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Hi readers this is K.A from Islamabad (Pakistan). Since few months I am reading ISS stories especially Pakistan Section. I am an engineer and now doing job. I completed my engineering in 2005 from UET Lahore. This is my first story with my far cousin Saira. She was also in UET and one year junior to me. She entered in UET in 2002. I was in UET hostel and having car also while she was local and living in Model Town. When I went in UET I used to go her home sometime and have some gossip with uncle, aunty and especially to her. While she came in the university we have very good gupshup and understanding. Our real relations started when she was in university and in the free time we were with each other and even some times went to parks, liberty, anarkali and even cinemas for movies. With passing time we gradually involved in naughty talk and kissing. After six months in university my visits to her home increased whenever she was alone, she called me at home and we had great gossip and kissing. Here I shall tell how1st kissing happened. We were in the Cinema gallery in dark for movie and there came some hot scene and I place my hand on her leg and she also placed her hand upon my hand and close both hands. I bent down and kissed on her hand. When movie was completed I dropped her at home and on the way we had good naughty chat I talked especially about her figures and when she dropped I tried to kiss her on her lips for which first she resisted and then came ready. This was the first kiss and after this our kissing started whenever we had time and secrecy. Similarly time passed on and our relations got stronger and deep and about twice or thrice a week we had kissing and some time I used to touch her breast. In this way my urge as well as her (I think) was rising to have sex.

After some time on Sunday her parents were out for a function and she called me for fun and to watch movie. I asked her what type of movie. She smiled and said as u wish and went to CD center near university and got good English movie with few hot scenes. I reached her home at about 12:00 noon. She was in a very smart dress and looking attractive. We went to her room and first of all had a good kissing. After some gossip I started the CD and we were sitting on the carpet with pillows. After 20 min first scene of kissing came which was 2-3 minutes long. At this scene I got hardness but not showed to her and I felt change in face color which was a good symptom for me as I had already planned to try to have sex with her. During this I went close to her and touched to her side and placed my hand on her leg also. After 10 min other hot scene of long kissing came and she got hot and said “Pls. Bund ker deien, bad main deakh lein Ge” I said OK and started kissing her lips and cheeks. After 2-3 minutes she also responded me and I laid her down on the carpet and I was kissing from above and touched her breast with hands and started kissing down her neck, ears, breast with clothes and down her belly and she was losing her control on herself and then I put up her games and her bra was clear. She was moaning like this: ccc , ohhhhhhhh, uff. Plz bus karien, yeh kia ker rahy hain, koi a jai ga. Plz uff.” Now I tried to remove her bra hook form back side which she resisited very much but I did it with my force and said, “ dekho Zid na kero just kissing kerien ge jaisy movie main ker rehe hain aour es kissing ka hi tou asli maza aata hai” and finally main ne bra ka hook khoul ker ek boob bahir kia. Ufffffffff kia scene tha main aj tak nahien bhoola, life main first time asli boob dekha tha milky colour and much much soft then new pillow cotton and kissed it around and on nipple while pressing other with hand and also uncovered it and kissed, pressed and played a lot with her boobs a lot like a kid and her moans were getting a lot and her body was shivering due to sex hotness. Now I also removed her qamees fully which she also done easily. Now she was lying on mattress on carpet and I was straight above her and both kissing each other and I also removed my shirt. We kissed a lot and also my hard was also touching on her legs and that area with the movement. Now I moved down and kissed on her thighs and on her legs with shalwar and feet and started losing her shalwar Knot which she strictly objected and said” Main mur jaon gi, magar esa nahien keroun gi”. I said “ dear kutch nahien hota, kia mugh per trust nahien hai, hum just kissing ko fully enjoy kerien gai aour kutch bhee nahien. Aj acha mouqa hai, khoob enjoy kero”. She refused and I started hard kissing on her face, lips and especially breast and she was v hot and during this I slowly loosed her knot and put my hand inside and touch her lower while kissing upper. Now she closed her eyes moaned a lot lot lot. Now I put off her shalwar and she was lying totally nude with me. This was a vvvvvvvvvvvv greaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt event for me first time a girl and that was my cousin totally nude with me and first time I touch lower part of the girl. I also off my pant and now we kissed on all our bodies and enjoyed a lot. She also touch my hard from boxers but not removed and after heartiest kissing we agreed for next to any next time. This was very difficult to control but I had promised her only to kiss and I also thought it is not good to do all for the first time.

Next time I will write the next story of the true sex with her and I also have many other experiences of girls of other counties while I visited these countries. I should say that I believe in Sober Sex and not rough one. For comments about this story and for secret relations from Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Taxila/Wah Cantt (I usually go) for sober sex and even oral sex as desired and to the wish of her. My email is:

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