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Hello, all the beautiful ladies and horny buddies of indian sex stories dot net. I have read many stories here and finally, I got chance and time to write down one of my sex encounters with my girlfriend. This is my first story so please forgive for my bad narration. This is Ray(name changed), fair colour and normally built and meat size is 7 inch in length and 3 inches in girth, currently working in Chennai. This story is about me and my girlfriend from Delhi Priyanka(name changed) figure stats are 36c-28-32. This incident happened a few days ago.

I had flown to Delhi on Friday and we were supposed to meet after 4 months of the interval, so it was a much awaited moment for both of us. We met each other and left the hotel. As soon as we checked into our room I threw my bag pack and hugged her from behind, slowly touching her navel and moving my hands on her stomach. Then slowly kissed her neck and was breathing softly around. My breath was sending shivers through her body. Then slowly turned her around and our lips met after so long gap. She was deeply kissing me and I was enjoying every bit of her lips on mine.

Slowly while kissing we fell down on the bed and she was holding my hairs gripping them and I was squeezing her ass. Believe me, friends squeezing girls butts while kissing them is the real turn on for them. She just loosened her grip on my hairs and started to scratch my neck and my back. And there I was just letting her enjoy the feeling of being loved.

Moved my hands inside her top and pinched her waist and she left out a moan of pleasure and gave me a hard bite on my cheeks. Slowly I too started to scratch her back and this made her crazy even more, her eyes started to close and with every passing second, her breath was getting longer and hotter. From my experience, it’s best to make women crave and I love it when they demand doing it. She gripped my hairs and started to move my face on her breasts.

Being a teaser I blew breath on her cleavage and then kissed her breast over her top and moved my lips down to her navel. Put her top up till her breast and kissed her navel and gave a hard bite on her waist and again she shivered and could sense she had an orgasm. Holding her top between my lips I removed her top which made my lips touch and leave all her sensitive spots on breast and neck.

Her breath was getting more hot, this time I kissed under her arms and moved my fingers all over her bare stomach. Just to tease her more was kissing on side of her breasts and moving my hands beneath her breasts. I turned her around and started to kiss her back and she was squeezing my dick between her ass. Just then unhooked her bra and removed them, nibbling her nipples and squeezing them.

She turned out in desperation in lust and pulled my head directly to her breasts. Grabbed her one breast and was breastfeeding on her nipples. Was rotating my tongue round and round over her nipples and on the other one was pinching her nipples making her cum again. Sucked her both melons for good 10-15 mins and moving my fingers on her thighs just near her love hole but not touching them.

She removed my jeans and underwear in a go and as soon asked her to remove her’s she did that too. After which she was holding my shaft and I was busy teasing her pussy with my fingers. Turned to 69 and while she was giving me blow job I her was giving her pussy my breath and kissing her clit in between. My fingers were busy roaming around her fine legs and giving her sensations. I spread up her legs and then put my tongue in her hole which was dripping off a lot of her juices and started to suck them slowly. Moving my tongue from deep of her hole to her clit and then back again.

After some time of her pussy licking started to suck her clit and finger her ass hole and pussy simultaneously which drove her extremely crazy for 5 mins and she shuddered a lot of cum. Then her urge of getting plunged was extremely high which made her push me on the bed and she held my dick straight up and herself put my dick in her hole and started to fuck me. Pumping herself onto me. I could see my cock disappear into her hole and dripping her juices on dick. She had cam again and she scratched me hard on my chest.

She got tired up a bit and lay over me with a dick inside her. I just held her waist and then started to pump my dick hard and slowly taking it almost completely out and pushing it back fully inside her making her scream in pleasure and making her cum again. Changed our position took her near the study table and then I put my dick into her pussy from behind, she screamed as I made my whole dick go into her in just one push. I slowly started pushing my dick in and out and there she was screaming out and throwing things out of the table, I could sense my pressure building and so was her’s after another 5 mins of fast fuck she came and then I cum in her.

Well, this is all for the now, hope you all will like it. There were many more encounters would like to share them too with you all. Am eagerly waiting for you to read and know how you felt about it. Any horny or unsatisfied women in and around Chennai would love to serve you with all my heart and my skills and obviously my dick ;) @”[email protected]”. Thanks for reading up my story, looking for more encounters.

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