania is an example; whose sexy depiction and vulgar stories related to her mesmerizing body are openly available at some internet sites.I personally do not wish to rape the modesty of famous public figures, whether in the sports or in politics or arts; but we do know that the secret life of some of the influential people is worst than call girls or prostitutes and their pimps.

So what?

Here the fictional description of the vulgarities commences:

A combined repertory of both the said institutes artists rehearsed a sexy play for a sgroup of experts in deviant behavior and lust mannerism. The name of the main character remained like a good one: chhail bihari singh.Among the girls or women in the repertory were: ( with strange names ) rakhi kalavant, neesha khoparkar, ashorya roy, kaleena kapoor, siddha balan, sisterina safe, bodhika apte, malaika maroda, mallika shaharavat, supasa vasu, momakshi sinha.

The names of the males in the repertory were accordingly, we enlist a few: shakti sawant to play with rakhi kalavant, brother singh bose with sisterina safe, durdhar kapoor with kaleena kapoor, abhishek apte with bodhika apte, sheikh pakhtoon with siddha balan, shoorpati with ashorya roy, etc.The faces of all the male and female artists were altered not by plastic surgery but with the advanced electronic makeup.Yet the faces were not exactly matching with the exact actresses and actors look-alike.The spirit of a cartoon network played here to dub them, around 7%.

Now the story line: the king prajapati singh shoorma of unknown origin have married 30 women one by one over a 7-year period, together with tens of dasies and golies ( female sex slaves ).Among the dasies one was too bewitching to tell, so the king celebrated his ‘suhag raat ( deflowering night ) with that dasi instead of the legitimately married woman the queen! Of course he married another 29 women of the royal family of nearby states.

No, the king was not equal to wajid ali shah of lucknow-fame, but he modeled his aesthetic life with full vulgarity , heavy drinks, and cat fights.To satisfy the true and appropriate sexual needs of the women of his harem he discovered a new method of keeping one-night ‘deputy-husband! As he can not do justice to one and all of his sexy wives..

Indeed the king prajapati singh was thoroughly interested in vulgar nude dances, and obscene remarks were an essential feature of his dance and drama parties.Many a times sexual dramas were being enacted at his royal theatre.The draupadi vastra haran ( strip tease of draupadi ), ahalya-indra sambhog ( ahalya being fucked by indra ), ravan- rambha non-consensual sex , and certain other horrific dramas were his favourite themes.

The seminar began with an opening scene at prajapati singhs theatre , where malaika maroda, mallika shaharavat, and supasa vasu performed three dances one after one.A sort of jalebibaai ( or imarati baai, gulab jamun baai ) dance! Male dancer shri chhail bihari joined with these three sexy chicks.

As soon as malaika began her hip-hop dance in an entirely vulgar manner showing her waist and navel with suggestive gestures hero chhail singh picked the waist of malaika and placed his tool from behind on her round but firm buttocks.Mallika shaharavat also began dance and gradually became stark naked, and she came, and rubbed her pussy ( chut ) against malaikas .Now chhail bihari pushed a finger or two in the ass-hole of mallika shaharavat.

Chhail too was stark naked and he was pushing his cock (lund ) in the ass hole of malaika maroda.Both malaika and mallika noted that the cock ( lund ) of prajapati singh is getting erect surprisingly.

Both went to the king for a blessing, and the king blessed both by penetrating his erect cock into the pussy of both the lady dancers.For this show the king has invited some of the rulers of nearby states; and three of them came to witness the nude show. Now, both malaika and mallika were lying on the floor, stark naked; and the king prajapati along with the two nearby rulers rode on malaika.

Now three male bodies rode over one female , i.e, malaika. Prajapati singh of course was fucking malaikas cunt ( fuddi ), while the ruler from north was kneading her breasts, tits ( mumme), and the ruler from south was just sitting over her belly.

After ravishing her in this manner the two turned her down side, and the two were began to abuse her ass. It was the king prajapatis priviilege to ass fuck this naked dancer with his lund; and he obliged her pumping his tool inside her ass-hole, so hot and fleshy, red alert.

The next show was draupadi sheel haran for which supasa vasu came forward as poor draupadi and chhail singh as ruthless duh-shasana.

The scene was terrific, as chhail singh not only tore away supasas saari and blouse but he made her fully nude in front of the royal spectators.Chhail pushed supasa towards the king prajapati, and said: ” kurunath, isski chut me apna lauda ghusa-ghusa kr, ise chod-chod kr garbhavati kar dijiye, ye aapke virya ka paan bhi karegi”. ( meaning : o. King of kuru rajya, penetrate your cock into her pussy, and fuck her chut time and again; get her pregnant ; she will also like to sip your cum ).

These scenes were enacted for the benefit of the patients of the mental hospital and criminals of the central prison gathered here as all these were highly sex-starved and as a matter of fact developed abnormal behavior; the doctors attending them advised a sex therapy for the healthy treatment of their diseased psyche.However, the dance and abusing-in-nude performance were just an introduction.Criminologist sitting here and observing the performance wanted a bit more , so also foreign psychiatrists.

So as a followup it was decided to enact two or three true incidents of which appeared in the press recently.

Accordingly, ¬†an enactment of ‘dirty conspiracy was performed.The story involves a politician who as a minister tried to seduce a married but sexier lady with the help of his own husband for a high monitory award for both the wife and her husband separately without knowing each of them.The minister was an aged one loving adultery in the core of his heart.

Ashorya roy have been invited to act as the victim lady and som puri as the minister who sexually abused the ashorya for a long time.Here the great power of money can not be ignored.The lady willfully agreed to the adultery for the huge amount of money as well as she also gained social and political influence as equal to an MLA.

The scene opened : ashorya roy wearing a thin sari without a petticoat or a panty is seen sitting over the lap of old politician som puri. Dialogues are in hindi.

Som puri: ” yuun to tu meri beti ki umra ki hai magar jo nanga maza tu deti h vo meri bibi ne apni jawani me bhi nahi diya jb vo 16 saal ki thi.Chal udhr palang pr, mera lauda teri chut lene tanna raha h, meri rani, meri bulbul!”

Ashorya ( mathe ki mang me sindur h): ” vo mere husband ki unche ohde pr tarakki kara do na , govt hospital me.”

Som puri: (ashorya ko chumte huye) ” ordres to karwa diye hn; dekh lo ye file; kisi ko batana mat”

Ashorya: ” 25 hazar rupayyon ki aur jarurat h”

Som puri: ” to mene kabhi tujhe mana kiya, le lena aaj hi”

Som puri: arling, ab raha nahi jata, le mera lund , le darling

Ashorya buddhe ka lund sahlati h, magar politician kahta h, ” nahi beti hath me lene se nahi, munh me le ke chus, fir teri chut me ghusaunga!

Ashorya: ”mujhe to papa ji apse hi chut marwane me maza aata h”.

Iske bad dono ki chudai ka khullam khulla scene h, der raat tk, raat ke 2 baje tk.

Lekin is se bhi jyada uttejak drishya vo h jab garbhavati kaleena kapoor se durdhar kapoor sambhog karta h, poora nangaa ho ke. Dono nanga-nangi khelte hn.Halanki umra me durdhar kapoor kafi chhota h, mgr garbhavati chodne ko bada khiladi! Vaah!!!

3 saraa scene siddha balan auor sheikh pakhtoon ka h, jisme pakhtoon sidhha ki ek tang upr kr apna hath uski nangi chut me marta h; fir siddha ko gand ki tarf se le uski fuddi me apna pathani lund dalta h. Is tareh ke bold scene.

Witnessing these nude and bold performance the invited hospital patients and prisoners enjoyed the sex freely.Their general health improved. Hospital patients were rather discharged and for the prisoners such more shows arranged inside jail.

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