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Hi readers my name is raj from chennai…i love this website and im also a reader of this site…so i would like to post one of true sex experience…my age is 22 now..i was around 19 years of age when i had to visit my aunt (mother’s younger sister) who was settled in goa. My uncle was working in the air force station and as one can guess a very strict disciplinarian. I was unemployed those days and that prompted my mother to send me to her sister’s place for obtaining signatures in some legal documents with regard to a long dispute related to her paternal property. She also believed that my uncle could get me a job through some of his sources. I also needed a change of atmosphere as i was getting frustrated day by day in my hometown and hence readily agreed to oblige my mother. After reaching goa, i realized what i have missed till then. My aunt sangeetha was a tall, fair woman with sharp features. She resembled my mother in many ways but surely she looked better than my mother. Sangeetha aunt had two daughters saranya and krithika, with just one year age difference separating them. Saranya was fair like her mom but was somewhat bulky like her father. Krithika was very slim, tall and fair of course. While saranya had very huge breasts for her age, krithika looked flat as plywood. Within a couple of days after reaching, i noticed that the two sisters never got together and were often found quarreling on some petty matters. Even though i found it strange to see two teenage sisters fighting with each other so often, i later started enjoying their encounters as it was the only entertainment available inside the air force station. With this prelude, let me get straight into the story. My uncle’s quarters had just a single bedroom, a dining hall and a reasonably big drawing room. I was told that while uncle and aunt used the bedroom, saranya and krithika used to sleep in the drawing room on the sofas. After i reached, my cousins felt a bit odd to sleep on the sofa while i preferred sleeping on the floor and hence the next day onwards, all three of us slept on the floor. Both my cousins seemed to be fond of sleeping and used to appear senseless while they slept. The very first day or rather the very first night, my left hand accidentally fell over krithika’s slim thighs and i guess, it remained for quite some time till i felt something odd and woke up to see where my hand was resting. I took off my hand in a flash, moved away from krithika a little further, turned my back to her and tried to sleep again. Within minutes, i could feel her legs on my thighs and her hand wrapping me around. I started feeling aroused at this unsolicited embrace, but immediately realized the impending calamity as i gently pushed her back to her bed. I could not sleep any further as my cock had become hard since krithika’s legs fell on me and under the cover of the blanket i was holding my cock. After almost half an hour, krithika turned over me again, this time her palm fell right on the top of my erected cock. I felt going through a high voltage current for a second and decided to throw all caution to the wind.

As i turned around, i saw krithika lying menacingly close to me, with her skirts up high over her knees exposing her slim thin thighs. I deliberately placed my hands over each of her thighs and there was no resistance from her at all. I gathered a little more courage to let my hand press her silky panties and caressed it in the top-to-bottom direction. This time around, i could sense her reaction as a meager moan escaped her lips. I feared this could get risky, took off my hand and turned around showing my back to her again. Immediately, she pulled my hand again, rested it over her panties and motioned it as if she needs some rubbing. I could not believe my luck and immediately moved close to her, hugged her and kissed her on her lips. My right hand wandered to locate her small tits and once it was found, gave it a gentle squeeze.”ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”. Krithika whispered. My right hand, not content feeling the tender tits, crept inside her t-shirt, sailed over her soft skin and caught hold of her bare tits as if it was holding a ripe orange. Krithika’s body curved forward feeling my palm over her nipples and in turn my palm started feeling that her nipple was perky and hard. My hands alternated between her small tits and panties, caressing, rubbing, pinching and teasing every bit and krithika was pulling me towards her every now and then. After a prolonged foreplay with her small tits, i took off the only hook on her skirt and started rolling it down below her knees. As my fingers got between her skin and the panties strap, she let a moan again. Her panties went the way her skirt did and she shook her legs one by one to relieve her garments. Krithika was apparently feeling shy at this point as she was covering her gentle haired pussy with her hands. My mouth sprung on her pussy with thirst and my tongues started dancing on her mount feverishly. Every time, my tongue rubbed her ring, she moaned so loudly that i even feared saranya could be awake. But i was in no mood to stop the feast midway as i continued licking, sucking and teasing her teen pussy with my tongue and lips. It was an awesome sight to see her body bowing forth and back in joy and to see her pressing her own tits as my dick was getting longer and harder for me to hold. I took off my shorts in a split second, and pounced on krithika’s bed. I moved right in between her thighs, hoisted her legs over my shoulders, held her tits tightly in my hands and started rubbing the tip of my hard cock against her wet pussy.

“mmmmmmmm…very nice feeling”. Krithika was murmuring. As i kept rubbing my cock against her slit, both of us were getting aroused. I have always been a tit lover and every now and then went down to take her little tits into my mouth and sucked her nipples like mad. As our game was getting more and more intense, i looked aside to see that saranya was already awake and surprisingly watching both of us with no reaction. I thought for a moment to stop everything, but the devil in me did not let me do that. I continued to let my dick plough around krithika’s wet pussy and once krithika looked boundless in joy, i raised for a moment and at one go, let my hard long dick to pierce into her wet vagina like a knife getting thrust inside an apple. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”. Krithika almost screamed. I was watching saranya from the corner of my eyes whose eyes were wide-opened all through. My dick was pumping into krithika’s sex cavity like a monstrous rig boring moist soil. Seeing her spontaneous reactions was driving me further crazy as i was picking up the momentum very fast. Krithika kept moaning uncontrollably feeling my horny cock inside her moist pit and was rubbing around the surface of her clitoris which felt like a soaked sponge. I was feeling terribly excited to be fucking a virgin pussy, that too of my own cousin and i got elated to realize from krithika’s response that i was doing a wonderful job in pleasing her. I realized that i was about to explode inside her pussy and found it very hard to slow down as i didn’t want to cum inside her pussy. I was gradually alighting from in slow motion and at the right moment , pulled out my dick to let it explode over her stomach. Krithika looked up at me and smiled. “nice job done”. As i got up to proceed towards the bathroom, she hugged me and kissed me on my lips.” i want to feel the climax tomorrow. Get yourself equipped”. I gently bit her lips in acceptance before going to the bath to get myself cleaned up. As i returned to the bed, it was krithika’s turn to the bath which gave a couple of minutes between me and saranya. “so, did you enjoy watching, saranya?”. I asked. Saranya pretended as though she was sleeping. I smiled and said again “i knew you weren’t sleeping”. I moved across to her bed, held her face between my palms, kissed her lips and let my tongue inside her mouth for a moment. Before, krithika returned from the bath, i had enough time to squeeze saranya’s big tits for sometime and to plant a firm kiss on her panties.“we will continue tomorrow”. As i returned back to my bed, i saw saranya still holding her tits in amazement. Krithika was back in her bed and immediately after getting down, she hugged me and whispered in my ears.”please stay back for a few more days. We can have fun”.

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