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I am extremely excited writing my first story since this is a different experience altogether.Since this is the first time I am writing it might take little extra time to explain everything.But my further stories would not bore you much. So here it goes.I was posted in Chennai after my training (software engineer by profession). There was a friend of mine whom I met online.He is genuinely a great guy and we became so close to each other that we started sharing everything with each other and one day he said he loves me and I realized I love him too.So from that moment we became emotionally more close and had naughty stuff which every other couple had.But all this was over the phone since he too was working in a different city.

One day I asked him to come to my place and meet me since I was transferred to a different city so I had 7 days to join there hence I was on kinda vacation. He took leaves and reached my city.Our hearts were beating so fast in the excitement of seeing each other for the first time.The moment he knocked my door I was little scared as well as I didnt want anyone else to see him and I was living in a girls pg but thankfully no one else was there at that time.I quickly held his hand and took him to my room.Locked the door from inside and hugged him immediately as I had been waiting for this.We then quickly got ready and left my pg since we had decided to go to a nearby hill station.

While I was buying tickets he was looking at me and said all of a sudden “You look way too good than your pictures” I was happy and felt little shy.We got our seats somewhere last on the bus and started having food I feed him and he took out a ring from his pocket and proposed me.He gave my hand in his hands.He kissed my hand and we hugged each other.It was too dark on the bus.While I was looking out the window he planted a kiss on my cheek took me in his arms and we started kissing each other..First gently and then very wildly.

We controlled ourselves and reached our hotel.He took the keys and we were in our room.While I switched on the tv and took my heels off he was looking at me.He then came close to me and started kissing me on my neck.Forehead..Eyes.. Nose.. Cheeks but didnt kiss my lips.Perhaps he wanted me to initiate this time and I did it.We had a long kiss then he switched off the lights and increased the volume of tv I was liking everything.Within 5 min we undressed each other.Of course, I helped him with my bra hooks. Little experience would make him expert

He laid me on my back started kissing and licking every single part of my body.Spread my legs apart and started kissing and licking my pussy.I was shivering in excitement..It was like on cloud nine feeling.With my eyes closed, I was holding his head which was super busy eating my pussy.He then took out a condom from his pocket I was surprised that he has come so planned in no time his dick was in me.His nonstop licking me made me ask him “Do I taste so good” to which he replied ” you are the most delicious flavour my tongue has ever had” and continued pumping me.We didnt try many positions that night and had sex only a couple of times and slept
When I woke up I noticed him staring at me and touching my stomach and boobs I took him inside my blanket and we cuddled for a long time.We dropped the plane of going out that day since we enjoyed so much into each other skin he went out and bought food.We kissed.Had food. Cuddled watching tv and had some more love.In the night he said I have a gift for you and naturally I was curious to know what it was.He took out a box from his bag and gave it to me when I opened it I was shocked. It was a condom box “Exclusively for honeymoon couple”..I looked up at him and he said open first.

There were around 50 condoms. Feathers blindfolds.Dildo games.Lots of other stuff.While I was looking at all those things he whispered in my ears..” we better finish this box this time as I am not going to take it back” I could not say anything to him for 10 seconds then I asked him in a naughty tone ” what would you like to have sir” this made him understand that I was equally willing to explore all those things in that room with him..He jumped on me and said, ” dont tempt me this much darling or u will feel pain later”.
This made me even hornier I picked up one of my sexiest lingerie for him.He said I wont turn off the lights tonight as I want to discover you, even more, this time.All my words were left unsaid that night as he didnt let me speak up.”All I want to listen to you tonight is your moans other than sound of our kisses”

He wanted me to be on top this time.He laid him on the bed and moved on him kissed him passionately and took out his t-shirt.Took his dick in my hand and started rubbing over my pussy and then gently made a way inside it.Slowly when I got the pace and started jumping more fastly on him he took off my bra to see my boobs dancing.

He grabbed both my boobs and started kissing and licking them and after some time put me down and came up to me to show his manly love to me.We successfully used 3 condoms that night and here I want you all to wait for a little to know more about my honeymoon package

Tell me how do you like it so far till the time I come back with new stories

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