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I am about to share an incident with you which changed my life and sex made it possible. This happened in b.com final year when i was knowing very details about sex. By then i have seen a very good collection of sex movies, but never had sex. The urge of hard sex was driving me crazy and i was seeing a naked lady in every woman. But i was not sure that sex will happen so soon and also some one like my aunt her name is sailaja( in real also) married . Let me describe about my aunt first, she is the 3rd younger sister of my mom, she is in her thirties now, but due to good maintenance or what ever, she use to looked younger than many. She is a jovial kinda person and but her main problem is that she used to have a loose tongue and some times say somethings which children should not herar. This is that one tie when she was comminting on men, and she started saying how ever men are but at bed they only provide is pleasure. Every one were shocked , as there was a girl talk going at my grandmas place and i was accompaning my mom, with all my aunts around, suddenly they became calm and then immediately signaled over me and changed the topic, i was in my twelth at that time. So on the days passed. Soon everyone were busy in studies and life passed, but then came the big f-moment, it was not a one day wonder which happened. My parents went to a sudden occasion with at my in-laws place, and left me behind at home, as it was normal for me to stay home alone regularly, i took this oppourtunity and got my bf cds and when i a full mood, i prefer naked cause again i need 2 wash my clothes, so i used to practice masturbation around 4 times a day, only sex was on mind. So i was just enjoying my life i just kept an indian sex movie and just started it, suddenly my door bell rang, i just changed my tv from video mode to the star connection, then wore my night pants and opened the door. To my surprise it was my aunt, it was the moment i hated my aunt most, cause now it is a handsome 3-4 hours of her in my home, and i did not complete my masturbation session. Then she in and saw all the thins placed here and there and comment saying “so, ur enjoying a bachelor life”) and she arranged all the clothes and said that my mom has asked her to check if i am having any problem like food and stuff, i answered that i am okay and kool no problem, i wanted to end the matter and send her so that i can watch the movie, then she sat on coutch and said tat it is time for her daily serial chakravakam(a famous telugu serial ) i was really depressed and thought to make a tea for my aunt so that i can divert my self as i was soo low, suddenly i heard sounds of mouning, i was really shocked, i ran towards the tv and saw that my aunt switched back to av mode and was seeing the bf, i forgot about that as it was running all the time. The man was pounding the woman very hard and she was shouting in the movie. I grabbed no courage to see my aunt. She just came near me and placed the remote in my hands and just went back home. I was soo tensed, i lost all my hardness for the day due to the tension, i was just imagning my parents be back and kick me for my act. Then in night the phone started ringing, i was tensed to limit i knew that it was my parents, reluctantly i lifted the phone, my mom called me just to enquire that about my aunts arriaval, she asked if she has come home or not, i said she has come and went and asked about the neclace that she had to take. So i was kool that she did not tell anythin 2 my parents but told that she has not taken any neclace.then my mom asked me to give her the neclace and come back, by the way my aunt has two children boy is doin his tenth and grl 7th. I thought to cal my brother to come and take as i had no courage to go to my aunts home. When i called him, he along with his dad and sis went to an office party, my aunt did not go as she had to come 2 my house. So there was no other option, i cursed my self for the situtation and i went to my aunts home, hesistantly i rang the bell. My aunt came out and opened the door i thought to give her the neclace and run back home, she talked nothing asked me to come in, she was still giving those hard expressions. I just kept the neclace and slowly said to my aunt that i am leaving, she stopped and said me to eat and go, but by her voice i understood that she was no mood to hear a no for an answer. So i slowly went and sat at the table she said she would come back in a moment and asked me to serve myself, i started eating, i heard sounds in bathroom, and expected my aunt went to bath, then i completed my dinner she was still bathing. I thought this is the moment and shouted from outside that i am leaving, but my aunt instead stopped and asked me to give the neclace which was on the dining table and go.

I went inside and stunned to see my aunt, she was wearing her saree, she was on her blouse and petticoat. I moved my head other side and gave the neclace. Then came the comment that changed everything. She said that “aacha, now u r turning ur face, when i am atleast having something on my body, but i think u have seen more nude women in those cds of yours ” i stunned with the comment and saw my aunt, she gave a small smile with my situtation and said that she was enjoying my expressions after feeling caught and said that it is very normal and she is okay with it and wil not tell to my mom. All my tensions were gone i was overjoyed and hugged my aunt instantaniously, suddenly my dick got hard, it would be due to the excitement or something. Then my aunt just pushed me and said me to cool down, i was also ok, but unintimated i was pointing my tent towards my aunt. She was staring it, i came back to my conciousness and hid it with my hand, my aunt asked to move my hand aside she said “ooh, so now what did u see that you hard ur boy up” i was getting shy with her words

Then she said “so with only a touch of your aunt you got hard” and giggled and said “am i that hot” even till that moment i never thought my aunt by that way, but now i started seeing in a sexy angle, my dick started moving up and down, seeing this i was soo embrassed, i was not able to control my self. My aunt stared it with wide open eyes, and said letme help you with that and with one instance open my zip and my giant came out. She was amazed with the size.( i am not over telling about my tool, but since i was in my 20s it was fully grown) then she caught it with her hands and jerked it 2-3 times i was soo excited with those soft warm hands on my penis that i instantly came out, through my load on to a good distance.. Seeing this my aunt laughed and said that with this speed no woman with satisfy, and all along that hand of her was not removed over my tool. She said she wanted to test me and see how fast i can get hard again, saying this she sat on her toes and took my tool in her mouth, i was stunned with her intentions, she was seriously concentrating on my dick, from top i could see her big cleavage, and she was not having a bra on, immediately i was hard and she was sucking it hard and hard, i was moaning, i put my hands on her head and was shaking faster towards me, i was so excited and i was shouting loud and then i came to another climax and shooted everything in my aunts mouth, my aunt sucked everything and then gave a sweet smile and said that “i always wanted to suck a man to his end, but my uncle never let her do that as he would loose all hardness, he wanted to save it for the bed fuck”.

Hearing a word like a man made me a bit proud and i was on cloud nine, then my aunt asked me if i liked it, i nodded my head with over excitement, then she said to do the same to her, i was shocked, i have seen a pussy in movie hundreads of time and always nevr took interest in man sucking a woman, but i had no other option , so i agreed, my aunt slept on the bed lifted removed her petticoat, she was wearing a yello pantie and her bush was visible clearly i slowly removed her pantie, there was all white liquid around her pussy, she was also wet and enjoyed, i still was in a controlled phase and never let go, i heard my aunt saying to come fast, i immediately went and placed my lips towards her petels, it was an orthodox taste, like a salty variety , i started licking her, as in movies, her petals were going wide as i progressed, her caught my head and pressed towards her pussy, i started licking hard, i was literally giving a french kiss to her pussy, i was rubbing, licking , biting all was just going on.. I never was pushing my self in , then i heard my aunts voice, she was shouting, she was moaning like amummauuaaaaaaaayyiiiiaaaaaaaaa i was getting more and more excited, i started sucking more rigourously, i started squeezing her, then ther was a large sound aaaaaaammmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaa… And there was a large bust of juices, i already enjoyed the taste and drank everything, slowly my aunt brought me up and thanked me.. She said “after a long time i had such a good ejaculation”, then she brought me closer and hugged me, her breast were very close to me , and i could hear large breathing from her, the atmosphere smelled sex and i had an other hard one, i was shocked as i never had a three hard once simultaneously, i held my aunt more tightly and planted a strong kiss her lips, she was a bit amazed by my action, then she saw my tool poking her,

She smiled and said” ooh, there it is again, i how can we keep u down, ok i have a perfect place for you to hide,”

I understood her intention, i was excited to reach the core of a women, then i asked a request to my aunt, i asked her to take her blouse off as, i wanted to see them, this was the first thing i talked, she gave a naughty smile and started teasing me, she was opening one by one slowly, i understood that she was playing, i had a small glimpse of her white firm breast, i was not able to control and i caught her blouse and tore it apart, there i saw two perfectly hanging boobs of her with a pointed nipples, they were brown in color, but the tip of it was in dark pink, my aunt laughed and said ” i can see only sex on your face, fucker i donno how badly you are going to fuck me” and giggled, those words from her made me more sex starved, immediately i pushed my aunt towards bed removed my dress jumped and started sucking her nipples, she closed her eyes and just lost in that, i was positioned right between her legs,my tool was far from her pussy, but my body was all over her, i was holding one breast on one side and sucking other and when i was biting her nipple a small sound ouch, came from her, but i care nothing, she was saying that it pains but i enjoyed her shout, i partly thought of revenge for her teasing on removal of her blouse. I was sucking chewing and pressing her tightly at her breast, the i saw her face, it was red, she had closed her eyes. I stopped and slowly took her face guided my lips to hers and started kissing, she caught hold of my hair and started kissing back, as i changed my position, my dick was touching her pussy, my aunt caught my dick and slowly guided it into her pussy, the enterence was a bit tight and i to reacted and pushed a bit, an inch of me went inside with that jerk, my aunt stopped kissing opened mouth gave a small sound like aaah, i too moved my head, i pushed it inside and went completely in with an another stroke, my aunt caught my but and stopped me and pressed me there for a while, all the time she never opened her eyes, then i took time and viewed the scene, it was amazing, her face was red in color, her breast were soft now with erect nipples, as they have done there part, we were naked i loved the scene, slowly she moved her hand and i was giving long slow shots, at one shot my penis came out, my aunt immediately caught in and moved it inside again, i was moving a was, slowly i caught her with shoulder and pressed my self above her, she shouted and started moaning, she talked after a long time now, she was shouting and saying me to come inside.. Moreeeee moreeee, aaaahhhh comeeee,,aaaaah ur deeeeeeppp in meee nowwww storkeeeee hardddddd aaaahhh, ummmmmmm, comeeee, she was shouting the same, i realy got excited and strated givng more strong strokes, to reach more inside, i was tearing her, to deepest, i saw her legs were shivering and she was also biting her lips, then i felt a hot fluid flowing on my penis, i understood that she has done but i was still going, might be because it is the third session i was doing for a long session, i started more faster and faster, i wanted to cum in, i fucked harder, due to the fluid from her pussy, now thulp thulp sounds were coming with every stroke, she placed a hand over her eyes and covered, i was just fucking and fucking hard, i was giving a fast rythem to my body, i was no were near to cum, i took slowed down a little, and then started sucking her breast again, i was giving a slow moment, my aunt opened her eyes and was seeing me, she said “aah you are really enjoying me to limit, i donno when this session ends but i am glad that this happened” listening that i got stronger, i donno what happened, my dick raised a inch bigger and bolder, i was more strong, again i started a had strokes, she became alert and now started mouning again, she was also moving back and fro with my rythm, she was again shoutin, she was not saying to fuckkkk meee,, aahh comeee aahh waawwww, aaahhhhh how long will yoy taree mee comeeee aaaahh, harderrrrr fuckkkkk, i started getting excited, i fucked her, this time she caught hold of my hair and pulled it hard and again hot semen was flowing, as her hot semen touched me, i felt a different this time, all my muscles constracted, and i was also going to cum.. I gave a hard aaarghhhhhaaahhh, and shouted about my cum.. My aunt shouted, come in..i want the whole load inside,, she pressed me tight and my penis was totally buried inside her,, then came out, i gave small jerks pumping little as i was completely inside as there was no place and pushed little, then hot liquid was flowing in her, she slowly released me, and i was totally strained slowly i fell over her and the whole mass was over her, our naked bodies were together and tired, after a five minutes we came back, and she just gave a mice long kiss over my lips and thanked me for everything, i too hugged her and thanked for a great experience. We went back and bathed together came back and wore our dress, my aunt laughed loud when she went to pick her blouse with broken hooks, we came back to hall sat and chat for a while, an hour later my uncle, brother and sister came back, and my uncle seeing me said “thank god, you were there else i was tensed for your aunt, as how she would be alone home” we saw each other and smiled. If any aunty, girl need 9 ich dick and best pussy suker and fuker maill me on

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