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This is a continuation of indian sex sex story brundavani part 2 written from my old account storywriterxx2.Please read those first to enjoy the story completely.

Brundavani ,if you are reading this.. Mail me to [email protected] I lost your mail id and locked my old account.So kindly contact me on mail.

The first day was full of pleasure through the pain with no sex at all and the second day it was relief session with a little oral sex involved.The third day is going to be much more fun and exciting for her.

The third day came which I personally was waiting for.Its time for some more teasing and pleasuring job with more sex getting into story by the end.We finished her works and I took her to my flat at 4 in the evening.

She started feeling free and comfortable.Even without me giving her a lingerie pair, she started stripping herself.It showed her interest in things I am doing for her.She loved it.The glow and smile on her face tells everything.

I said ,”there will be no sexy lingerie for you today, stay naked .”she nodded her head and I went behind her to blindfold her eyes.I slowly touched her all over the body and made her sit on a chair. After she got comfortable in a good posture on the chair, I tied her hands to the arms of the chair and her legs to the legs of chair with nice and tough pitch black ropes which contrasted her milky white skin and looked so sexy.

I went behind her bent over and bit the back of her ear slightly.I smooched on her neck line and slowly slid my hands from her shoulders to breasts gave a squeeze and then down to her thighs.I spread her legs apart and left her like that for a moment.Her breath pattern changed.

I took a dildo and rubbed on her pussy gently while I was still standing behind her , bent a bit .I was kissing her neck and talking dirty to her in a low voice.She was responding to me in what ever way I wanted. I kept teasing her with that dildo for a while and then started inserting it inch by inch for every stroke.Her reaction to every stroke got better and better.

She was tied and not able to come out of the chair but trying to get out of it to pleasure herself freely but she couldnt.She griped the chair so tight and bit her lips and moaned.She did what not everything to show that she was enjoying the play.Her toe fingers were tightening and playing on the floor.She looked like she needs some freedom.

I asked her if she wants to be freed.She said yes yes I want to be freed please.I asked her if she will do what ever I wanted to do if I free her. She said she will do what ever I wanted if I free her.

Before I set her free from chair. I chained her with a dog collar and a pair of handcuffs to her hands and legs.Now she can only crawl on her knees and hands like a dog.She said that she likes to be humiliated once so I planned it this way for her.

I had the chain of the dog collar in my hands and a pet stick. I asked her to be my dog and took her for a walk around in the hall .She kept her tongue out and that ass swayed as she crawled like a dog beside me.I beat her with the pet stick on that ass as she crawled. I hit her even if she put her tongue back in mouth.I humiliated and talked dirty to her using abusive words which she enjoyed inside.

After that I removed the handcuffs on her arms and legs .But still with that collar to the neck on her.I had a control of her neck and pulled her which ever side I wanted and just played with her like she is nothing but a toy to me.

She became a bit clumsy and I stopped moving her .I sat on the chair and unzipped my pants to get a blowjob.I said , “come on dog, lick your master’s balls and give him a blowjob.” she came close and licked my balls like she licks some icecream cone.Then gave me a nice blowjob with sloppy cum and her saliva on it.

She did a lot for me so I felt she needs an orgasm that I need to give her.I tied her hands back and legs together. Then I taped remote controlled mini vibrating beads to her nipples and inserted one bead in her pussy near the clit.I switched the vibrators on.

She now feels minimum vibrations but enough to tease her and get her nipples hard.I then increased the intensity with time slow and neat.She rolled on the floor like a mad dog.She screamed and moaned.Her moves were like waves of the ocean, smooth and continuous.

She begged me to stop. I kept increasing the intensity reaching the maximum vibrations.I sat back and watched the show.She laughed like a crazy bitch for that tickling sensations on her body.She was nearing to the climax and
Came all over the floor rolling here and there.

She squirted like hell groaning like a monster.Its like , her unfulfilled dreams coming true after many years of waiting came out of her in such an elegant and sexy way.She is satisfied with every inch of her body, mind and her deep dark soul within her.

The vibrators were still on and with maximum power.She begged me to stop them as she could not take it anymore and squirted more than her capacity.I slowly reduced the intensity and switched it off making her lick her orgasm on the floor and set her free.

She lied on the floor like a dead bitch and I lifted her up in my hands to give her a nice batch and send her back to the hotel.

Part 4 is coming soon with the remaining three days of sexy and explicit things we have done together.Keep waiting. Mean while send me your opinions on my experiences at [email protected] .

Everybody can mail me your opinion and share things.Men dont disturb me asking for pics of women I slept with and other things I mentioned in my experiences on iss.

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