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Hi indian sex stories dot net readers. I hope everyone one is happy to be here. This is my first time. I have been reading for a long time and today decided to share my first experience with my first and ex-girlfriend. Please pardon for any mistakes. Enjoy my experience.

I am a 22-year-old male with an average build and looks. This is my first lovemaking with my girlfriend. Lets get to the story.

I am working for a top MNC in Pune for last 1 year. This is about the girl from my batch during training in the company. Her name is Kriti(fictional name). She is the one with a dusky complexion, 5ft 6in height and right amount of flesh at right places. The best you can imagine. I am sharing this experience only after confirming with her and she is helping me with it.

I am from Bhopal, MP. We both share the same hometown and got to know each other after our placement. We joined together as freshers and got close during our time there. We started hanging out together and slowly grew feelings toward each other. She was the one to propose me and I couldnt have said no to her. We were together for 6 months. We went to movies, dates, long drives. We enjoyed our time together but never got a chance to explore physically. She was a typically shy girl and never tried to do something. So I controlled myself for a long time. She also didnt reveal our relationship to anyone.

Then came Diwali vacations. Due to seasonal reservations, we cant get train tickets from Pune to Bhopal. So at last moment, I booked bus tickets for both of us.

The bus was AC sleeper and two adjacent seats in the upper berth. It was her first time on the bus, so she didnt know about the seating arrangements. When we boarded the bus she was amused to see the seats. It was like a small double bed as you all know. The journey started and then she realized that she has not brought the blanket with her. I told her not to worry as mine was enough to hold two persons.

The bus started and so the AC. There was no control for AC in the seats so we slipped under the blanket for the entire time. We chit chatted for some minutes and then I suddenly felt her leg touching to mine. I thought it was due to the movement of the bus so I ignored. We were lying and talking to each other then she came closer to me and said she is feeling cold. I knew where it was going. I hold her by the waist racing her back to me and gave her kiss on her shoulder. A kind of electric shock passed through her and she shivered. Then I turned her face to me. She closes her eyes and was looking gorgeous under the moonlight coming through the window.
I bent forward and kissed her on her forehead. Then her chicks and finally on her lips. It was our first time and we felt awkward. The wetness on our lips and everything. Then she bent forward and kissed me passionately. We didnt break up for more than ten minutes. It was like the best 10 minutes of my entire life. She was lying below me and I was on top of her. I moved down to her chin then to her neck. She was aroused by my moves and when I lightly bite her on her neck she moaned in pleasure and pain. To keep her quite lip locked her again this time more passionately, voting her lips lightly, playing with her tongue.

Now it was time to move down again. From her neck to the cleavage. She resisted a little bit but I was no mood to stop there. I kissed her firm breasts from above the clothes. I raised her top and kissed her on the navel and gasped.

She was moaning loudly this time so I had to keep my hand in her mouth. I kept on raising top by my nose and when got glimpse of her naked breasts started kissing them. Simultaneously held her hips from one hand and squeezed breasts from another one. She was excited and was on a 9th cloud. She was rubbing her thighs between my legs. So I grabbed her hand and pushed inside my jeans. When she got hold of it she was amused to as she was holding it the first time. I told her to shake it but she hesitated and pulled her hands off. Now it was my turn. I pushed my hands under her undies and started fingering her slowly. She was all wet down there. When I inserted my fingers she got scared and pulled my hands off.
Then the bus stopped for refreshment at a dhaba. We adjusted ourself and got down at last after everyone was down. We went to the washroom and got freshened up, had some light food and the bus journey started again.

We cuddled whole night and couldnt do anything more because it was too risky. After it, we slept holding and hugging each other. We both were very happy. We got down when we reached Bhopal.
We were together for a long time and had many more memories together which I will share in my coming stories. I hope you all loved my first story. And please pardon me for any mistakes. I am open to any suggestions and feedback. My email id is [email protected]

Please do reply me giving me feedback. And also I am open to chats, dates and casual meetings. Waiting for your reply. I will come with more stories how we had sex for the first time in our flat and many more experiences.

This was my first time and I will keep writing more. Please contact me @ [email protected] ladies can contact me freely and I am open to every one of them. Thank you and have a wonderful reading out there.

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