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Hello, indian sex stories friends, Im Karan. Im 19 years old a regular reader of Indian sex stories. Im gonna tell you about my first sex experience with my neighbor. Let me describe her. Her name is Neha (name changed) aged 24 (now). She is whitish in color with a perfect figure. I used to call her bhabhi. She was married and lived in the next door in my building with her husband. Her husband worked in a software company.

This story is about when I was 17 years and studying in 12th std. We became good friends since she moved in after marriage. We used to greet each other on occasions. Everything was normal until one day I went to her house to get sugar. She was wearing a pink saree with deep blouse. She looked amazing and I took the sugar bowl and went back to my home.

‎ I started to think about her and then started fantasizing about her. I fell in love with her and wanted to make love with her. So I thought of many plans to make love with her.

‎one Saturday my parents werent home as they went to visit my grandparents. So I was all alone. Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring. I found bhabhi had come to ask if I had lunch. She was looking stunning. She was in in white t-shirt and black skirt. I came out of the dream world and said, “No bhabhi, ill have my lunch at dhaba” to which she requested me to come to her house and have the lunch. I agreed and locked my flat and went to hers. I had the lunch and then she asked me to sit for some time. We watched tv and did chit chats. Then she asked me for a help. She told me to get down the luggage kept on the upper shelf of the cupboard because she had back pain since the previous day. I helped her with the stuff and then we went to her room. She did some work while I was using my phone. Until she lied on her bed moaning slowly in pain. I asked her if I could massage her back. She said no need but continued to moan. So I decided to help her.

‎I got the oil warmed and kept aside. I asked her to lift her t-shirt little upward so that it doesnt stink. She lifted it while lying on the bed. I was stunned to see her beautiful white back. I took some oil in my hand and kept it on her back. Her skin was so soft. I started massaging her back and she moaned as she felt good. I thought that this could be a great chance to express my love as her husband would return back late night and it was still 5.00pm at that time. After massaging her back she felt better. I asked her if she needed a massage on thighs too. She said okay and I started massaging her calves. Her legs were damn white and sexy. I slowly moved my hands on upper thighs… I asked her I she could lift her skirt a bit so I could massage properly. She lifted very slightly so I couldnt watch the stuff.

I massaged thighs for some time and went to a foot massage. While massaging her foot she felt so good and felt sleepy.
‎I massaged her foot and went back to massage her upper thighs. I myself lifted her skirt a little bit so now the panty was visible (not completely). I massaged her thighs and back again. And then I moved my hands little more above which made her t-shirt lift a little more upward. Now I could see her bra strap. She was wearing black bra and panty. I moved my hands till the up and massaged her. But my hands werent comfortable as the t-shirt wasnt lifted from the front side. So I tried to lift her skirt to at least see her butt. I took the courage of lifting up her skirt completely. And there, she had the most beautiful white-red butts which looked like buns. Her panty covered the pussy but I could see that it was little wet already. I removed the knot of the skirt and bhabhi didnt notice as she was sleepy enjoying.

‎I asked her if could massage her stomach also. She didnt say anything and turned around. And then I asked her to lift the t-shirt a bit. It was lifted already from the back and now from the front also. I could see her sexy navel. Now only the portion of boobs was covered by the t-shirt which was a great scene. Her t-shirt felt tight as it was crushing just below the breasts. And so I said, “Bhabhi I dont think youre comfortable with the t-shirt. She said yes and got up and removed it completely and lied down again showing her back. I massaged her back again and slowly removed her bra knots without her knowledge. And as she turned around the bra had already become loose so I could easily put my hands inside the bra. But then I saw the amazing scene which was the small black cloth hiding the beautiful milky structure.

My hands started trembling and I got hard on. I started rubbing my hands below the bra and boob and then slowly I moved my hand on the bra and touched the cleavage. Then from the lower part of bra which became loose, I inserted my hands into the book to feel the mountains. I pressed the right boob slowly and then lifted the bra completely. She woke up and moaned and I squeezed the left nipple and put the right nipple in my mouth and explored it. It tasted really amazing. She removed her bra herself and touched my hair and pulled me up. Then I lied on her and we slowly kissed each other. After few secs we started tasting out tongues and started exploring each other. We both were in a dream world while each others tongues tasting.

‎then I moved down and removed her skirt completely and pulled her panty down. I took the panty in my hands and started smelling it. It smelled strange and was fucking amazing. Then I slowly spread the legs and finally, I got to see the real treasure. Her pussy was clean and white -red. It was completely wet. I touched the lower lips and bhabhi started feeling the real heat. I slowly placed my mouth near her pussy. And put my tongue in the pussy. I started licking the beautiful lips and it felt amazing. Her wet pussy smelled so so so great. Then she closed her legs while I was sucking and there I speeded up.

After few minutes I asked bhabhi if she could suck my little friend. She didnt like to suck so she said no. I spread her legs again and stroked my dick on her pussy and slowly inserted it. If couldnt go in as my dick was dry and her pussy was very tight. Bhabhi moaned loudly while I was trying to insert it but I failed.
‎I convinced her to suck and wet the dick for soft insertion. Finally she agreed and asked me lid on bed. She came on top of me and with her tongue, she twirled it on my dock head and placed a gentle kiss. And then she took the tool slowly in the mouth and twirled her tongue while dick in mouth. This was for the first time I felt heaven really exists on the earth. We did 69 position for few mins and then she sat on the dick but couldnt insert it inside. She took some spit on her fingers and rubbed her pussy and then spat on my dick. And again tried to insert it into her vagina. This time it went a little bit inside. I adjusted my dick up n down and she sat completely on me and it completely went inside the vagina.

She moaned loudly. I started fucking slowly and she moaned. Her pussy was damn tight as if her husband had never fucked her. She rode me from the top with her back facing me and I started stroking a bit faster. Which made my dick out of the pussy. She then turned around to face me and again I started stroking. We were feeling out of the world and again we started kissing. She started exploring her saliva with my saliva. I removed my dick as she became tired and I lied on top of her and started stroking fastly.

She moaned very loudly ” fuck me ahh !! Behenchod !! Meri choot ki pyaas bujhaade” now I could feel the breath and heatness of our bodies. She started cumming and I could feel her juices mixing with my dick and then all of a sudden before I could pull my dick out I ejaculated my seeds inside her pussy. She was shocked to see that I came inside her but didnt scold me. She fingered her pussy and licked the cum from the fingers. Then I lied next to her on the bed and we kissed for one last time.

This was the best experience Ive ever had and the most pleasurable moment of my life until now. This was the time when I lost my virginity to my dream girl. Hope you liked the story. And please give your feedback. Thank you and keep reading iss.

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