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Two months after Malini had left for the USA, Vetri was really busy with office work and other Chores at home, when one day he got a call from an unknown number, he ignored it as he does not usually pick up unknown numbers. By the fourth call curiosity killed the cat, he picked it up and heard a pretty voice at the other end.
“Enna Vetri ,Phonaey eddukka maataengringho”.Chimed Jaishree.(What Vetri , why are you not picking up the phone)

Caught by surprise as he was not very familiar with her like her younger sister Malini . Vetri replied, “No Akkaa, (elder sister)did not recognize your cell number, why you did not call from your usual number”.

” No , no, that phone is tapped by my jealous hubby, so I have secret one”.

” So now he does not know about this phone call, is it not Akka?”

Jaishree was 9 years older than Malini and since Vetri was the classmate of Sriram, Jai was at least 5 years elder to him.
“Yes, yes, Maalu told me about your exploits with her and that made me really jealous and really hot for you. So please tell me when you can meet me “. Jai begged.

“mm! akkaa , what does Maalu think I am , gigolo or what servicing all unsatisfied middle aged women”. said Vetri.

“Please Vetri , naan onnodaey Akkaadhaanaey, yennaey endaa ippadi paduthaeyraey. nee Chaamathono, indha akkavaey satisfy pannraa , appo naeraiyya punniyam varum .”(am I not your sister, why are you teasing me like this, if you satisfy your eldersister you will get a lot of blessings from above).

” Let me think as it is a lot of responsibility and moreover you must take permission of Maalu”.

“Dei , Avadhaandaa onnaey recommend panninaa ,perumaalaey !
naan yennoda thangaikittaey permission vanganum fuck panna,Acchhachho kali muthiyuduthaey!! ” wailed Jai.(hey only she recommended you , look at the irony that I have to get permission from my younger sister to fuck you, Doomsday is coming!!)

“Okay Jai, will accept to fuck you, but on one condition, you should wear madisaar every time you come to meet me for this.”.
boomed Vetri.

” Chhee chee idhudhaanaa onnoda condition , adhaan yen aathukkaar insist panni naan every week madathukku porachhaey potindu poraennaey “.(Chee chee only this is your condition, I do this always due to the pressure from my husband, when I visit the mutt).

” Okay daa nanna manjal thaeyshtu theertha maadittu , srichurnam ittindu , madisar kattindu vandhoodraen.”(okay dear, will wear iyengar tilak on my forehead,wear nineyards after a bath and come here).

“What will you tell your hubby”
” Andha ashamanjam , aathulaey irrundhaa kovillukku poyittu varaennu chollittu vandhdoodraen.”(will tell that stupid guy that I am going to the temple).

Okay then, see you next Friday.

They were busy kissing each other, fully clothed, Jaishree in her pattu madisaar with a vertical red straight line on her forehead,her fair color contrasting with the naamam( tilak).
Jai was ferocious kisser , all her pent-up desires were unleashing.On two occasions she even bit Vetri who let out a yelp.
“Dei Kanna( hey dear) sorry daa, I got carried away, will be careful in future.”.
She was swishing her tongue into his mouth and also sucking hard on Vetris tongue slurping like a lollypop.

“en aathukaar irrukaarono, avar kissaey panna maataar ,panninaalum soft kiss only. (my hubby never kisses, even if he does only pecks)Andha english kaaraa ellam

kiss pannarachaey cinemaavullaey, enakku keezhaey leak aga arambichudum. (Which I see the ewhite guys kissing in movies, i used to leak like hell)Adhaey enga avar notice panraar,nanna korataey vitindu thoongidindu irruppaar.”( where does my guy see all this , he only snores)

Vetri upped the ante and started to kiss her face ,licked her nose, pushed his tongue into her ears after giving a tongue lashing to her earrings.She was in ecstasy,squirming already. The his kissing go of her neck really opened the flood gates.

“Dei vetri, ennada Indha akkavaey ippadi choodu aakindu irrukaey. Maalu silly bitch ,ivvalang naalaa onnaey en kittaey irrundhu hide panni vechundu irrundaa.”(hey vetri, you are making this elder sister hot, maalu silly bitch was hiding you from me all along).
“Kissing my neck is really turning me on , oh my god ,my cunt is leaking already, Vetri what magic are you having in your lips and hands. That is when she realized that he was squeezing her tits with palms on her blouse.

Vetri was really tempted to rip her blouse off and fuck her along with her madisaar, but he restrained himself as she has to go home from here.

‘Akka neenga ivvalavu sooda irrupingannu expect pannavaey illaey”.(Akka, did not expect you to be like this)

“Yendaa ambhi, naan ennaa mathha madisaar maamingho
maadirinnu naenachuntiyaa ? snanam pannitoo ,madiyaa kovillukku poyutu ,perumaalaey saevichindu , irupaennu naenachidu irrudhiyaa.?( what you thought I was like other nineyard brahmin ladies?taking bath, going to temples and praying?)

“Akka, onnumaey puriyalaey?'( Sorry ! Cannot comprehend)
Ashamanjam idhu koodavaa onnakku puriyalaey, ( Stupid, cant you understand this also) oh my god I thought you are a brahmin like us, forgot that you are a chettiar(Trading community).

Really sorry dear got carried away with our Iyengar lingo.forgot that all the strength in fucking is from the meat-eating habits and hard manual work of you people.”

Vetri had already put his fingers inside her madisaar and was in for a shock as she wasnt wearing panty.

“Enna akka , keezhaey jattiyaey kaanum.”(What elder sister , panty is missing)

“Chee podaa, onakku theyriyaadhu , madiyaa irrukrachaey panties ellam poda koodadhu. Dei enna panindu irrukaeyeeee!!( dont tease, didnt you know while wearing nineyards , no panties are allowed,Hey what are you doing?)

oh god it is too good , onnoda vaerel ullaey ennamo panradhu.
Oh My God!! engaey daa thodaraey,ippadi thalaeykku poi kuthardhu. (your fingers are doing magic, wherever you are touching is hitting me in my head).

Kaallaey koosharadhu, Dei VETRI !!!!!”.(My legs are weak and sensitive, hey VETRI!!)

Jai was thrashing around almost in the throes of an orgasm.
“Ennadee Pappathi, ippo theyriyudaa yen onnoda thangai en pinnadi sotharaannu.”said Vetri,(( Now you know you brahmin bitch why your sister is behind me?)

“Ennadaa chonnaey, ennaey paappaathinnaa chonnaey, nee maathiram ennavaam, Shoodraa dhaanaey nee.”wailed Jai still in the grips of ecstasy.( What did you say , Brahmin bitch?what about you , you are a Low caste is it not?)

“Nee iyengar paapaathi, naan onnum shoodran illaey,naanga ellam vaisya theyriyumo?? ,( you are a iyengar brahmin, I am not a shudra but Vaisya(Trader) Ennoda poonal paathiyaa”.(saw my Cross belt?).
Vetri just then removed his shirt and showed her his poonal (cross thread).

Jaishree saw his black ripping muscles contrasting with his white poonal and immediately orgasmed.

Vetri was perplexed as suddenly Jai was thrashing around lifting her bulky body up moving both her legs continuously.Then he realized that she was orgasming and let out

” oh my god I have never seen anyone cuming by just seeing ,yennadee Jai, avvalavu sooda onnakku”.( what bitch are you so hot)
” podaa vetri, ennakku rhombho vekkamaa irrukardhu, aanaa idhamaadiri naan vandadhaey illaey including when I was raped by that giant.”(Dont tease Vetri I am feeling shy never ever I have cum like this)

‘What raped aa??

‘Andha story apporam chollraen, ippo onnodaey kadhaeyaey chollu.I thought except Brahmins no one else wear poonals.”(Okay, will tell that story later, tell me yours now).

” Chettiars are a trading community, so technically they are Vaisyas, so you know all three Varnams wear Poonal only shoodras and Dalits cant,” explained Vetri.

“Yes ippo dhan (just now)I can remember, but I thought Chettiars were always shudraas”.( low caste)

” Yes in a way you are right ,we are komati Chettiars( a particular type) so we wear Poonal while naatukottai chettiars( another type) dont so may be they are? “.

“Okay daa lesson over ippo nambho vaellayaey pannalaamaa?”( can we start our work) said Jai as she was still feeling hot .Her Clit was still itchy and her body was on fire.

Vetri made her strip naked completely and he too did the same.
He even made her remove every single piece of jewelry on her, including her thaali and metti and mookuthi.( all three indicate Tamil women that they are married)

Her fair and milky complexion was so contrasting with his dark and hairy structure, anybody would think that they are seeing a black and white picture.

The next shock for her was his size,her eyes literally popped out and she exclaimed

“dei vetri , oh my God , Oh my good Lord, ivvalang periyya bellakkaa naan parthadhaey illaey, ennadaa adhu sizeuu?”(such a long Schlong ,what is its size?)

“Akkaa!! dont embarass me , I think around 7.5 inches”.

” ennoda aathukkaar sizeuu ( my hubbys is )only 4 inches and much thinner”.Jai literally whined.”idhu ,it is so huge and thick also. I like the black and shiny texture.Oh my perumaalaey(God) ! I am falling in love with it.

I think you must fuck me right now , ennadaa puriyardaa ?”(Hope you get it?)

“No No akka, I must finish the hand job that I started on you, let us go step by step then only you will get full satisfaction, trust me akkaa , do what I say and you will not regret.”.

” Okay, saar! nee dhaan ippo ennoda (now ! you are my) teacher”.
Vetri grabbed her fair body and crushed her whole frame in his muscular grip. Another wonderful scene of the black and white entangled together.Then he lifted her heavy frame and she shrieked
” dei Vetri! Dei vetri ! ennada panraey ,kizhaey poda poraey. Engaey daa thookindu poraey, careful ,careful , enakku bhayammaa irrukardhu vizhunduda poraen”.(what are you doing dont drop me?Where are you carrying me, I am scared,I might fall)

Before she could finish he had carried her her heavy 85 kg frame and placed her on the dining table which was quite long.
All his weight lifting sessions helped him now.

He started to kiss her pink lips and started pawing her massive melons. Her squeezed and twisted her nipples which under his pressure were turning crimson. He then took his left hand slowing caressing her big paunch with a dig into her navel .She let out a yelp and then he reached her hairy bush

“Yenna Akka oraey foresttaa irrukkaey kizhaey”.said Vetri( what Akka , you have a forest down there?)

“chee podaa, vekkamaa irukardhu”.(hey punk,I am feeling shy )
“Illaeykaa! (Sister) if you want I can shave your counter and shape it too , I am trained in it too”.

” Dei , Vetri , onnakku ellamaey thaeriyardaey?.nee enna jack of all tradesaa?”( what you know everything, jack of all trades)
“So I am master of none, appadiyaa sollringa Akka” and he winked”( are you telling that?)

“podaa, Ashadu , ashadu,appadi naan mean pannalaey,dei ennada pannraey. (Hey dumb fellow I did not mean like that How many fingers you have inserted?”

‘ Just enjoy , dont count”

He pushed his two middle fingers anchoring the little and index fingers on her butt.He was making slow strokes like he was closing his two fingers as if you do when youll call someone.This was causing him to touch her G spot , which is ridged and rough like a scale of a fish.

Her was scratching on it slowly and this was taking her to the next level.Her legs started to stiffen and involuntary movements of her legs and shaking from side to side of her head.her eyes were tightly closed and occasionally jai opened it to stare into Vetris eyes before going back into her world.This was a typical G spot orgasm of the whole body with no care about what is going around her.

” Dei Vetri , Nee ennavo panindu irukkaey, naan ippovaey ennoda aathukkaaraey divorce pannitoo onnoda kalyanam pannindroodraen. Andha useless brahmanan ivvalan varushammaa ennodaey lifeay spoil pannitaar.Nee dhaandaa sexxnna ennannu kaamichu irrukkaey”.wailed Jai.(Hey Vetri, What all you are doing, I am going to divorce my husband and marry you.That silly brahmin has actually spoilt my life all these years .You only have taught me what sex is).

“But Akka , I am already married and so are you, will you break yours just because I poked my fingers into you.No no you cant do that.”
” Dei ashadu , onnodaey vaerallaey ippadinnaa , onnoda cockku eppadi irrukkum., naan onnoda pondaati ayitoo,every day and night fuck pannuvaen onnaey. (Hey simpleton ! if you fingers are like this then your Cock !!! I will become your wife and everyday will fuck you) It is possible only if I am your wife,please marry me”.
“Stupid girl ,I can still fuck you everyday if you want without affecting your and my married life.”.

“Okay daa , then onnoda keepaa vaechindroo, naan innamaey andha brahmanan aathukku poga mattaen.,ivvaallaam eppo paarthaallum only poojai and punaskkaaram”.(then keep me as your mistress,I will not go to that silly brahmins home, he is always doing prayers and stuff like that.)

Without replying Vetri shoved his fingers deep into her cunt after dipping his hands in coconut oil , his two fingers plunging deep into her epicenter which was a secret area around the cervix, actually the cervix is jutting out .

The minute he touched her epicenter, she started wailing

“Aaaiyyaayoo !! ennada panindrukkaey,enakku shockku kabaalathukku yaerardhoo,Oh God ,Perumaalaey yen ippadi panringho,Indha shudran vazhiyaa.Vetri thaanga mudiayallaey , theertham varra maadiri irukardhu.(Aaayiyayoo !! what are you doing the shock is hitting my head, Oh god, Why are you doing like this through this Shudra, OH! vetri cant bear it, looks like I am going to cum)

Dei Naan onnoda kaiyillaey piss panna poraen, aiyyayoo handsaey edithoodrayaa,(Hey I am going to piss on your hand,please take it out) or else I will be forced to urinate on it”.

“Ada Poedee makku paappaathi,( You silly brahmin bitch) that is not piss, but your cum, trying to squirt out. Hold back as long as you can, then you will see magic happening”.

He started to furiously swish around the cervix entry with both his fingers and she was reaching a crescendo , her wails became louder and she pushed her legs on the table lifted her whole fat body up and with a loud shriek she let out a stream as he pulled his fingers out . This was like her piss streaking across the roman finally subsiding. But she was continuing to twist and turn grabbing Vetris hair and yanking it roughly.She pulled him in and kissed him furiously and even bit his lip hard. Vetri started bleeding but even for him the heat of the moment had overtaken all pain and he hugged her for the next 10 minutes they were were enjoying bliss.
Vetri had never ever unleashed the animal in any woman like he had done to Jaishree and this made his Dong so stiff that it reached its peak length of 7.6 inches, which is why he had to hug her to cool himself off.

” Dei, Vetri, (Hey Vetri !)you can call me anywhere anytime I will come, even if you ask me to fuck you in front of anybody , I am willing to fuck.”.said Jaishree.

Vetri knew that his conquest was complete.

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