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I was ready to go out with the girls, but I just had to see ‘HER before that! So, I got dressed, the usual low neck tight salwar, no bra of course. Thought I would wear the jeans, but decided against it, as taking it off can be quite a hassle. I texted her letting her know that Ill be in the same place. Went out of the house.

While walking towards the auto-stand, Najeeb, Bunty, Arijeet, all friends of my younger brother came upto me. “Shunlam tor biye, sotti?”(is it true youre getting married?) asked Najeeb. Saying this he kept his hand on my ass. “Kire, kar sathe dekha korte jachchis? Panty porisni kano?(who are you going to meet? why havent you worn panties?). They laughed at this. Arijeet said, “Arre bhai shesh din moja kore nite de, kal theke toh shudhu borer thapon khabe!”(dude let her enjoy the last day, shes gonna get fucked by only her husband from tomorrow). “Tor chhobi gulor ki hobe?”(what will I do with your pictures?) asked Najeeb. I thought for a moment and then said, “Tui ja harami, tui delete korbi na, nijer kachhe rakh, dekhe handle maris, shudhu erpor blackmail korte ele police e khobor debo.”(keep the pictures as youll not delete them even if I tell you to, but, if you try to blackmail me again, Ill call the police.) I was relieved he agreed. “Jai bolis, toke chude moja petam”(say whatever you like we had fun to fuck you).

Saying this najeeb kissed me on the lips while grabbing my pussy. It felt good and I was too horny. I looked at the others longingly and said “Ekhon sadhu saja hochhe?”(playing the saint now?) Arijeet right out sucked my right nipple while Bunty gave me another kiss and pinched my left one. this left my nipples hard and jutting out, with my right breast moist with Arijeets saliva. A few people saw me, ‘fuck them, I thought, I was a brandished slut in my area and didnt care anymore.

Once in the auto, I thought about the time those pictures got leaked. That my friends is a story for another day, but the thought of it made me horny and wet enough that my kamees was wet in the pussy region. I paid the driver and went to the train station. Many people knew me here as ‘ganjee it means baniyan in bengali. Theres a story behind that, but not now. The train arrived and I got on the general compartment, as I never took the ladies compartment, even when the general would be jam packed with ruffians and sweaty perverts who wont waste 2 seconds to fuck me right there! that day it was quite empty as it was only 2:15 in the afternoon. I stood at the door to soak the wet cloth of my kamees. I noticed a boy looking brazenly at my cleavage as I had no pallu on, I bet he saw my erect nipples! I raised both my arms to hold the handle bars above so that my breast is more accentuated.

He looked at me and made a gesture to get off to the next station. I knew exactly where he was gonna take me, as I had been there oh so many times with my various lovers! But I said no, ‘today that is not my destination I thought. the station came, a few people got off, the guy stayed on, kept looking at me. I heard someone say “Dekhte thakle pabe naki? jigesh koro rate koto?”(she wont let you fuck her if you just keep looking, ask her rate) Then laughter. I couldnt help but chuckle also. The guy seemed decent enough and therefore got flustered and shy! The next station came and I looked at him and gestured him to get off, he did, with me. There were a few seetis that went off, I chicked and smiled, asked him ” Kothay jabe? Ami kintu Eden gardens jabo.”(where are you going? Im going to Eden gardens station) “Sealdah” he said. “Dharmatola theke bus peye jabe, amar sathe aste hole asho, tomar train journey ta kharap hobe na!”(youll get a bus to sealdah from dharmatola, if you want you can come with me, your journey will be good) Saying this, I boarded the other train, he followed.

I knew these trains were always empty. I have never taken this ride clothed, ‘why break tradition today? I thought. We got on the last compartment, as I guessed, empty! I sat down on the back corner, dropped the window shade and took off my salwar. The guy was dumbfounded and kept standing at aisle. “Kigo? Mai dekhoni konodin? Dhore dekho besh norom”(havent you seen tits before? you can touch them, theyre soft) I said with a smile. The guy, shakily, sat down beside me and with both hands started pressing my boobs. I took off my kamees too, he was awestruck. Suddenly with an unknown ferocity, he started fingering me!

He was crude but at that moment anything wouldve worked. I was utterly enjoying this. He suddenly stopped and said “Bara chosho amar!”(suck my dick) He had a typical bengali uncircumcised dick. I gobbled it up while he gnawed at my boobs. It didnt take long for him to cum, and boy did he cum! He practically emptied his ball sack! I gulped it all in as I always did. He said incredulous, “Kemon rendi be? Gile felli?”(what kind of slut are you? Did you swallow it?) I laughed at this. He asked me, “Condom achhe? chudbo.”(do you have a condom? I wanna fuck you) “Amay condom chharai chudte paro, amar kono problem nei.'(you can fuck me without a condom, I dont have any problem) He seemed a bit hesitant. Then he went back to fingering me.It was making me hornier. Suddenly he said, “Photo tule rakhbo?”(can I take some pictures) I agreed. He took out his phone and told me to sit normally, then with crossed legs, then with spread legs and so on. The penultimate station to our destination was arriving and he said, “Next station e langta hoye namo, ami video korbo!”(get off at next station all naked, Ill record) “Pagol, jodi keu dekhe fele?”(are you mad? someone will see me) “Tate tor ki be rendi? Chuse dibi aro 4 5 jon ke”(what does it matter to a slut like you? Just suck them off too) “Na, ami jachhi na”(no, Im not going) With this the station arrived and the asshole threw my salwar to the station with a sly laugh. I had to get off, completely naked, ran to my salwar, picked it up and ran back. Im sure 2 or 3 guys who were getting off saw me, but my portion of the platform was empty.

I wore the salwar quickly but the kamees was still with him. I pleaded for him to give it to me, but he didnt budge. I was horrified, the train started and I was still sitting bottomless with my pussy exposed. Suddenly a vendor got on, and I was relieved to see Hazari. He sold peanuts and had fucked me numerous times before. Apart from this, he was like a good friend. He saw my condition and literally goaded that guy to give me my kamees. He asked “Kidhar utarna hai? Eden gardens?”(will you get off at Eden gardens?) I said yes. I got off safely, I dont know what happened to that guy, because, he didnt.

I hurried to my rendezvous point which was behind the Mohun Bagan stadium. I was crazy horny, it wasnt the first time I was naked in public, but this time I had fear of it. Just off the main road, on a dirt path, then into a bit of dense shrubbery, I found my place where all those years ago I found Shalini and we had so many adventures together! By the way, Shalini is a shemale or a hijra. She had a thick circumcised cock, very firm and quite big boobs and an ass to die for. She fucked me numerous times right at this spot and I was getting turned on just thinking about it! She was the reason I had to undergo an abortion as I got impregnated by her! I honestly didnt know shemales could cum, my bad. I quickly stripped and started masturbating, while dreaming of our escapades. Suddenly My hand was removed and in place of it a thick cock was thrust into my pussy, I knew whom it belonged to and started enjoying it!

To be concluded with my marriage on the next part!

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