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Nilofer kissed taimur on the mouth her tongue toying with his as she french kissed him. Taimur held her in a tight embrace in the store room just beside the kitchen. Two hours before, she had sucked his lund until he shot his spunk into her mouth. She had swallowed every salty, hot drop happily. Her guilty feeling about incest now gone…

“oh ammi” taimur sighed hotly “mera lund dekho, mujhe chudo” (see my cock. Fuck me) he moaned, his hands working on the buttocks of his mother’s ass, as he pressed and rubbed his hard cock against her through their clothing.

Nilofer was tempted. Very tempted…. The blow job she had given him had made her hot. Her choot was getting wetter the harder he pressed his cock against her body. Did they have time? Could they risk it?

“bad main beta” (later son) she replied, easing him backwards and moving away from him as he tugged her back into his embrace.

“nahi ammi.” (no mum) taimur said pressing himself harder against her body. His hands were tugging at her shalwar nara trying to pull it open and bare her from the waist down, as he pushed her backwards against a wall and kissed her passionately.

Nilofer felt her resistance collapse. His heat was contagious and she had to admit it, she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Her cunt was throbbing and getting wetter every second they embraced.

She pushed him back and told him to lie on the floor. He did as she told him, untying his nara and releasing is lund (prick) from his shalwar.

He watched as his mother nilofer, removed her own shalwar and pulling the front tail of her kamiz (long shirt) up, knelt astride him and took hold of his cock. Her hairless choot was in clear view as she moved over him.

“ziyada shore nahi karo taimur… Bus jaldi say chudo aur jao” (don’t make a lot of noise taimur. Fuck quickly and go) nilofer advised.

His hot hard lund burned into her choot as she sat on him. It was so very hot. There was no doubt that taimur needed her.

Closing her eyes, she put her hands on his shoulders and began to ride him. She bounced her ass and choot up and down on him, fast and furiously. Her breathing heavy and fast as she worked to get him to shoot his cum into her waiting womb…. She also needed to release her own sexual tension by orgasm desperately.

Taimur held onto her hips and ass and fucked back, his ass tense his legs bent at the knee to give him maximum leverage. She was boiling hot. Much hotter then the other night, so tight…. She was squeezing his lund with the walls of her choot. That was experience, right there. That was learned from years of fucking.

They were both in a hurry and gratefully felt their orgasms build until taimur came, just as nilofer did; the timing was so perfect; it was amazing.

Nilofer sat down heavily on him and allowed his spurting juice to mix with her own and seep out of her pussy and onto his groin and balls.

Nilofer got up quickly, her legs slightly shaky after her orgasm, and pulled her shalwar on. She felt so sweaty and in need of a shower. Taimur tied his shalwar up and stood up. Taking his mother in his arms, despite her protests that they had no time for this, he kissed her.

Taimur was still hard and nilofer knew that if he continued kissing and fondling her, he would want to screw her again. They simply could not take the risk.

“please ammi…. Dubara karo na” he pleaded

“bad main beta…., bad main i promise” nilofer said, moving away from him and back into the kitchen.

Alia was sitting there looking at them with a strange smile on her face, as they re-entered the kitchen. Had she heard them? Had she seen them? Neither taimur nor his mother nilofer could be sure. Her smile was so strange though.

Taimur blushed but said nothing as he left the kitchen. Nilofer, her heart racing with fear and fright, pretended to be busy.

Alia looked at her mother, hard. The strange smile still on her lips; she had to admit, her mother was a very attractive and hot looking woman. Certainly, that young doctor at the clinic had thought so. He had flirted with her and made sure to rub up against her, as he past her.

Alia left the kitchen in search of taimur. She had questions to ask.

‘”madarchod….harami” (mother fucking bastard) she said as she caught up with him and slapped the back of his head playfully. Before grabbing his balls and saying “sub kuch batao…..varna!!!!….” (tell me everything….or else!!!!!!!!)

Taimur told her everything.

Nabila was busy dressing herself. She had taken extra special care that day. She applied a little eye make up, lipstick and scent, even at the risk of annoying her stern father. Her shower had been a long one. She had applied hair removal cream to her pussy and butt crack; even though she was smooth she wanted to be smoother still.

Nabila planned to sample the full glory of sexual intercourse. The climax, when a man spills his spunk into your cunt. So she wanted to look her best. Smell her sweetest and feel the hottest she could.

She was waiting for her elder brother nasir to come home. She was hoping that he would screw her again as he had done on that rainy afternoon and earlier that morning. Surely no one could expect her to be satisfied with one or two rides. She had enjoyed nasir taking her virginity, both virginities very much. She felt so alive. The boredom of her home was replaced with the promise of sex. Not just fucking but great fucking.

Nabila was not a stupid girl. She had thought about the risk she was taking. It was possible to continue screwing with her brother but, she would have to take precautions. Her college days had educated her in many things. One of the lessons she had learned was that condoms (yes, here too she had received a crash course in methods of birth control) were not always reliable. They could burst, leak or simply be unavailable at the moment the lund is banging at the mouth of your choot, eager to get in.

She knew that her sister alia had been using birth control pills. It was a simple matter to find them and start taking them herself.

She was sure that alia would not miss them; after all, alia was separated from her husband; why would she need birth control? Who was fucking her?

That morning, as everyone had been busy eating breakfast or getting dressed, nasir and she had been standing at the top of the staircase leading to the roof terrace, kissing. Nasir was a great kisser and his hands were simply expert at getting her hot by touching her hot zones. His fingers finding and toying with her clit until she thought she would cum there and then over his busy hand, as it rubbed and fingered her choot.

She had wanted him to fuck her and he had. He had turned her face to the wall and asked her to brace herself and bend down slightly. He had then pulled her shalwar down and entered her still tight choot from behind. It had hurt slightly but less then the first time he had fucked her and broken her seal.

After a few minutes of pumping, both trying to muffle their panting and moaning, he pulled out and shot his spunk. Nabila watched as it erupted out of his cock and splashed onto the floor. Her stomach had ached with a longing for the feel of all that lumpy white semen inside her.

He had helped her pull her shalwar back up and adjusted his trousers, sending her down stairs first and then following 5 minutes later.

Nabila looked at the clock on the bedside table. He would be home in an hour or so, if it didn’t rain hard again.

Nasir was riding the mini bus home with a sense of anticipation. He had stopped off at a chemist and bought a pack of condoms. The morning screw with nabila had been a near thing. He had not intended to go further then fingering her cunt and sucking her nipples but the feel of her hot wet choot had driven him almost wild. Then too nabila had muttered over and over “karo na….please daloo na….” (do it. Please put it in me) nasir was not made of stone and soon he was pumping away at her from behind. Going wild with the feel of her hot tight cunt gripping his hard lund, as he thrust and pumped into her…. He realised that he had only just managed to pull out of her hot and so very tight choot in time. His lund was already spitting his seed out as he left her cunt hole. That was too risky.

At least with alia there was no risk. She took pills and could visit family planning with her marriage licence if a mishap occurred. Nabila would be in deep shit and so would he…maybe.

No nabila would be getting all the fucking she wanted from him but his lund would be sheathed ………………………………………………

He looked up at the sky from out of the mini bus window, the clouds were still dark and heavy with rain but so far, it had been a dry day. He hoped it would not rain and slow his return home to nabila. His cock was already hard at the thought of her hot tight cunt squeezing his lund as he fucked her and sucked and squeezed her breasts.

’Don’t rain’ he thought still looking up at the clouds. ‘i have plans’. …………………………………………………..

Alia was still digesting taimur’s confession. So the whispered conversation between her mother and taimur, the end of which she had caught, was more surprising then she had at first thought. It had not been a case of taimur trying to seduce nilofer his mother no; it had been a case of trying to repeat what had already happened. That was, taimur trying to persuade his mother to let him fuck her again. Yet more surprising was that nilofer’s response had been to say “later”.

After taimur had confessed, she had released his balls which she had used as her leverage to get taimur to talk, and called him a “chuppay rustum…madarchod” (sly fox….motherfucker) and assured him that she would not tell their father.

‘well’ she thought to herself ‘maybe not yet’

She then had returned to her room and noticed with interest, nabila dressing and apply make-up etc. Since nabila never went out, alia put it down to nabila being simply bored.

Remembering her birth control pills and the need to take her daily tablet, she went to get them; but they were not there.

She searched and thought hard about where they could be and while nabila disappeared to get a glass of water from the kitchen, alia quickly searched nabila’s ‘secret’ hiding place that she knew all about. There were her pills and one was missing. Alia was always very careful about keeping a record of her usage. When your brothers and father are fucking you and you are separated from your husband, you can’t afford to be careless about birth control.

Suddenly nabila’s behaviour made sense. She was going to be, or had already been, fucked. Alia thought hard about who the lucky bastard could be. Nabila went no where and no men ever came to their house alone. Even taimur’s hot friend zain was not given free access even when taimur was home.

Neighbours……? They were all either school kids or married men. Alia had never seen any of them taking an interest in nabila or her even. Who then?

Then it hit her like a bolt of lightening. It all made sense. The day it had started to rain.

Alia had come home to find nabila asleep in a freshly made bed, but it was not the day to change the bed linen and her bed was un-made.

When she had gone to ask if nasir wanted anything to eat; she had heard him taking a shower. She had wondered at the time, why he was showing at such an odd timing for him. Nasir was a very organised and routine minded man.

It all made sense now. The bed sheet had been changed to remove any sign of nabila’s lost virginity and nasir had showered to wash any evidence off him. No doubt nabila had showered too.

Since nasir was screwing her, why would he not screw his other sister nabila? From nabila’s behaviour it was obvious that she wanted nasir to. Alia couldn’t really blame her. Nasir was hot and no doubt nabila was burning up with horniness. No marriage in sight and no out side activities to allow flirting or fooling around.

Funny though, alia had always thought that nabila had dated secretly at college; perhaps french kissed a boy or been fingered or at least had her tits and ass squeezed by some good looking sweet talker.

When nabila returned, alia confronted her with the strip of pills and a stern stare.

“rundi!!!! Tu nay kiss say chudwa yaa? Bol varna…main ammi ko bolaongi” (whore! Who have you fucked? Tell me or i call mother) alia hissed

Nabila was shaking “main nay kuch nahi kiya!!!” (i haven’t done anything)

Alia was not going to accept that. “jhut!!! Tangay khullo, aur choot dehkao!!!! Main abhi confirm kur sakte hoon kay tu kunwari ha yaa nahi” (liar! Open your legs and show me your pussy. I will find out now if you are a virgin or not) alia said pushing nabila onto the bed.

It was all bluff but nabila confessed out of sheer terror. She really believed alia would part her legs and examine her pussy to see if her hymen was still intact.

“haan appa!!!, main kunwari nahi hooon!!!!!!!” (yes elder sister, i am not a virgin) she sobbed

“papa aur ammi ko mut bata na…pleaseeeeee!” (don’t tell father or mother please)

Alia smiled in triumph “kiss nay tumhari seal torii?” (who took your virginity?) She demanded.

Nabila just sobbed into her hands.

“nasir bhai …..ainna???….nasir bhai nay chuda tum ko????….


Such-such batao varna….” (nasir brother….wasn’t it? Nasir brother fucked you…yes! Tell the truth or else….) Alia said menacingly.

Nabila had looked up in shock as she heard nasir named, though she shook her head, her eyes told alia that she was right. Nasir had fucked nabila. He had taken her virginity.

What a day of discoveries this was becoming.

Alia’s mind was already deciding on how to put this information to good use.

She had a plan. …………………………………………………….

Taimur was so silent when nasir got home, that nasir immediately felt uneasy. He had expected to find nabila waiting for him as he returned home but she was in her room with alia.

Taimur refused to say what was worrying him but he certainly looked worried.

After nasir had showered and changed into a clean shalwar kamiz, he went to the kitchen to see what was for dinner.

He found his mother there being very industrious and active but looking worried. What ever was wrong was pretty big, nasir decided.

As he went into the lounge he saw alia and nabila sitting there waiting it seemed, for him.

“nabila” alia ordered “jao ammi aur taimur ko bulao” (go and call mother and taimur)

Nabila flashed nasir a scared look and started to sob.

“jao nabila!” Alia ordered again pushing at her to make he go.

“what’s wrong?” Nasir asked looking as nabila fled from the lounge in tears.

“kuch nahi bhai” (nothing my brother) alia said smiling mysterious. “in fact, everything is just perfect”.

Some how nasir just didn’t believe her.

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