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Hope you guys read my First part of indian sex story

After a heavy drinking night of cocktail, I woke up at 10 am and freshened up. Quickly woke Akriti and told her to come down for breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

The hotel being among Jaipurs best 5-star property had a lavish breakfast spread which I was relishing when Akriti came in with this cute and handsome guy Samar.

Samar introduced himself as Aditis cousin from London and I remembered yes of course how in college he had met us a couple of times. But he was a child then when he used to accompany Aditi for movies with us or play with us when we went to Aditis house.
He was 16 and in school when we were 20 and in college so used to always be shy between us girls.

He had now grown up to be a cute and handsome 24-year-old. I got to know he has been living in London for the last 3 years.
We spoke about a lot of things from traveling to his job in London to how he was a shy boy at 16 when we used to meet.
Aditi having no real brother, he had to obviously come for her wedding and do a lot of work brothers are expected to do.

Soon Akriti proposed lets go swimming as the next function is Mehendi at 4 pm and everyone agreed. We decided to meet at the pool in half hour.

In half an hour I went to the pool in my long and fully covering bath robe. Removed my long bathrobe at the poolside. Had my sexy blue one-piece swimming costume underneath. The costume was almost backless and was tight from the front clearly showing the shape of my now 34c boobs.
Not to forget its tightness clearly showed my curves.

The next moment I dipped in the cold swimming pool where Akriti, Samar, Vishaal, Vishaals wife and few others were swimming. We were generally swimming and chatting when Akriti came close and whispered, look that Vishaal is staring at you, guess hes remembering that college night with you.
We both girls laughed at it and I toldhim he can do nothing like that as his wife is also here.

So Akriti, Samar and I were swimming on one side where for the first time I noticed Samar had a proper muscular physique. He was 6feet tall with proper abs and biceps.
I enquired about his fit self to which he said he has been gymming for the last 4 years and also plays football for a small club in London.

I was feeling different, alone without my husband in the mix of old friends and new. Felt like I was single again.
After some time we came out of the pool and I wrapped myself in the bathrobe again.

Before heading to the room I went to the spa to book myself a body massage. I booked the last appointment at 7.30pm as I assumed will be done with the Mehendi function from 4 to 7.

I had always loved massages. My husband regularly gifted me massage vouchers and sometimes even massaged me himself. He used to make me wet with his massages before we had sex.
But yes at a spa I had always gotten a massage from a female.

It was 3.30pm and we began dressing for the Mehendi. I wore a bright red choli and long Indian skirt showing ample of my navel. Underneath I wore a red satin 34c bra without straps and matching red lace panties.

The choli was a bit low cleavage types as I mentioned my husband always made me shop sexy revealing attire.

So Were at the Mehendi function dancing to songs and clicking a lot of pics with the bride to be Aditi.

Here again, Samar came in with a glass of wine and offered me. He was in a black sherwani looking really handsome. He had grey eyes and a small stubble. Afterall he was a 24yr old football player and gym enthusiast.

I usually never had wine as I always preferred vodka but considering everyone was having it, I had a glass. Soon it was my turn to get the Mehendi applied and I went for it. It took an hour for my Mehendi and then I realized it was 7.50 and had missed my spa appointment.
I quickly went towards the spa but they said I cannot get it now as it was closing time for them and mine was the last appointment.
I was really sad and Samar saw me there, he cheered me and said you can do it tomorrow.

As the Mehendi was done we went towards his room where again everyone continued with wine and music. I had one more glass here.
In an hour we decided to go for dinner and then come back to continue the party as no function was lined up for the night.
Since I had freshly applied Mehendi, I was literally drinking with a straw.

I requested Akriti to 1st come with me to the room as I wanted to keep my clutch, jewelry, and things. Our room was on the same floor itself.
At the room, akriti helped remove my jewelry when my husband Aakash called so I was talking to him on the loudspeaker as my Mehendi hands cannot hold the phone.

I was a bit happy high with the wine and missing Aakash. We were generally talking and a bit dirty talking when Akriti left giving me space. The dirty talks got me a bit horny.

In 5 mins I ended the call and was looking at myself in the mirror, red short low cleavage choli with Indian skirt showing ample of my navel. The door of the room was open and I saw Samar there looking at me.

He said, “lets go for dinner.” To which I replied, yes sure 2 mins. He came in and waited while I tried to adjust my hair.
He came behind me and helped me adjust my hair as I cannot touch it with the fresh mehendi hands.

In no time his fingers went behind my waist and he was softly caressing and tickling me.

I was a bit high with the wine and horny with the sex talk to my husband but then was also married.

He said I can give you a massage if you want since you did not get it at the spa.
I initially declined but he insisted it will be professional and made me agree. In no time I was lying on the bed facing down while he shut the door and picked a johnsons baby oil kept there.

He came behind and untied my choli knots revealing the single red strap of my bra. He even unhooked the bra from behind so I was backless when he poured the oil on my back and gently started massaging.

I was lying down with open arms upwards to not spoil the bed with mehendi.

He gently continued massaging and yes I was loving it. The ac made the room cold and his hands made me excited.

In 5 mins he slowly started pulling my skirt down from the waist and I did not resist. The wine, the ac, his hands were all having and effect on me. He pulled it down revealing my lace red panty.

He began pouring the oil and massaging my legs and then my thighs. Occasionally he came up and massaged my naked back.
His strong and muscular arms pressed the spots hard and right, more aggressively than my husband ever did.

Slowly he kept massaging my legs on the upper thighs again and again. At some point, he slid his thumbs inside my panty from the leg openings and touched my pussy.
I was wet, really wet and his touch made me shiver. I wanted to stop him but was loving the moment. I knew he had felt my wetness and that embarrassed me.

Many thoughts were going on in my mind. Im married, this will be cheating, what if somebody comes.
But the wetness of my pussy was more exciting than any thought.

He kept pouring more oil and made me slimy wet with it and kept rubbing his hands on my back, legs, and thighs. I do not remember when he pulled my panty out and started massaging my naked ass. He held it with his oily hands and pressed it and massaged it. His fingers kept teasing my pussy from behind making me extremely wet.

He knew I was under his control and I knew there was no stopping him here. I was shivering due to the cold room and my semi-naked state with a man other than my husband.

Soon he turned me around facing up, getting rid of my somehow hanging choli and saw my unhooked satin bra on my boobs. He just picked the bra and threw it aside.

Now I was completely naked on the bed revealing my 34c boobs with light brown nipples and a completely shaved pussy.
I saw him smile and grin which made me very shy. I wanted him to stop here but knew he was not going to. I was thinking what have I gotten myself into but I was liking it.

I saw him remove his sherwani and pyjamas and he was only in his boxers. He took a lot of oil and applied on his front. I saw his glistening muscles and abs in the dim light. He was surely well built. I could even see a tent forming in his boxers.

He poured a lot of oil on my naked front body. From my boobs to my pussy. I did not know what was he planning. Then he removed his boxer and came on top of me.
He was rubbing his chest and body on me from top to bottom.
Yes, he was giving me a body to body massage which I had never experienced.

He was crushing my oily boobs under his chest and shoulders while his hard dick was sliming near my thighs and pussy. I shivered every time his dick touched my pussy. It was all so wet, oily and slippery.
He whispered in my ears, “your Mehendi and attire made me feel like Im with a newly wed Dulhan and this is our honeymoon night.”

He was moving his body all over mine giving me a massage I had never received. At this point, I was extremely horny and did not care if I was cheating my husband.

His hard and wet dick was hitting me on my navel, on my naked boobs and I dont know when I pressed his dick against my boobs literally giving him a boob job. He arched behind sliding his dick between my slippery boobs and using his two fingers on my dripping wet pussy.

I opened my legs and moaned loudly. Pressed my boobs against the sides tightening his dick in between them. He kept fingering me with one hand and pressing my boobs with the other. He was sitting on me with his dick between my slippery boobs.

He kept fingering my pussy with 3 fingers inside and I kept moaning loudly, opening more of my legs like a horny volcano waiting to burst and yes I did. I squirted with a lot of cum dripping out my pussy on the bed.

He had a smile on his face like he had conquered something.

Soon he carried me in his arms like a baby. Crushing my boobs on his chest. I was naked in another mans arms. He easily lifted me and carried me to the washroom as I stuck to his muscular body. I was like his property, his toy.

He started the cold shower and stood under it with me in his arms. Then I stood there hugging him. We were both naked under the shower and his built up body was hugging my petite body.

Smooching like theres no tomorrow. At this point, I did not even care of my Mehendi which had already dirtied the bed.

He took some soap and started cleaning the oil off my body. Rubbed the soap on my back, then legs and then boobs.
I hugged him tight with my soapy boobs rubbing on him. Took some soap in my hand and grabbed his 8inch erect dick. Yes, he was 3 inches more than my husband.
We bathed while he fingered me in the shower and I kept shagging him with soapy hands, smooching intermittently like lovers.

Once we were clean of the oil he was drying me like a baby with a towel. He dried every inch of me with the towel. That towel was the only piece of cloth I had touched in the last 40 mins of being with him.

We went out of the washroom and pushed me on the bed. I was wrapped in a towel, like a gift package. My tryst with cheating had begun. I knew I was going to be fucked by an 8inch dick in the next few minutes and the thought made my pussy wet.

He came close with the 8 inches still erect. The way Samar was staring at me made me so embarrassed. He said, “Nikita I want to see you nude again.”

Like an obedient girlfriend, I slowly started opening the towel. Opened it enough to give him the view of my 34c boobs and shaved pussy both of which he had just cleaned in the shower.
I dropped the towel down laying there naked, freshly out of the shower with wet hair.

To be continued…..

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