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Hello indian sex stories dot Net readers I am harsh again and here is another out of ordinary dad daughter sex story,thanks for praising my previous story mom,son and tinder and mailing me suggestions I have tried to bring them in this story too ,also the third and the final part of this trilogy will be coming soon, keep reading and fapping girls and boys.

So from the last story, we saw how a mother and son became sexually passionate lovers, now after that, they had sex whenever they were free and also kept using tinder to hookup other people also. Now Namrata went on a business trip for 2 months during which rudr made a hot girlfriend which he found on tinder who was as horny as he was. They used to fuck all the time. Her name was Riya and she was also 19 yrs old. She was rich as hell, her dad named devraj Singhania ran a news channel. She had a cute as well as the mature face. Her colour was fair, had brown hair and was 58. She had boobs of 29 unlike other girls of her age while a very slim waist and an ass of size 30. Now rudr knew only of her sexual desires from outside but from inside she also had incestuous feelings for her dad. She hid her feelings from rudr because of the fear of losing him not knowing that he was himself in a sexual relationship with his own mom. Now coming to Riya, she had no mother as she died during giving birth to her.

Since then her dad was her world. And when she reached her puberty she started fantasizing about her dad and frequently saw him bathing during which she got a glimpse of his cock. According to her, he had a monster cock of 9 inches which she constantly thirsted to taste. On the contrary, his father was a very colourful man. He had affair with his secretary, advisor, his juniors wife, his mother in law, clients and even his maid. He hid all his affairs so well that nobody ever caught him and he enjoyed his life. He often used tinder when all his girls were not available. So this is the time before Riya met rudr . Then she used to fantasize about her dad and no other boy would be so manly other than him. So she switched to tinder to find such guys. Obviously, she couldnt risk her identity so she chose rima as her alias. What she didnt know was her dad was also present on tinder by the name dino.

She swiped some men but then she saw an image of a man who was familiar. Yes, it was her dad. All her life the man she dreamt of getting fucked by was in front of him. She was in the air with ecstasy when she right swiped him and he did the same to her. Just then she realized that if he knew that it was her then he would punish her and getting his cock would become be impossible then. Luckily she didnt set her actual pic on her profile only her posing naked covering her face and boobs. But now she was so close to her dream of fucking the man of his dreams how could she refuse and then a message came from dina aka devraj

D-hey their chick is the photo on your profile yours or of some model from the internet.
R-of course its mine.
D- okay okay I believe you so are you 18 yrs old
R- yes I am and are you not 50
D-yes baby I am , would you like to date me
(now was the time for her to think, what should she do, then in a moment her eyes sparkled)

R-date you are you that boring dating guy types then no.
D-well then what do you want from me.
R- you seriously dont get it.
D- I think I.
R- shut up let me say it to you if you cant speak for yourself you old bastard.
R-I want you to fuck the hell out of me as you would fuck me if I was your daughter.

D- I could have said that but I hesitated as you are so young and I am so old besides I never thought of a fantasy in which I am fucking my daughter.
R- age doesnt matter cant you see the size of my tits at such young age and certain things become more interesting when you try them, so what you wanna do to your daughters boobs.
D- I wanna lick and suck them.
R- and my ass which is waiting for someone to spank it.
D- come to daddy baby and I will take care of it.
R- (giggles)okay okay but where should we meet.
D- dont worry I have many big hotels always booked.

R- no no! I want to get fucked by you at your home.
D- but I have a daughter there why do you want to do it there only.
R- because I dont trust any public place and of your daughter cant you send her to any friends house of her for just one night.
D- okay leave it on me today can we meet.
D- fine then reach 12 a, Singhania mansion at 9:00 pm.
R- I will be there.
D- you might be young but you are already the girl every man dreams of having on the bed.
R- oh baby thanks will reach at 9 bye.

Now she planned of getting laid by her dad and not exposing herself. So when her dad asked her to visit some friend of her then she agreed and went to her friends place just to return back at 9:00 pm. Now, as she planned before entering she cutoff main electrical supply of power and as she entered she changed her voice a bit and asked: “Is somebody home dino!!”. He replied “Yes I dont know why power has gone you come in” and in complete darkness, he opened for her. He tried to light his phones torch just when she snatched it and said “Dont ruin it lets enjoy till the light comes back” he said “But I want to see your face” she said “Baby I am a surprise for you, a surprise you will get after I am fully satisfied and ensure what I expect from your little monster is true” he said “Well if thats the case then come to daddy baby” and they kissed with deep passion ,his tongue was dancing with that of ria in her mouth ,her mouth began to overflow with mixed saliva of her and her dad .

At that moment she felt something different. That was such a nice feeling, the first kiss of her life. Then he pulled down the straps of her bra and kissed her breasts. She opened the hook of the bra from backward and made it easy for daddy to have easy access to them. Daddy then took her and laid her on the bed. He began to kiss my lips once again, then went on kissing my throat and shoulders and finally began to lick and suck my nipples.

He sucked first slowly then so hard that I moaned “Aaah! Suck my boobs aaah!” after about 20 minutes he went to suck my armpits .”Ah! What a smell I love it ” he said,”Then lick it daddy” she said after which he licked her hairy armpit and spat on it, then he pulled her shaven armpit skin by teeth which made her moan and then gave her a hickey and started giving her kisses. After about 15 minutes he kissed my navel but skipped my panty.

Instead, he began to kiss my toe and went upwards kissing and licking my calves of my legs, and further upwards onto my sexy thighs. I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy. Daddy then slowly pulled the hem of my panty up to my thighs, as I was folding them and then down towards my ankles and slid them out of my legs. I was completely naked before my dad. As he couldnt see me clearly he felt my naked body first by his hands which made me hornier then by his tongue he tasted me as if I were an ice cream about to melt. There was a moments silence when I found my daddy’s tongue inside my cleanly shaven cunt. Oh…. The joy was ecstatic. Daddy kept on licking and sucking my pussy for about another 15 minutes. I almost lost my sense with the pleasure when I felt something extremely tight and thick trying to enter my pussy. It was my daddy’s cock. The feeling was incredible, though I felt extreme pain at that moment. But I never wished to protest.

After all, this was what I wanted always. Daddy kept on thrusting his cock inside my pussy. Then, the soft brushing of his pubic hair against the surroundings of my pussy indicated the complete penetration of his cock and its domination over me. His cock was almost 9 inches in length and its width almost the size of my wrist.
He kept on thumping with a slow pace at the start and after a few minutes when my pussy got accustomed to his cock he began to pull out and thrust in a faster pace. I could not say how long it went on but I enjoyed every moment of losing my virginity. I suppose my dad fucked mine for about half an hour. Then I felt some thick liquid in my vagina bursting out and spreading like hot lava. It was my dad’s semen. Finally, my dad succeeded in deflowering me. It was immense pleasure to me and my dad. I finally got my wish fulfilled.

Now was the time she showed him who she was. She went outside and turned on the power and when her dad saw her he was dumbstruck. “Riyaaa! What have you done , this isnt right” he screamed ” no daddy if you can imagine a girl to be your daughter then what is the problem with her actually being your daughter ” “But, I” “Oh daddy I know all of your affairs including the one with grandma” she said.”But this is wrong what will people say” he said. She said “Two individual can do whatever they want to and world has no right to say anything , besides we will keep this our secret” she added “Also dad any way I would have lost my virginity to some stranger which I didnt want I felt safer with you” he said “I am sorry for getting you wrong I love you, my baby, you will both be my daughter and my wife from now” she said “I love you too !” and they kissed for another round . After that night they started having a lot of sex and Riya got sexually more attractive and after some time she found rudr as a boyfriend whom she pleased sexually.

The end.

Please send your feedback to this story to [email protected] . Your suggestions/criticisms/opinions will help me become a better writer. If you have any new story arcs or themes in mind like incest, group sex etc. Then do send me an email.Also for the female readers I am in real life an 18 yr old straight virgin boy studying computer science and want to lose it to any girl who lives in Noida who has a good looking face and slim belly irrespective of her boob size or ass or age please at least contact me on my email to find out what type of guy I am

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