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Hi, dick holding men and fingering women of Indian sex stories dot net club. Indian sex stories is a huge club I have ever seen. I am proud to be part of it, as I am getting new wonderful women here every time I post a new story. This time I am going to tell you about a lecturer who is my stories reader, approached me for sex, she did not get disappointed and even I am. Any unsatisfied women of any age please drop your mails to [email protected], I don’t mind for age, and get explore to the best part of your sex life. Let me start my story.

For those who don’t know me, I am 27 years aged software engineer working in a famous mnc as a team leader. Based on my last story, I got many mails requesting ladies contacts from many males. Guys, please don’t repeat the same after this story. I will never share any ladies details as I will promise them that their identity will be secret with me till my last breath. After two days of my story posted, I got a mail from a lady named Chaitra account. Chaitra just wrote she liked my story very much in her first mail. I have replied thanks for your mail and do let me know if you need any help. After that two days I got reply to tell about myself and is my last story was true or fake. I replied to myself and the last story is true. That night I got chat request from her Gmail id. I have accepted and our conversation started.

Chaitra: hi. I am Chaitra, this is my Gmail account.
Kumar: hi. Nice to get ur messages. How are you?
C: I am fine, good to know that your last story was true. You are experienced in sex then.
K: yes, pretty much now. What are you looking for? Are you looking for just chat or anything more?
C: what is your age?

K: 27 and yours?
C: really? I thought you are around 35.
K: no iam 27, why.
C: I am 33 years old, but you are only 27. I don’t think we can make out.

K: see I don’t mind for age and all, any age is okay with me. In fact, I like aged ladies than me, it’s my weakness. My last story heroine is 33 years old.
C: hmm let me think about this.
K: okay are you a housewife or working? Kids?
C: I am a lecturer in some college, have a kid, who is studying in school.
K: wow cool, only one kid, so you enjoyed a lot in your life I think.
C: hmm not actually, but I am happy with my life.
K: not enjoyed, why so?

C: it’s like that. Tell you later, so how many you slept with?
K: around 3 including my ex gf.
C: you use condoms?
K: yes of course. I prefer to be safe.
C: thats really nice
K: hmmm
C: okay.

K: so please don’t consider my age to reject, just try me once and later you decide.
C: hmm thinking.
After that, we said bye and slept.

Next day I got a message from in my chat box saying that she is okay to have sex with me, but safe sex. I am in joy and asked for pics. She sent after three hours. She was beautiful and in saree, loosely draped so I was not much impressed by her figure. But one thing was sure that she has huge boobs and booty. I appreciated her beauty, the best part is her eyes & smile they are so inviting. She asked only eyes & smile are good? I told not like that, other things are not eye-catching in the pics as saree is loosely draped. She said no problem you will find them attractive when saree goes off. My dick already getting hard by the conversation we were having. I asked about her native place she told she is native Bangalorean but her husband is from Kerala. They fell in love long ago and got married. They don’t have same love now. So she is looking for sex outside. Her husband is 10 years elder than her and from last three years they are not having sex, she can’t resist anymore, so she contacted me after reading my story.

I was in the joy that I got one more sex starved lady to serve and give her pleasure. This is kind of social work also as I mentioned in my previous story. I believe that I am doing a social service by helping unsatisfied ladies.

We exchanged our WhatsApp numbers and continued to chat in WhatsApp. Whenever I tried to chat about sex, she used to tell, I don’t want sex chat. I want practical, I prefer practical than virtual. I was little pissed of by these words but never shown to her. But I will be kept on asking when can we meet. After two weeks of our conversation started, one day during afternoon she messaged in WhatsApp asking can we meet in the evening.My immediate reply was hell yes, even I was starving for two months without any sex. She replied saying that we will just meet, as its first time we are meeting and don’t expect anything else. If she feels okay she will be ready for sex next time. I was disappointed by this, but that time I was not having any other option to dump her, so I said yes. I left office early, took dairy milk silk chocolate, and one beautiful red rose. Then I called her, that was the first time I was talking to her.

Her voice is so sweet like 25-year girls. She asked me to come to her home only, she shared her location. It was in posh locality of Indira Nagar, half an hour from my location. I went exactly beside her house and called her. She told her house color and I confirmed I am outside her house. She asked me to look around any person of opposite house watching and I said no. She asked me park my bullet outside and asked to come in. I went inside, she was so sexy. Tight draped saree, open curly hairs, what a smile I got a little jolt in my body. She said hi, I also said hi. She asked me to sit down. She asked what I will take, coffee or tea. I said I want honey staring her lips.

She laughed playingly and said she doesn’t have that and told she will get coffee and I have to drink. I said okay and asked about other members of the family. She said her husband is in Mumbai for his work and visits her once or twice in a month, her son will not return before 9 to home as he is gone to tutors. She brought me coffee, cake, and mixture. I was just looking at her, not having coffee also. I gave rose and chocolate to her, she was so happy and said thanks to me. I was drinking coffee she was just asking about my family, my work. I said to eat chocolate, she opened and had a bite and gave me also to have a bite. I said I want that piece of bite in her mouth, she said naughty and not so soon. Then I returned chocolate bar, saying I don’t want.

She said okay will give and was taking her hands to take chocolate from her lips, I said I will take from my lips. She said no, not at all. I said then I don’t want, by this time she was convinced much and okay but only once. I said okay but was laughing inside that I know how to take from now onward whenever I want. I went slowly near to her, looking into her eyes she was so shy, she closed her eyes when my lips touched her lips, I had a bite of chocolate and started to kiss. Two seconds her door bell rang, we got separated quickly and I sat on the couch. She hid rose and chocolate in her saree and went to open the door. Some ten-year-old girl came with her younger brother asking for help in studies. Some ten seconds later their mom also came, and she introduced me as her
Relative who came to see her after two years.

I don’t know what to do, silently drinking coffee and that children parent was talking to my lady about her daughter project and she needs help on that. I said bye and left. I saw a sadness on her face while leaving, she became so dull by the interruption to privacy.

Next day I got a call and asked me to come her home by 9 am. I rang the bell and she opened the door and invited me in. I sat and she offered me lime juice. I said yes pleas and she turned around towards the kitchen. As she walked I could see her ass bouncing up and down couldn’t take my eyes off it. She was wearing tight pants and a loose top. The sight of her ass was giving me an instant hard-on. With out wasting time I grabbed her boobs and squeezed it hard! The room was filled with her moans “ahhh ah with sexy facial expressions”. Then I removed her clothes and mine as well. Wow, that sight! What a beauty she was within. Her boobs were 38 and she was well toned and fair. I squeezed her boobs and sucked her nipples like a wild beast! Rolled my tongue around her nipples and sucked them while I was fondling with the other for which she moaned loud.
Then I moved my hands down her pussy and it was wet at! I started rubbing it for 10 min and slowly fingered her by starting with one finger and ending up putting 4 into her wet pussy and playing with it until she came and shouted “ahhhhhh”.

I started kissing all over her body and ended up near her pussy. I spread her legs wide and started teasing her by kissing near her pussy. She then held my head and pushed it towards her pussy and I kissed it. She moaned loud, I then started kissing it and then started licking it like it was the last day of the earth. I swirled my tongue while licking her pussy. I open her clit and licked her pussy to which she was moaning and came again. She then grabbed my dick and started giving me a handjob first, my dick being almost 6 inches tempted her and she started giving me a blowjob.

Wow that feeling. Even though its was not first time for me but it as intense. I came in her mouth and she took it. She wasn’t much satisfied after that. She started stroking my dick again and gave me a tit job with those huge boobs. That soft heavenly feeling was amazing she was a pro at it. And I came all over her boobs. She then laid down. Spread her legs wide and said, “I want your dick in my pussy”. As I was reaching for a condom she said it’s fine. I want to feel it without that. It was a missionary position and as I went over her. She took my dick and started rubbing her pussy with it. Teasing herself as much as she could. I then shoved it inside only to feel she is soooooo wet and warm. She let a loud moan. I kissed her and started fucking her increasing my speed every min. It was an amazing feeling. As I was increasing my speed the room was filled with our moans. As I was about to cum. I pulled out my dick to which she got mad.

She pushed me on the bed and she came over me and shoved my dick in her pussy and starting riding me in a very wild way. Her boobs were jumping up and down. As she bent towards me, I grabbed her boobs and started sucking them while she was riding me. It was rough and wild in every way possible and we came together and moaned together as well. After them, we laid down making out and I was sucking her nipples and kissing her. We then dressed up and sat for a while. She sat on my laps facing towards me and started grinding me and she was squeezing her boobs only to turn me on. She started dry humping me and we started making out. I lifted her. Removed her clothes again and mine while we were making out wild. Put her on her bed and shoved my dick into her wet pussy. We had another intense wild sex to which we did it in 3 different positions without any condom and came inside her all the time as she was pulling me when I was about to cum.

After that we took a shower together and made out in the shower followed by a blowjob, me licking her pussy and a romantic shower sex. We continued having sex for cou ple of days when both are free and as many times as we had energy in our body. We were two horny. Later she shifted to Mumbai to live with her husband and we still have skype sex and all that which can be done through the cam.

It was an amazing experience…just can’t control myself if I think of that incident

Please write me your feedback and this a true incident in Bangalore. I love women:: so any females reading pls drop an email so that we can build a friendship … please write your feedback and females email me at [email protected] 100% information is safe and secured. And guys please don’t ask to share the details of any ladies.

I would love to share my details. Please email me to

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