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Hello Readers,

Well, this is my first time sharing a sexstory of how a date night converted into a wild night in Coorg. here. This happened when I was in Bangalore for work. I am a good looking guy with 7” dick, staying in Hyderabad. Ladies looking for some secret fun in Hyderabad can contact me at [email protected]

This was when I was working for an MNC in Hyderabad. I had to travel to Bangalore to attend an annual board meeting for 3 days.

So during those days in Bangalore, I needed a girl for a date and to show me around the city for the duration of my stay, as all my colleagues in the company are busy compelling the reports for the meeting.

Then, I started exploring single girls, through dating app, finally got a match with gorgeous, sexy and hot looking girl named Sonarika.

Started with regular hello, hi messages, on the first day, then we chat till 3.30 in the morning talking about different topics. She was very intelligent and smart girl. On the next day, I received a message, while I was in the meeting, saying that she is free after 5.30 pm to meet me, to which I agreed without thinking much. Luckily, our meeting ended at 5, so rushed to my hotel room to change and get fresh.

At 6 pm, we agreed to meet at a fancy Italian restaurant, I reached little early and grabbed the table with good privacy and fantastic view.
Then she enters the restaurant, Omg, she was 100 times more good looking than what she looked in pictures. We hug and then, I pull her chair, just like a gentleman and push it forward after she sat. She was quite happy to notice that. Then we have a good dinner and share lot of stories of our professional and personal experiences in life. It went on for 3 hours and I had to leave, as I had to prepare for the meeting on next day. I drop her off at her place and give a gentle good night hug.

The next day was very hectic as the meeting went on till 10.30 pm, nothing happened on that day except some general texting.

But, on the 3 days, we ended our meeting very early and concluded as soon as we had lunch and goodbye drinks in afternoon. Meanwhile, she agreed to meet and show me around the city, I drove to her place and picked her up, she starts showing around Bangalore. While she was sitting idle and getting bored, as there was heavy traffic, I tried to spice things up by gently tickling her in the waist. She was surprised and she too started ticking me and teasing me. Then we put on party songs and groove to the rhythm to my surprise, she was too an EDM fan like me. Finally, we stop at a Chinese fast food center to grab some food for dinner and eat in the car.

After this, I said I will have to leave early tomorrow as I was going back to Hyderabad by car, so I needed a good sleep. To this,

She: So fast you are leaving me?

Me: Haha, might be, as I have to report to my boss in Hyderabad asap.

She: Please dont go so soon.

Me: whats in your min?

She: I want to visit Coorg for 2-3 days to get a break from my hectic life.

Me: Ohh.

She: would you mind joining me?

Me: After a lot of thinking, I say yes as I too was a bit stressed with work life and needed break.

Next, say morning, I meet her, gosh she was looking sexy and hot with a short skirt and we leave for Coorg and reach the hotel after a long drive and take two separate rooms.

We head to respective rooms with luggage and get fresh and meet up for dinner and drinks.

After having dinner and some beer, we went to explore the hotel and its facilities. After doing that,

Me: Lets, go to bed and wake up early tomorrow to catch up with activities.

She: Yea, good Idea.

And we went to rooms.

After few moments, suddenly she comes to my room and pushes me to the wall and starts kissing madly and grabs me like a monkey grabs a tree.

This turned on my wild side, grabbed her head with hair and deeply kissed her for 10 mins. She started scratching my back with her long nails and I could not resist anymore. Pushed her to bed and removed her top and pants, she removed mine with a lot of force which tore my t-shirt. This made me, even more, to want to bang her hard. She unzipped and removed my pants and started sucking my cock like a mad dog, licking a bone, that was most insane blowjob I ever received till now.

I removed her bra and started licking her melons and started fingering her hard, she moaned loudly and shouted at me to continue it for a while.

After that grabbed my condom and started teasing her by rubbing my cock at her vagina.

She: put that inside me you mad dog, you are driving me mad by doing that.

After hearing this, I pushed my cock inside with full thrust in one go. The was moaning like hell.

Started pounding her hardly and banged till she was had enough of it.

She quickly grabbed me and got over me, so that she could do it like she wants.

She started jumping rigorously on my cock, as she was very lusty for sex from days.

I was about to cum and she wanted to drink all it so removed the condom and she started to suck hard, I cummed in her mouth and her face.

We had a sex marathon on those 3 days stay at the hotel, we behaved like animals in the room. Did not even leave the room for any activity as we didn’t want to miss our action.

After checking out of the hotel, she was not still enough of the action, while driving back to Bangalore, she started to tease me and suddenly started rubbing my cock from outside, again, it was time to have some action, so I parked the car in bushes and removed the clothes and started banging her for 2 hours.

Then we dressed up, left for Bangalore and dropped her at her place by giving a good long goodbye kiss.

We did this every month as I kept on visiting her every now and then.
But sadly, now she shifted to Singapore.

Hope you have liked my story.
Till then good bye and cheers.

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