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Hello guys and girls, your friend Rohit is back with the sequel to my blockbuster debut story: Neighbour Auntys Lust Satisfied. First of all, thank you all for the responses and I’ve been replying to emails and will continue to do so. Before reading this part read the first part, you will cum more. Any suggestions, feedback or queries please feel free to mail me at [email protected]

So here it goes:
Just when Priyanka turned after closing the door, I was getting ready for the second innings. But this time I wanted something new, so I said

Rohit: Didi, I want something new to make my first experience memorable.
Priyanka: Like what?

Rohit: something that’s exciting.

Priyanka (thought for a moment): Ok, wait now.
She took a pen drive and inserted into the TV, took the remote and turned the TV on, selected a porn movie.
Priyanka: you must have masturbated while watching porn, ever had sex while watching it?
I was super excited. She said that she wanted to cum whole night. I wanted to cum on her face. I asked her for a condom to which she said that she wanted to feel my dick in her. Her wild thought made me more turned on. She went to the switch board. I stopped her but she wanted to turn off the fan as she loved getting fucked while sweating. After few minutes I was fucking her and sweating. Believe me that it is a great feeling to fuck someone while sweating. We both were sweating like hell and the hotness increased when I cummed in her Pussy. My dick was as hot as sun and so was her pussy.

I started to tit fuck her, our sweat acted as lubricant between her tits, cleavage and my dick, and my cum splashed all over her boobs but still turned on we started to do something new. Since my childhood, I loved belly of women, and their navel. I started to lick her navel and belly. She was moaning and I took my dick and fucked her navel. Her orgasm turned into pain but she didn’t want to stop me as she wanted to feel my dick. I didn’t cum till then also and saw her pussy.

Just then she stopped me as she was having pain there but I wanted to cum at any cost. She denied anal as it was more painful. I thought what to do , idea ! I told her to lie down In such a way that I can fuck her armpits. Priyanka agreed and I started to fuck her armpits but it started to tickle her. I told her to lie and I inserted my dick between her thighs from back, they were soft and sweaty which made me then into a wild man. I fucked her thighs and cummed there. She enjoyed cum and sweat between her meaty legs.
Priyanka: Now I will fulfill my fantasies.

I reluctantly agreed, thinking abt wants she wanted. She asked me to do what ever she wants. She said:’ I always wanted to exploit a child sexually, you are 17 but still like a kid. “

She took a pill and made me have it. I took it and after 10 mins were in unconscious kind of position. I could see everything but could not react and my vision was kind of a blur. By the time I found myself below her and she started to suck my tits and giving me a hand job. I was watching porn and feeling it live. I closed my eyes but she told me to stay awake. Just then I cummed, and my cum it was all over my dick and her hand. I moaned aah and got unconscious. While unconscious, I felt her licking my chest and biting my nipples.

After one hour : 1 AM
I was regaining consciousness. I woke up to find Priyanka sleeping beside me : naked. Cum was all over my body. I went up to wash it and found bite marks on my nipples, dick and scrotum. She had licked all my body and made me cum like hell. She bit me and actually raped me. But I was happy to be raped and simultaneously angry (with naughtiness). She was sleeping, I went near hear and she was sleeping with her face down. So her ass was right in front of me. My dick was erect and I inserted it in her ass. She woke up with pain. By time I played another porn and it was ‘Ass to Mouth porn. After fucking her for 5 mins, I took my dick to her mouth and inserted it. It was a wonderful feeling to have my 8 inch cock fully in her mouth. I ejaculated on her face. I asked her to clear it but she said that she loves cum on her face.

Now we started experimental sex: like trying to put her tit in my mouth. I took he tit and put it in my mouth, I sucked it like a baby till milk started to come out of it. I bit her nipples and exploited her whole tits and cleavage. She challenged me to put whole if her tit in my mouth. I accepted it but he tits were so big that I could not take them in my mouth. Remembering that it was 36C, I gave up. She said no more experiments and let’s start porn sex.

Because I had lost the challenge, she wanted me to do something but what it was she didn’t know. Just then the pussy licking scene was there. And I started to lick her pussy, she didn’t want me to do it but I wanted to try it. I kissed, licked, tried to fuck it with my tongue, I fingered he pussy. Now I took another viagra pill and asked her to sit on my dick in cowgirl style. She did as I said and started to fuck her. At first, it was painful but then it became fun. Now I cummed into her pussy. It was a seventh heaven feeling. We were sweating like anything. But she did not cum and wanted me to fuck, I somehow aging started and she cummed after sometime. Exhausted she fell on me and we hugged each other and slept.

Next morning: 6 AM
I woke up to find Priyanka sleeping beside me and again naked. I woke her up we kissed and exchanged each others saliva. We decided to mend the geography of the bedroom and after doing it, we both went to bath. I wanted to fuck her without viagra this time. I lifted he leg, pit my dick in there and fucked her, now I cummed in 5 mins and So did she. We kissed again and took bath. We wore our clothes and again slept to show that we were sleeping since the night but I slept in the drawing room.

Her husband Sunny came back at 8 in the morning and slept inside. I also went back to home. Before leaving we kissed and I slapped her butt, she winked and closed the door. While walking back I smiled thinking that my Neighbour Aunty’s Lust is Satisfied.

That’s the end of this story. Thanks for reading and pls do give thumbs up for the story. Any suggestions, feedback or queries please feel free to mail me at [email protected]

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