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Hello indian sex stories dot net readers!
Am Aditya Kashyap staying in Bangalore, born and brought up in Jabalpur. I am a good 6ft 2inch tall, with a thick 7-inch cock which can drill the shit out of any girl. I was not a virgin at the time of this incident, but my girlfriend Anaya was a virgin. I broke up with her a year back and wanted to share the incidents, that happened all they way I was in a relationship with her. I loved being in a relationship with her, and sex was one of the best part of our relationship. It made me closer and more intimate with her. You can share any comments, or any your kinky stories or desires on [email protected]

Hope this story makes you hard and wet and makes you fuck your partner like rabbits ;).

Back in 2012, we had been in a relationship for 2 years during college but never consummated our bond. Too innocent! :) It was her birthday evening and I took Ananya to my newly rented flat, on an excuse to celebrate it and make her see my new place too. She is a fairly wheatish, almost fair, hot, beautiful girl. Her well-grown breasts are round and big and they look amazing on a 36C push-up bra. She has an amazing jawline, and smooth back. Her midriff is amazingly curvy. I still remember, sliding my hands on her curves and kissing her lips. Her tummy is flat, with a big round navel with a mole near on the lower side.She is soft and smooth as cream :).

Her waistline is a hot 26 and then her butts. My god, those sexy butts, protrude at a good 37 inches with tempting curves. Her midriff is the most amazing, and I still remember her wearing a chiffon saree on our farewell, snap session. Guys must have masturbated their life out that day am sure.

So it was her birthday, and she was dressed in maroon colour salwar suit, maroon lipstick and payals on her lovely legs (I asked her to always wear payals whenever she is with me). I had already ordered a cake and some rags and pillows to sit or even lie on the floor. I showed her around my new place and she liked it, then I took her to my to be bedroom where I had placed the rags and the cake. We both opened our shoes and sat on the rag, with her beside me. I made her cut the cake and we both ate a piece or two. I dont know where it was going, but I was feeling a tickling on my cock and she was looking gorgeous that day.

Then I took out from my pocket, a new pair of slim silver payals her birthday present. I took her legs on my thighs, opened the old ones and put the new ones on her angles. She seemed very happy and content and she was smiling brightly all the way. I then kissed her new payals and caressed her legs over the clothes. I now removed her legs from mine and again sat beside her. I put my left arm around her shoulders and pulled her close and planted a full kiss on her lips.

We have been kissing and groping each other since our college days, but this was different. I got a strong boner in my jeans which showed on it and she was also getting wet. This was different, this was sensual. I pressed my lips to hers and licked her lips and also tasted her lipstick and she slowly parted her lips and gave her away. I shoved my tongue slowly and mingled with hers too. What a feeling it was to have our salivas mix and love juices flow deep inside. Soon I was sucking her tongue and kissing her deeply, as my right hand was caressing her boobs above her suit. Very soon I made her lie down on the rag on the pillow, but my lips didn’t leave hers and I was still kissing her and chewing her lips. As she lay down I shifted my lips to her earlobes, kissing and biting them and shoving my tongue into her soft tender ear. I pulled on her kurta a bit from her shoulder and placed my lips on her naked shoulder and started to lick and kiss my way around. I got a bit excited and even bit on her shoulder and left my teeth marks on them, while I was doing all this, she just grabbed me by my hairs and made a sound like Shhheeeeee, Sheeeeeee, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Now we knew where this was going. It was time to finally, make her completely mine and me, completely hers.

Now I moved down and raised her kurta till the lower part of her bra and of course she resisted me from raising it, but I did that with some grace and love, still not forcing it. I could see the lust in her eyes. She was biting her lips. Her lipstick was smeared on her chin after our long kiss. I set my lips upon her deep lovely navel and her flat smooth belly which was shaking with my touch. I rolled my fingers on her belly and navel, and she moaned “aaaaaannnnnnnnggggghhhhh”. I bent down and planted a soft kiss on her lower tummy below her navel. She moaned again and then I slowly licked her navel with the tip of my tongue. She hissed and moaned with pleasure. She was getting hot. I kissed and licked my way up her belly till I reached her soft and lovely boobs encased in an off-white pushup bra, waiting to be hardened and hot by my touch. I made her sit again and kissed her once more and while kissing, took out her kurta completely and this time she cooperated and hugged me once her kurta was out.

I made her lie down again and caressed one of her boobs while kissing the other above her bra. I saw her hot cleavage fully bare for the first time. I had seen it on so many occasions and drooled over it. I licked it and smeared my face in her cleavage. My hot breath and my constant licking were making her hot. She continued clutching my hairs and moaning out loud and I slid my hands under her back till they reached her bra hooks as I kept on sucking and kissing her now hard boobs above her bra.

Now I unhooked her bra, she did resist but not that much now and her effort to push me off also failed as I was holding on to her tight. I now removed her bra from her boobs as it was before my eyes ready and hard to be sucked and licked and caressed. She was totally nude on the top and my dick was now killing me inside my pants. I loosened by the belt and let it stay loose. I set my lips now on the naked nipples and sucked them hard and licked and bit the nipples. She was moaning and she moved her head up as if she is staring at us, as I sucked and bit and caressed her lovely boobs, they were soon all wet with my saliva. I kissed them, one by one. I moved on top of her in a doggy like position and she was lying flat with her hands on my head. I joined both her boobs and tried to bring both nipples as close to each one. I kissed both of them, licked both and smeared my saliva all the way.

Now I could feel she was hot as her breathing was much labored now and she was resisting no more. I started moving down further, still my lips on her body. From her boobs to her sexy navel to her lower tummy, I reached the knot of her churidar pajama. till I reached between her legs, I took her left leg on my hand and kissed the toe and feet and played with the shining payals and did the same with her other leg and then kissed my way up above her clothes, caressing her thighs above her clothes, now I kissed her cunt above her clothes and she shivered with excitement and I had to hold on to her waist to steady her as I kissed and sucked her pussy above her pyjama. Now as she was lost in feelings, I slowly reached for the knot of her pajama and slowly opened it and she didn’t even come to know. ;)

Now I gripped her panty waistband and her pajama and pulled them down her legs with a single swipe and it just peeled off before she could react. She was surprised and shocked and hid her love hole with her hands. I was smiling looking at her. Soon her panty and her pajama was off her lovely legs and lay in a heap on the floor. I saw this beautiful mesmerizing girl for the first time. Her lovely breasts with brown nipples, her deep navel, and flat vibrating tummy, a brownish line ran from her navel to her pussy mound and short bushy pubic hairs hiding her wet pussy. Her thighs were milky and meaty and except for the mole below her navel, her body was spotless and soft like cream. I couldnt control myself and quickly got rid of my tee, jeans, and boxers. My 7-inch cock sprang out and started saluting her hot body. She blushed and turned her head away in pleasure.

To be continued.

Please write to me on [email protected] for anything you wanna talk about :).

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