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I would like to narrate to readrs the incident of holi. In our building there is holi celebrations every year. I like to participate also. This time too, holi was planned with lots of colour and rain dance.

I saw a beautiful girl, enjoying the rain dance. Since she was coloured on the face, could not recognize her, but i remembered seeing her earlier. Suddenly i recognized her as my college mate. She was a class junior to me. A very cute and nice girl.

I went to her and tried to express her my name, but she remembered. She embraced me in the rain dance and then we started dancing together. There were many memories of college.

After mid-day the rain dance got over and we went to food section. Idli-dosa , pav bhaji were laid down.. She too enjoyed the food. Radha, as her name was, was invited by her friend beena who stays in my building. However she had to go urgently to meet her grandma so radha was left alone.

After food, radha wanted to go to her home. I told her that since she was wet, and it was very hot outside, she can wait for evening and then i would leave her by car. She accepted. We had thandai. It was tasty, so we had some more of it. It was refreshing after the rain dance and colouring.

We went upstairs to my house. Since it was festival time, my parents had gone to native place and i was alone. I made her comfortable and told her to take bath and change so that she will be off with coloured garments. She nodded and went towards my bothroom. I gave her a towel and my loose shirt so that it fits her and a pair of shorts. She was reluctant initialy, but i persuaded her to take bath and freshen up.

She came out with my shirt and shorts and now it was my turn to take bath.the top 2 shirt buttons could not be closed since it was man shirt and her breast were tighted. Since my parents had gone and locked their room, we had only one bathroom. After my bath, we both sat in the living room and started chatting.

We both had a mild headache-i think the thandai had some bhang mixed in it. We were very sleepy. Radha slept on the couch. I told her to shift to my room as we could on a/c and sleep in comfort. She accepted and told me to keep door open.however there was nobody else in the house, still i had no objection. She slept on the left side of the bed and i on the right side of the bed. We fell alseep quickly.

All of a sudden, i felt hot and opened my eyes. To my shock, i was sleeping next to radha, nicely curdled up. My leg was between hers and my hand over her towards her back. My nose was in her cleavage and her right boob was wanting to come out of the shirt. I moved my hand a little over her back. She was fast alseep. I pushed up my leg a little and was touching her lower vagina. I got a little more bold and slowly slipped my hand to ope a shirt button. Out came the right boob just next to my lips. It was pink and shining. I quickly put my tongue on it and then my both lips were sucking it. I took the full aeola and started squeezing the boob. It was the first time i was sucking boob. I enjoyed and my prick was at 90 degrees. Slowly i opened one more button and then more, right upto the shorts. I could see her bare brests with some red holi colour here and there.

She moved a bit and slept straight( on her back). Now her both the boobs were open and i could see her naval too. I took the other side(left) boob in between my lips and started sucking slowly. She was moaning a little as if she is enjoying. But the bhang had kept her asleep. Her nipples started curling and i could feel them erect in my mouth. I felt the right side boob and it was erect too. I got little more bold and opened the fly zipper slowly. Then i put my hand inside the fly to feel the velvet. It was awesome feeling. I went little more down and was moving my hand on the clitoris. Then i removed my hand and couraged to open the front botton of the shorts and also the last botton of the shirt. Now radha was front-less naked sleeping before me.

I became little more bold and went down to slowly pull down the shorts. After a little hard try the shorts came out.

Since after the bath, radha did not wear any bra or panties, i was getting this reward.

I went between her legs and parted them. I could clearly see the vagina covered with black hair for the first time. I lowered my head and started licking the cunt. It was giving out a sweet smell. Suddenly, some liquid started to fill up the cunt. I started to lick up all of it. After about 10 mins. I opened myself and slept naked aside radha. I brought radhas hand little lower to touch my prick. She started playing with it and i was fondling her breast and cunt alternatively. After about 10 mins, i had precum. Now i decided to come over her. I slowly climbed her keeping her nipple in between my lips. She opened the legs. Still in mild seductive, she raised her knee towards the ceiling and opening the cunt slit for me. I inserted my tool slowly for the first time. I kept my tongue over her lips and she opened the lips to take me full inside. I was kissing her passionately and my tool trying to find its place slowly. I started to pump her slowly so as not to hert her and i was kissing simultaneously. After about 10-15 mins i felt like coming so i withdrew. And all my cum was in my hand. Such a large qty. I had seen first time. All white. I went to bathroom to cleanup and pissed a little. I was very satisfied and felt as if someone and removed semen from all veins and i was empty inside. Very satisfied. I came and slept near her with my hand over her boobs. She still had the shirt on and i was fully naked.

After about 2-3 hours, she bent over me and opened her eyes. I too opened the eyes and kissed her. She was amazed to see me naked and herself too half naked. However she responded to the kiss and came over me. I was hard again. She came over me with shirt on. I spread my legs and she opened hers too. In went my jack again with little effort from me and her. She pumped me a little and then i came over her. We kept circling over the bed for some more time till i came. I withdrew again and took all the cum in my hand. She came down to taste the cum and ultimately drank all of it. Then she tasted my prick which was lame by now. On taking the prick inside her mouth, it became little straight again and was ready for another event. We had 2 more round that evening.

After that she told to drop to her parents home.

Now also we in ‘touch and may be some day we will get married.

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