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Hi everyone. I am writing my 2nd indian sex story after a long time. Hope you guys like it.

This happened recently when I got a message from a girl for masseur (massage) service. I know the pain points very well and I like doing massage so I take up the appointments mostly.
After the conversation, I got to know her name was Tanvi and she was staying in vile parle. She told me that she is in the first year of graduation so she must be around 19yrs. I agreed to go over to her place next afternoon.

About me, I am 57 not so built up but not very slim as well, fair skin. I travelled over with some massage materials like oils etc. And reached her house by 1:30 p.M. I wore a track and a body fitting t-shirt.

A girl opened the door and introduced herself as Tanvi. We exchanged greetings and she offered me some water. She was on a duskier side but her skin was spotless and adorable. Her hair was smooth and amazing. She was wearing loose clothes then. She must be 55 and she looked slim.

Me so you want to get a massage done?
Tanya yeah. I have a slight back pain.
Me okay. So lets get ready then. Where shall we do it? Do you have any table or something on which you can lie down?
Tan no there is no table. Is the floor fine? We can go in the room. I will throw a mattress there on which we can do it.
Me great. You change and come.
Tan okay. You wait here I will get ready.

After 5mins
Tan Arjun, you can come in

She was there lying down on the mat upside down in a short top and a hot short (covering the ass only).
Me so you want an oil massage or a normal massage? And just the back?
Tan just the normal massage for the back.

I sat near her and started moving my hands to her back and asked her about her pain points and accordingly massaged it with the fingertips with proper pressure. I could see that she was being relieved by the massage.

I sensed that this is her first time as she was a bit hesitant and shy towards my touches. She had a great waist.

I now wanted her to stretch her back so that the muscles are relieved. I got up and kneeled, keeping both my legs on either side of her waist, and sat with a little pressure on her ass and pulled her back by her shoulders keeping 1 hand on her lower back. My groin area was just below her ass. At this time I felt that she had a great ass. It was huge compared to her body proportions.

The sound of the muscles and bones making a noise could be heard and she was relieved. I now asked her to turn her upper torso from one side. It was then that I got to know that she had nice curvy boobs. The top was stretched and I could see her side boobs over the top.

I got a glimpse of her un-shaved underarms as well. It was turning hot now. I did some more stretching on her and told her it is done and if she wants a massage at any other part as well. As she was feeling a bit relaxed she inquired to me about full body oil massage. I told her that I will be using essential oils all over the body so your muscles will get relaxed. Although she agreed, she was feeling shy so she wore the same clothes. I started with her legs now and did not force her to change her clothes.

Till now I had not focused on her legs but as I was to start with her legs, I realized that she had wonderful legs. I started with the lower part and slowly went above to her thighs. Her thighs were so soft. I spent more time on her thighs and started moving upwards.
She was moaning a bit due to the pressure as her pain was relieved. Her shorts, however, were a hindrance. I could not go beyond half of her thighs. So I moved upwards towards her lower back. She asked me if I can some more time on her thighs. I told her that her shorts wont allow me to massage and if she can wear something else.
She got up and started removing her shorts. She had worn a brief styled panty and hence she was okay to remove it in front of me. It was a blue colour brief. She was looking so hot even in such clothes.
Till now I had not used any oil but just the normal massage. I asked her if she has a steam machine in her house in which she can take a steam. She said she has one. I asked her to get a steam for the full body for 15mins so that her muscles loosen up.

She came back after 15mins all soaked in sweat. I asked her not to wipe out her sweat and lay down on the mat. She was looking and smelling so sexy. I asked her to remove her top as it will get dirty with the oil. She asked me to turn away and then she started removing it. I turned back in some seconds to see that she was in her matching blue bra. Wow man, she was looking so damn sexy in those bras and panties and those unshaved armpits. She had forgotten about it and when she saw me looking at her armpits she realized that she was unshaven there. She hid her armpits and turned back and started wearing her top back. I asked her what happened to which she replied that she has not shaven there and she cant remove her top. After convincing her a lot she finally agreed. I had shaving kit in my bag so I asked her that I will shave it for her.

She was hesitant but she wanted the massage more badly now. I asked her to lift her top so that her armpits are visible and in that way she even covered her face out of shame. I touched one of her armpit and the hairs. I applied some foam and used my personal blade. I was going slow purposefully. While doing another armpit I went near her and even smelled it. Her sweat made it more dirty and kinky for me. I was getting aroused now but I controlled anyhow. I was talking to her in between to make her feel comfortable.
She was done now. I asked her to remove her top completely now. Although her bra covered her boobs fully she was looking damn sexy. Her boobs were full and were popping out.

I did not want to waste more time now. I asked her to lay down. I heated the oil mildly and started applying all over starting from legs, moving to thighs, inner thighs. I could now see that some part of her panty near her vagina was shinning a bit due to getting wet. She was wet already now. I applied oil on her back but her bra straps were disturbing. I tried putting my hands beneath then but it was tight and getting difficult. Without even asking for, she just unhooked her bra so that I can move hands properly. It was a sight to watch. Although she did not remove it after unhooking the bra just feel apart and I got a glimpse of her side boob. She again laid down and I applied oil on her neck and shoulder portion on the back. She wanted me to oil her ass as well as she repeatedly said that her lower back was paining. I got in front of her face and then massaged all the way down to her ass and slowly after each move, I got deeper and started putting an inch of my finger in her panty to feel her ass.

As her briefs were high, I tried that when I pull back my hands the brief stays where it was so that I can get deeper in the next go. Once even she tried to lower her brief by pushing it and exposing 1/4th of her ass and said go deeper. I understood now. All this while my crotch was near her face. My penis was already touching her head. I now could see her ass crack and this time I went fully in and pressed her ass tightly to massage it. She moaned loudly. I pulled back, took some oil and again went deeper. I rotated her ass clockwise and even tried to put my fibers in the crack. Once my little finger touched her asshole. She was moaning heavily. She would also have got the smell of my penis now. The aroma of the sweat mixed with oils was spread in the room. I was totally enjoying it.

She asked me to change my clothes as it would get oily.
I thanked her and got into my boxers and removed my t-shirt as well.
Her belief was down halfway exposing her half ass. I asked her to fold her legs backward so that her heels touch her ass. Now I started splitting her folded legs apart so that the thigh muscles get stretched. As she started stretching, I held her heels and started moving forward so that my knees push her thighs far and in that way, my crotch was nearing hers. I somehow lost balance and fell over her. My penis was over her ass digging deep and I am over her. I get oiled as well. She got hurt as my body was over her folded legs.
I apologized although she was not angry with me she was crying in pain. She didnt realize her state and she turned around. Her bra was loose and it started falling off and her brief was also halfway down exposing her pubic. She was busy pressing her legs. Her bra revealed her half boobs and I could even see the colour of her aerosols. It was light brownish. All this happened so fast that I did not understand anything. I calmed her and massaged her ankles and she was relieved. She adjusted her bra.

Me- Tanvi sorry but you have great boobs.
Tanvi- facing downwards and smiled a bit. Thanks!
Me you want a massage there?
Tanvi after thinking for a while, can you do that?
Me yes if you want to I can. If you get your boobs massaged properly and regularly they will grow into sexier shape.
I got closer, put my hands on her back and unhook her bra. She did not allow me to remove it out of shyness.
I pushed her down, took some oil, applied on her stomach and moved upwards.

This was a long story. I will write what happens next in the next story. I myself cummed twice while writing this story. To all those girls who want a good and safe massage can contact me on [email protected] You can also give me your feedbacks on my email. Girls if you want some naughty chats, please msg.

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