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I am an avid reader of indian sex stories dot net . Love most of the story. Here is mine..a real one.

I must be quite young, maybe under 19 and he my uncle must be about 25-26, lean and reasonably good-looking, unmarried that time. I was a young, very fair, good-looking boy with curly hairs and 5′ 9″ tall then. He was wheatish, 6 feet tall, well built with a mustache and very handsome man, which every girl will die for.Ours being a joint family, there was a lot of guests visiting us all the time, and on such occasions, I had to share my uncles bed. On one such occasion, at the middle of the night, I felt his hand on my stomach.

I found it wired but was afraid to move it, and thought he might be in his sleep. Slowly I felt his feet climbing up my thighs and rested completely on my legs. I was breathing heavily but kept quiet and still. He then slowly pulled me close to him, and hugged me tightly, where I could feel something very hard poking on my side. I knew it was his dick, by now I was excited and curious to know what next. Sensing no resistance from my side, he slowly lifted his lungi and brought my hand to his hard dick, which was throbbing and hard like a steel, smooth, long thick, and circumcised. It must be easily over 8 inches in length and quite thick. He guided me to hold and shake it, which I happily agreed, as I was equally aroused by then. He then rolled over and got on top of me, and started kissing me on my cheeks, and neck and suddenly put his lips on my soft pink lips and started sucking, I was in cloud nine.

He suddenly stopped and asked me to suck his lips too, like he is doing and I did. And then he started pushing his tongue into my mouth and i sucked that too. With one hand he started lifting my t-shirt and gradually removed it and pushed my shorts and removed that…I was hard, and my relatively small dick, which must be just 5.5″, was hard and ready to explode. his hard cock was rubbing my dick and I was going mad. He was pressing my nipple with one hand and sucking the other one. It was a bit ticklish but nice. He rolled down and pulled me on top of him and asked to dry hump him. It was all new to me and I was loving it. I slid his giant cock in the middle of my thighs, asked me to squeeze it and dry hump…the friction was causing both of us to moan…since his dick was over 8 inched it was popping out from the other side. He was helping me by pressing my soft round ass. All this while we never broke the kiss.

He then guided my head down to his cock, and started pushing his cock in my mouth, when I asked him, what to do, he answered, just take it in your mouth and suck it slowly, like you have an ice-cream or a coffee…it was a bit awkward initially and difficult too, due to its giant size, but I tried and managed somehow to take the knob and suck it and lick it. he was enjoying it and the sound of ahaaa, ahaaa was coming from him, intermittently he was pushing my head on his cock, to make me take more, but I was choking, so he use to leave it, but again use to attempt after few seconds. His cock was wet with my saliva and a sound was coming every time I use to take it in my mouth. Gradually I also was enjoying sucking his tool, holding it from the base, which somehow felt even thicker then the top portion. I could see his cock from the light coming from street lights, through the window cracks. It is still the most and probably the best cock, I have ever seen in my 30 years of gay life ( Since I am almost 45 years old now). His dick is a kind of-of dick, which I can worship till now, and occasionally fantasize about it and masturbate too.
Anyways, almost half an hour of sucking and licking this giant dick and suddenly he held my head hard and pushed his cock in my mouth as much as he could and I felt a warm thick fluid in my throat, the taste of which I did not like and was about to puke, but he held my head with force, so eventually, I had to swallow it. It must be quite a load. after that, he asked me how did I like it, and I said I dont know, upon which he said, dont worry, gradually you will start loving it and will be begging for his cock.

I asked him, that sex is always between boys and girls, then how come he is having with me, he said, thats always there, but the best sex is amongst the boys, and he loves boys too and especially young ones like me. He told me to keep this as a secret. That night he made me suck his dick twice again, once again he got on top of me rubbing his cock on my dick, and it felt like heaven, I came twice that night. just by him rubbing his giant cock on cock. and later he got and top and almost pushed his entire cock in my mouth and mouth fucked me and shot his load once again in my mouth and made me swallow it I had a mixed feeling that time, but the end of it I loved it and got hooked to dicks.

Do let me know your views…many many exciting stories on the way, and the real ones…no fantasies

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