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Hello everyone, Im kishan and back with another indian sex experience in goa. Your feedback are valuable to improve my stories and myself so please leave comments if you like or dislike my stories. After an action filled night with rekha I woke up to see that rekha was busy in kitchen and shruthi was still sleeping with her skirt pulled little up revealing her inner thighs. It immediately gave me a boner and I wanted to fuck her somehow so made a plan and got up and went to kitchen.

I hugged rekha from behind placing my boner in between her ass and she smiled and said-” someone is up early and is asking for more action”. I replied-” yea actually, he wants your friend too today”. She said shruthi wouldnt agree as she was already suspecting that I would pull something like this and try to fuck her. I assured rekha that I would take care of everything and she just needs to do as I say.

We got ready and went to calangute beach for water games which was exciting, fun and exhausting too. We spent whole morning and noon there and sightseeing nearby places. We came back only in evening and none of us were in a mood to got out for anything so decided to order in food and anyway we had booze from yesterday to last for another 2 days. I went to take bath first so they both started talking now.

Rekha- shru, I want to get fucked by him but Im scared that it might hurt me. Help me please

Shruthi- it will hurt a bit in beginning but thats the essence of it. Dont worry about it. Im sure he will be gentle.

Rekha- what if hes not gentle? I dont know about him in bed na. What to do? Im scared.

Shruthi- let me talk to him and Ill make sure that hell not be rough.

By this time I came out and shruthi went in. I asked rekha to come little late after her bath to give us some time in which I will make sure to woo shruthi. Now when shruthi came out she said she wanted to talk to me about something, I said okay.
Shruthi- kishan rekha wants to get fucked by you. I know even you want to, but she is scared that you might be rough in bed.
Me- no, Im not rough. To be frank I want her too. Between me and you, I planned this trip so that we can have some fun in goa.

Shruthi- I knew this reason. But she is too scared as she doesnt know you. How to fix that?

Me- if you dont mind, we can have sex and you see how gentle Im and then you can tell you friend. Sorry for being honest but I do find you sexy. (I thought she might get angry and slap me)
Shruthi- I knew this also. You asked her to bring me here so that you can fuck me isnt it?

Me- no no, I wanted her to have a friend around so that she wont get freaked out. By the way it was you who supported her to get fucked. So I thought you are the right person. Also I know that you have a boyfriend and you both do it often. So experience also would be useful to rekha.

She was silent for few mins and said- okay fine. But I wont be doing smooch and all with you. You just fuck me and Ill see how good you are.

Me- what is the fun in that? If youre not hot for me then itll difficult to insert and itll be painful to you.

Shruthi- I can take care of it. Well play a porn video on tv and then you can fuck me.

Me- fine with me !!

After having food, we were sitting drinking beers and I signalled shruthi that Im ready so she gave me her pendrive and took rekha inside to talk. I opened it in tv to find that it had hundreds of video of varying genre. Shruthi was more dirtier than I thought. Both came back and shruthi said rekha will watch us and learn. I was happy inside but didnt show it in face and said its fine by me.

We started with some oral sex video and continued for more. I was already hot and my dick was rising. That is when I felt shruthis hand on my dick, I slid my boxers to give her better access and she got hold of it. She was very good at holding my dick and started stroking it. I put my hand over her shoulder to grab her left boob and started squeezing it. She was letting out small voices of excitement like aaahaaaa, it is so nice, aaaaaaa etc rekha did not now about handjob or blowjob so she was watching this with her eyes open. Shruthi who said she dint want me to give her a smooch took my dick in her mouth and started blowing me. I was in heaven and she was so good.

She knew all tongue actions, hand actions to give me ultimate pleasure and even I started calling her name as shruuuuu youre the best, your lips and tongue are so good etc.
Now she got up and removed her panty but kept her skirt and moved towards me. I tried to remove her top but she resisted telling- “Youre gonna get only my down part darling”. It made me mad so I pushed her in the sofa and lifted her skirt and started eating her pusssy. It was clean shaved and I licked her like a dog. She didnt expect it and soon she also started giving out moans like wowwww, aaahhhhaaaaaa, aaaahahhhaaaahhh, come on fuck me, fuck me you bastard etc. It made me more hot and I knew if I didnt fuck her now I would blast so I took my dick and slowly inserted. She was like “Oh my……..!!!! Darn youre smooth, I didnt even feel the pain of that big dick entering me” rekha was watching all this and started rubbing her pussy. I fucked shruthi for next 20 mins in many positions and collapsed on her.

We got up and drank beer and sat on sofa, shruthi said to rekha- ” you gotta get fucked now, hes better than my boyfriend” and leaned in to give me a tight smooch. We kissed for over 4 mins and I broke the kiss when I felt something soft on my dick. It was rekha, she started sucking my dick which was not even hard yet. She sucked as if she is sucking a lollypop so neatly that it became hard in minutes. I grabbed her and made her lay out naked on sofa and started fucking her. I kissed her lips and also her nipples while fucking her and she was in heaven too. By then shruthi got a phone call so she went out to balcony to talk.

We continued fucking for another half an hour and she cummed and collapsed on me. She was tired because of the activities from morning so she went to bathroom to freshen up but I was not done yet. I went to balcony naked and turned off it lights. I went and grabbed shruthi from behind and lift her skirt and started throbbing my dick towards her pussy. She was shocked and disconnected call after a small talk and said- “Wait wait, let us go inside alteast”. I was in no mood to listen to her so I started fucking her right away, she grabbed a hold in railings and started moaning heavily. We fucked in balcony for about 15 minutes and I ejaculated on her ass and collapsed into the chair there. She also came and sat on my laps and started kissing me. I asked her to remove her top and give me her nipples, she obliged and I started sucking them for few mins. She whispered in my ears-” I knew you would do this, I knew youll pull some tricks and fuck me”

I asked- ” then why did you come?
Shruthi- ” because I wanted this !!!”

Then we got up and went inside to sleep together. It was a good day for me as we slept.

In next stories Ill narrate our other sexperiences in goa.
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