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I am Sanjeev a Chennai boy, 6.4″ with a good athletic body. This is a sex story about how I fucked my best friend Priya, the girl with the perfect body of 34-24-28.

I was staying in Hyderabad for some time and that is where I met her. She was a sight for sore eyes, with a push-up bra and a cute ass which looks sexy with tight shorts. Anyways, I was staying in a 2BHK with 2 roommates. I was in one bedroom while the 2 roommates shared another bedroom. Since all were working the other two were always either traveling or used to reach the room very late so they had their own keys.

The first time I set my eyes on that sexy piece of ass, Priya. She joined for work in the same place I was working. For one week, nothing happened except the occasional hi bye and slight stare. Then one day, we ended up working on the same project. From then on, we became great friends. Talking, texting, hanging out outside office hours, etc..

Then one day in the evening, I was horny, hard as hell, in my room wanking off to porn. When I heard a knock on my room door, I sprang up, put on my track pants and struggling to fit my straight hard dick into my pants. I finally opened the door to find Priya, standing exhausted, drenched wet because of rain. She pushed herself into my room and sat down on the edge of the bed. I was wondering what happened and at the same time trying to hide my enormous erection.

She was mumbling something to herself, and then she looked up. She saw my erection and she just stared at me. We had talked a lot about sex, positions, and websites, but we had never thought of fucking each other.

I do not know what happened, but she just got up and went to the washroom. I sat down on the bed, with a pillow on my lap thinking it would help. 5 minutes later, she emerges from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body. She came and stood near the bed and she dropped the towel to reveal a half-naked sex goddess body with a sexy lacy bra on top and a black lace panty on her.

I was dumbfounded that my best friend was standing in front of me like that but at the same time I knew that I wanted to fuck her badly right then and there, but before I could do anything, she jumps on top of me on the bed. She moved her wet fingers over my track pant stopping just above the tented area.

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She slowly circled the tip of the tent with her fingers and then said ‘so, your hot, long and thick cock is right under this, isn’t it’. She then slowly pushed her thin slender wet fingers into my pant and slowly grabbed my dick, while staring right into my eyes. It felt like she wanted to devour me and fuck me till I pass out.

She slowly gripped my dick with her fingers and stroked it once inside my pant. Then, she removed it and started to slowly move her thin slender fingers up and down over my thick shaft. By now, we had started to kiss. I was kissing her lips and sucking them like there was no tomorrow, while she was kissing my lips and ears and slowly was working her way down.

As her hot breath slowly inched its way towards my dick, my heartbeat increased like crazy. As her head slowly moved down my body, it left a trail of wet saliva made hot by her breath. I could feel her close to my dick when suddenly she licked my dick tip with her wet tongue.

I immediately grabbed her by her hair from the back of her head and pushed her face onto my dick. She got the hint and started to suck my 6-inch dick along its length. I felt my hard long dick go deep down her wet throat until she almost gagged on it.

She kept wriggling her tongue all wound my hot rod as she sucked it deep and dry. Then she licked the sides of my cock from the base to the tip in one straight stroke making me moan saying ‘fuck you are good. As she kept sucking me dry with her mouth she was spitting on my dick to make it wet.

Suddenly, she started sucking deeper and harder while bobbing her head up and down licking and sucking my dick. She also started running the tip of her tongue along the slit of my dick making me, throw her over on her back onto the bed and getting on top of her.

I removed her bra and her panty and then held both her hands with one of mine above her head. I slowly started kissing her neck, licking it with my tongue tip, slowly tracing her neck up and down. I sucked on her earlobes and flicked them with my tongue. Then I slowly brought my wet tongue down her neck leaving a trail of wet saliva slowly onto her chest.

With one hand kneading her left boob, I started to slowly circle the boob with my wet tongue, slowly reaching closer to the nipple, just as my wet tongue touched her erect nipple, I squeezed her left boob had and tugged on the left nipple hard. Then, I started to flick the right nipple hard with my tongue while slowly sucking on it.

I put the whole boob into my mouth and slowly bit down on it as moved my head up. I bit down on her right nipple all the while kneading and squeezing her left boob. Then, I switched sides and did the same to the other boob. I slowly moved my head down and told her to keep her hands above her head.

I reached her navel where I circled it with my tongue once, making her raise her hip up and moan in pleasure. I slowly reached her wet pussy. I spread her legs with my hands and slowly placed my wet strong tongue onto her clit. I moved it up and down slowly flicking it, while her hand was behind my head pushing me to suck and lick her harder. I took my tongue away from her clit and her hand hesitated as she tried to push her hips up to reach my tongue.

Without warning, I pushed my mouth hard onto her pussy, taking her clit directly into my mouth and started rapidly flicking it up, down, right and left with my tongue tip while sucking it harder into my mouth between my teeth. I started spreading her pussy lips wide with my fingers while my tongue was licking the juices out of her wet slit. I started tongue fucking her hard and long, jutting my tongue in and out rapidly into her pussy hole.

She started moaning louder with pleasure. I slowly moved one hand onto her boobs, started kneading them while one hand went to her pussy hole. While I was flicking her clit with my tongue, I slowly inserted one finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her simultaneously.

As the other hand slowly came down from her boobs to her clit I removed my mouth from her clit and inserted two fingers into her tight hole. While rubbing her wet clit with my thumb I started to press down on her G spot while fucking her hard. I started to increase speed and you could hear her wet liquid inside her pussy as it got fucked my fingers. At one point she asked me to fuck her rough and hard. So I grabbed her off the bed, took her to the corner of the room and mounted her with her back to the wall.

I inserted my thick, long, throbbing hot dick into her dripping wet tight pussy hole. Fucked her like that deep and hard with her moans filling the room. I then carried her to the bed with my dick still deep inside and made her lie down on her back on the bed. Keeping her hip raised high, I started fucking her rough and hard, pulling the whole length of my dick completely out before shoving it deep and hard into her wet pussy.

This made her moan like crazy. I knew both of us were close to cumming loads, so I fastened my pace and you could hear the slamming of my balls against her body and her scream like moans filling the room. Finally, with one deep push into her tight pussy, both of us came together, with a shiver and just lay there tired for some time. We both slept off and the next day morning we fucking in the shower before leaving for work. Now both of us are in different states.

Thanks for reading my sex story.

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