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Hello ISS readers here I am with another sexstory story, I hope you all have read my previous publications I have 8 publications before this story.

This story is purely fiction nothing is real & no characters are real in this, hope you guys will enjoy reading this one too & rate it well.

This story is about me a young 21-year-old man, my name is Vinay well, I am smart, handsome, well-built and with an endowment which will make any woman stop breathing when I enter her pussy.

I have finished my graduation in Banking & Finance from a reputed college in Mumbai, I was looking to achieve my MBA degree in finance from symbiosis college in Pune, I live with my parents in Mumbai, my only newly married 27-year-old brother Ram lives in Pune along with his beautiful wife Sarita 25 years, they were married just 3 months back.

Ram invited me to come & stay with them to prepare for my entrance exam, as Ram was a finance consultant for a reputed company & he had to travel a lot, my Bhabhi was also very well educated & was working as a CA for a Pvt bank in Delhi, she had taken a break for 6 months from work, she wanted to settle down into a new place before she started to work.

Bhabhi was a young, very attractive woman having perfect curves at right places, she stood 5’7” tall with amazing eyes, her smile would form cute dimples on her cheeks, which could make any men fall for her flat, her 36b cups stood proud on her slim body, in short she was a sex bomb, I had fallen in love on the day I saw her when my brother ram got engaged to her, I was more excited to be with my Bhabhi, more than preparing for my entrance exams.

It was February when I reached Pune at my brother’s place in Pune.

My brother picked me from the railway station and brought me to his home, my Bhabhi welcomed me very warmly with a tight hug as I reached home, that feel of her young warm body itself gave me good hard erection, I was shown my room by my brother, I settled myself , took bath as days were unusually hot at this time of year in Pune, I wore my shorts and t-shirt , we all had lunch while we talked about various things , since it was Sunday my brother was home and he was happy to spend quality time with me , he told me he was leaving for an official trip to Singapore for 7 days , he was happy that I was there with his wife.

Evening was a good one we had beers and light dinner, we talked about my studies etc. my brother settled early to bed as he had to travel my taxi to Mumbai early in morning, he had to catch his flight from Mumbai airport, Bhabhi & me talked for a little while before we slept too.

It was 8 am in morning when my brother woke me to say bye as he was leaving for Mumbai, both me & Bhabhi saw him off, she was a bit sad when brother had gone, it was his first trip after they got married, Bhabhi was a bit quiet, I understood the reason but I didn’t want to push myself, I left for my college to enquire about the entrance exam etc, at 5 pm I returned home, Bhabhi was still the same very quiet,

Me-Bhabhi, why are you so quite are you missing bhaiya?
Bb- yes Vinay it was first time he has gone away from her after they got married, so feeling a bit empty.

Me- Bhabhi I guess his work demands that, but don’t worry I am here to give you company
She smiled as she heard that.

Bb-yes Vinay good you are here to give me company or I would have died in loneliness, thanks Vinay to be with me.

She came near me gave a soft kiss on my cheek, before she ran in the kitchen to prepare dinner.

In next 3 days I got all my books to prepare for my entrance exam & I had to just sit home & study, Bhabhi & me had gone quite comfortable with each other in these 3 days , she used to joke with me freely sometimes she used to share some adult jokes with me, we used to have hearty laugh, she started dressing quite freely when with me , she used to be in plain t-shirt & very short shorts in day time , she never bothered about being so openly dressed in front of me, her night wear used to mostly short negligee with an over coat , her naked legs used to be clearly seen when her coat used to part , I developed a liking for her & that liking for her converted into a hot desire to have sex with her, but I had to hold my feelings since all this was taboo in our society, but Bhabhi was an open minded woman she never stopped herself to kiss on my cheeks when she used to wish me good morning & always a nice tight warm hug before she used to retire to her room in night, it was Wednesday evening when I asked Bhabhi

Me- Bhabhi we have a good news I have been selected for the entrance exam, my exams will be next month 10th.
BB- wow Vinay this great news congrats, this calls for a celebration.

Me- off course Bhabhi let me get some wine, we will order food from outside, watch a few movies, is that ok Bhabhi?
BB- wow yes that sounds great.

I rushed out to get some wine, I rented two movies, one was horror & second one was a bit adult movie, I bought some flowers on the way back. Bhabhi was happy to see flowers on me.

Bb-wow Vinay how do you know I love orchids? Thank you so much.

She gave me a tight hug, on this occasion her hug was different, it was filled with passion, her body was very close to mine, I could feel her tits crushing on my chest, she made sure the hug lasted long.

BB- Vinay how sweet of you to think for what I like, please give me 15 minutes I will freshen up, let’s celebrate this in style.
Me- yes Bhabhi let’s party hahahaha

She smiled and rushed to her bedroom to bath but for the first time she left the door open, just closed the curtains, my mind was working hard, I always wanted to see my Bhabhi naked at least once, but I didn’t dare to, after 10 minutes I gathered some strength & went near her bedroom entrance.

I wanted to peep in but my heart was beating at double speed, my mind started to work harder.

Me- (thinking) how would she look naked? I am sure she shaves her pussy; she has big dark nipples?
Various thoughts we rushing through my mind.
On the other hand, Sarita was thinking.

BB- (thinking while in the bath) it’s been almost 3 days I am without sex, my Pussy is burning to have a cock inside, wish ram was here to fuck me hard.

She was under a cold shower, her thoughts made her hand move between her legs, she started to rub her pussy lips as cold water was rushing on her sexy naked body, she started to think of a hard cock fucking her.

BB- (thinking) oh god I need a hard cock now; I want to be fucked hard oh god.

she started to fantasize about Vinay fucking him.
BB-(thinking) oh no what am I doing, Vinay is my Dewar, how can I think of him having sex with me? This is not correct Sarita.

But her pussy was not responding to her mind, she wanted a hard cock & she wanted it badly, finally, her heart won her mind & she decided to fuck Vinay.

She came out of the bathroom all naked, she looked herself in the full-length mirror, she had a smile on her face.

BB- (thinking) go ahead gorgeous, go & quench the thirst of your pussy, Vinay is handsome, well built, I am sure he is a good on bed, what should I wear to look sexy for him, hmmmm I will wear this yellow sleeveless flower above knee length dress, I am sure Vinay will like me in this.

She started to remove a pair of sexy lace lingerie, she placed on her naked boobs.

BB-(thinking) Ram had bought me this when we went for our honeymoon in Singapore, should I wear this?
Or should I go pantyless?

Her mind was getting naughtier by every second, she decided to go pantyless, she started getting dressed, applied beautiful perfume on herself.

While outside Vinay was in his dream world, he was trying to visualize his Bhabhi naked, he was standing quite near to the entrance.

BB- Vinay, can you put the wine in the chiller, I like it chilled.
Vinay came out of his dream world and rushed to the living room sofa before he replied.

Me-yes Bhabhi I have already put the bottle in, are on ready?
BB-yes I am Vinay, how do I look?

She came out of the room with that lovely short dress.
Me-wow Bhabhi you look stunning, this dress is so pretty, I feel you are a teenage girl in her college not my Bhabhi.

BB- hahaha ty Vinay, that was quite a compliment & if you feel so then call me Sarita, not Bhabhi that was the name my good friends used to call me in college, I want to feel in those days back at least for tonight.

Me-ok Bhabhi oooops sorry Sarita, in that case, I have a plan to make this evening even better.
BB-what is that Vinay?

Me-you stay in the living room, once I am ready then I will show you what it is, ok?

BB-ok Vinay it is your day so we will have it your way, just make it quick.
She sat on the sofa, I ran in the kitchen where the dining table was, I set the table with two wine glasses the wine bottle in the ice pale, two candles on stand, set the plates & other items, I served the snacks, pour the wine in glasses, I lit the candles, switched off all the lights.

BB- is it done Vinay? I am very excited.
I rushed in the living room.

Me-yes Bhabhi all set, I want you to close your eyes, I will lead you in the dining area, no cheating Bhabhi don’t open your eyes.

BB-ok Vinay hahaha, what have you planned?

Me-you will see it yourself, just have some patience.
I held her soft hands in mine & led her to dining area with her eyes closed, I made her sit in the chair.

Me- ok Sarita open your eyes now.

She slowly opened her eyes, it was dark, just the two candles the lit, it took her a few moments to realize what she was seeing.

BB- wow Vinay how romantic, thanks, dear, you really make me feel like a teenager going on her first date.

She stood up & hugged me tightly, unlike our last hug this one was a passionate hug, I could feel her grinding her sexy body to mine, I could feel her soft tits pressing against me, I never wanted this hug to end, I want to feel her body with my hands, I wished I could get her naked body in my arms, I got out of my imagination world when I felt her soft lips on my cheeks, wow that kiss was so soft.

Me-wow Sarita that was one hell of a hug, I just wanted to make this evening special for you, I know you are missing bhaiya, so, was I able to make this evening special for you, Sarita?

BB- off course it is so good to feel like this, you are a sweetheart Vinay, yes I was missing your bhaiya a lot, but not anymore, you have done very well for me not to miss him, shall we start Vinay?
Me-yes Sarita

We sat on our chairs clinked our glasses cheered our special evening.
We started to talk about various things, we ate & drank, it was out a third glass of wine, when Bhabhi asked me.
BB-Vinay can I ask you something?
Me- yes, please.

BB- promise you will be not shy.
Me- no way, I consider you as my friend.
BB-do you have any girlfriend?

Me-Sarita I have nothing to hide here, I was in a relationship with a girl for 6 months, we were very serious, but her parents sent her to the USA for her MBA.

BB- oh that is sad, don’t worry I am sure you will find many girls for you, you are so handsome, I am sure you have many other girls falling for you?

Me-no Sarita, I need more time to come out of that, so, for now, it’s nothing.
She held my hand in her soft hands.

BB-awww Vinay, so did you have sex with her in that 6 months?
Me-ughhhh please Sarita.

BB-oh cmon Vinay, just now you said I look like a teenage girl, so consider me your friend, not your Bhabhi, ok?
Me-hmm ok Sarita, in that six months she used to allow me to kiss, we used to kiss a lot but she said she needs time to go further.

BB- oh so that means you have done nothing till now?
Me-well when she had decided to leave for the USA, one night she called me & said “my parents have gone to Delhi for a wedding, I want you to come to my house for dinner”

I went for dinner, where she said “I have a parting gift for you”
She stripped all naked for me, we had a lot of oral sex that night, but she never allowed me to do any penetrative sex.
BB- awww my Vinay, he is still a virgin; its ok life will teach you a lot.
Me- hope so.

Our fourth glass of wine got over, Bhabhi was a bit tipsy.
BB-Vinay let’s watch the movie, which ones have you brought?
Me-I have rented a horror

BB-HORROR….. Vinay I hate horror movies.
Me- ok Sarita I have brought one more movie, but…..
BB- but, what?

Me- it’s an adult movie, I mean not a porn but it’s a bit open.
The wine had totally taken over her senses.
BB-let’s watch that one, I am in a mood to see that, but not that horror, please.
Me- ok Sarita.

She sat on the sofa with her legs crossed, this made her already short dress rise higher, when I turned after playing the movie, her sexy legs just made my mind stop working, I just could not take my eyes off her sexy waxed legs, she did notice me staring at her legs, but she did not react or did anything to stop me doing that, I gathered my senses & sat next to her, the movie started with a kissing passionate kissing scene, things went more bolder as the movie went on, there open naked scenes , this made my cock grow to full bloom, there was a clear tent in my pants, it was obvious situation for me, I looked around but there was nothing with which I could cover my erection, Bhabhi surely saw that, damn this was such an embarrassing situation.
After seeing the erection

BB-(thinking) oh god look at his tool he definitely looks big, definitely bigger than Ram, oh god what am I thinking?
After seeing that huge erection her pussy started to respond, her nipples had become to erect, her pussy started to leak juices, she was just thinking of Vinay’s cock inside her pussy now, she made a wild plan in her mind & told him.
BB- Vinay can we dance?
Me- of course Sarita, I will love too.
I switched off the movie.

She put on some romantic tracks in the player, she shut all lights except for some dim lights, the whole atmosphere was very romantic, she held my hand , pulled me in her arms , I caught her waist , she put her arms around my neck, she was very close to me, her head was resting on my shoulder, we were dancing very romantically on the slow track, I could feel her breath on my neck, her perfume was smelling amazing, I could feel her tits crushing against my chest, her erect nipples were ripping through her bra & poking into my chest , she held my hand & guided them on her back, I felt myself getting very turned on, I started caressing her back over her dress, her breathing was getting heavy, I was not in my senses, I could not believe what has happening, she looked up on my face.

BB- Vinay kiss me like you had kissed your girlfriend, please.

Me-hmmm Sarita are you sure? I mean will this be correct?

BB-Vinay stop asking questions & kiss me now.

Well, her wish was a command to me, I held her face in my hands & places my lips on hers, she pulled me into her, we kissed like we are on our first date, she held my face in her soft hands , she pushed her tongue in my mouth , out tongue were wrestling with each other inside my mouth our saliva mixed making things very hot, she pushed her sexy body into me, her legs started to rub on mine, she started to play with my hair , we were inseparable, my hands started to caress her back over her dress , went a bit lower , once I reached her butt , I could feel her naked ass , she was not wearing any panties, I slowly started to raise her dress, she stopped me there, I got scared thinking have crossed my line, I moved away from her.

Me- Sarita, have I done something that I am not supposed to do?

She looked at me with a frown but soon burst out into laughter.

Me- what?

BB-nothing buddhu, don’t get scared, you have done nothing wrong.

Me- then why did you stop me, Sarita?

BB-don’t you want to go to the bedroom and enjoy this whole thing at ease?

Me- oh yes Sarita, I am sorry I got it all wrong.
BB- it’s ok, but we will use your bedroom, you go get freshened up, I will come to your bedroom after I clear the dining area & will change in my night wear, will be there soon.

Me- ok Sarita.

I rushed to my bedroom took a quick shower, dashed perfume under my arms before I wore my loose shorts & sandos, as I opened my bathroom door, Bhabhi was standing near my bed in a sexy red knee-length silk negligee, she was looking amazing in that.

Me-wow Sarita, you are looking so hot in this.

BB-well, glad you liked it Vinay, your Bhaiya bought it for me when we had gone for our honeymoon.

She moved towards me, her eyes were filled with lust, she placed her pink lips on mine, our tongues met, I placed my hands on her curvy hips, I could feel the softness through her thin nightie, her muffled moans turned me on, I raised it up to her waist, soon I had access to her naked ass, she started to push her hands inside my sando, I moved my hand inside her nightie, to her naked tits, she shivered as she felt my first touch on her erect nipples, she pushed my sandos over my head, I was busy playing with her tits, once I was half naked, she unbuttoned my shorts & let it fall on the floor, my hard boner stood proud pointing toward her, I moved her soft silky nightie over her head, we both were naked in front of each other, she moved a step behind to look at me.

BB-wow, my dewar is a stud, look at you Vinay, you have a great physique.

She moved towards me & went to her knees, my hard boner was right in front of her face, she wrapped her soft hands on my mota lund, pushed the foreskin behind, she stroked slowly.
Me-oh god Sarita that feels so good.

She pushed my mota lund inside her mouth, her eyes were staring at my face, seeing the satisfaction on my face, she didn’t stop, she gulped my entire 8 inches into her mouth, her wet tongue was doing wonders on my cock, I was in heaven, Sarita started to suck it harder & deeper, while her fingers were working on my shaft, I declared.

Me-Sarita, I am cummingggggggg.
She took my cock out of her mouth & stroked it vigorously, I shot my first shot of my cum on her tits, her entire tits were covered with my cum.

Me-wow Sarita, that was amazing, thank you.

She spread my cum all over her tits & smiled, I caught hold of a napkin & cleaned her.

I made her lie on the bed, kissed her lips & whispered.
Me-it is my turn to pleasure you, Sarita.

I kissed my way down, knelt on my knees, she spread her sexy naked legs in anticipation, I smelt her pink pussy, the aroma was very toxic, I didn’t waste any time, I used my thumb on her swollen clit, she shivered & let a big moan out, I lowered my face into her love hole, my tongue started to work on her pussy, she wriggled once she felt my tongue moving into her pink pussy, I was lapping the juices from her labia, I moved one finger into her juicy pussy while my lips were busy sucking her clit, she screamed.

BB-fuck Vinay that feels soooooo good, just don’t stopppppp.
Her wish was my command, I kept working on her clit with my tongue, my finger was now deep inside her pussy touching her G spot, she bucked her hips higher for me to continue my onslaught on her G spot, her entire body was burning with sex, she started clenching my finger with her pussy muscles, which gave me fair idea that she was ready for her first orgasm, I continued to work in her pussy faster & deeper.
BB-fuck Vinay, I am cummingggggggggggg, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I could feel her juices flowing on my finger like water flowing from the tap, she was in ecstasy, her orgasms just kept coming to her entire body jerked when she gave a final scream.
BB-wow that was amazing Vinay, you really know how to pleasure a woman.

I just smiled & I lowered my face to lap her cunt juices, I cleaned it dry.

Me-Sarita your juices taste as sweet as you. (smile)
She was in heaven, so her silence gave me the reply that she loved it.

We cuddled into each other’s arm for next half an hour, I almost slept off, I woke up only when I felt her soft hands playing with my cock, my cock had become rock hard with her touch, once she saw me open my eyes, she kissed my lips softly, while her hands still working on my cock.

Me-Sarita thank you for giving me this opportunity to pleasure you.

BB-Vinay, thank you for thinking about me while your bhaiya is gone away, you are a sweetheart, but it is time to take things ahead, I want this hard meat up my pussy right now, my pussy is burning to have it in.

Me-Sarita, how will you want your Vinay?

She didn’t say a single word & she climbed me, she kissed me & caught hold of my monster, her pussy was still moist after her orgasm, Sarita guided my cock inside her wet pussy, once my cock was half inside her pussy, she sat straight taking my entire length in her cunt, she gasped as she felt my hard mota lund inside her pussy.

BB-fuck Vinay, you are so much bigger than your bhaiya, you have filled my entire pussy.

She started to move up & down on my cock, her moans turned me on, I started to pump my hard cock inside her pussy, she bent herself to get more & more of my cock, her moans filled the room.

BB-ahhhhhhhhh Vinaymmmm god that is so amaaing, fuck me hard ahhhhhhhhhh, I am already cumminggggg.
Her body shivered as she felt her orgasm through her body, she collapsed on my chest.

BB-wow this was one hell of an orgasm Vinay.

My cock was hard & still buried in her pussy, she again sat up & started to jump on my cock again, this time I took the opportunity to catch her tits, I kneaded them hard, pinched her erect nipples hard, that made her shoot her orgasm again, this time it was wild one, she was literally jumping on my hard cock, her hair was loose, she just could not help stop cumming again & again.

She got off me & collapsed on the bed, I gave her time to catch her breath after two massive orgasms, she almost was in trance, I went near her & started to play with her tits, she woke up when I pinched her nipples softly, she smiled at me, her face was very satisfied, I bent myself to suck her erect nipples in turns, she gave a loud moan as she felt my tongue flicking on her sensitive nipples, her hand brushed through my hair, she was pushing my head to suck me harder now, I did the needful, I sucked them like a small baby.

BB-Vinay, please fuck your Bhabhi again, my pussy is still thirsty for more.

Me-Sarita, get on your fours, I want to fuck you from the back.
She obliged my desire & got on her fours, I got behind her I kept the mushroom head of my cock at her pussy entrance, holding her slim waist I gave a hard push, my entire cock vanished in her juicy cunt, I started moving in & out, I was pulling her on my cock, she was screaming, she moved in rhythm with my pushes, it was amazing to see my cock vanishing in her pussy, her pussy was sucking my cock with her pussy muscles, I was in heaven, I declared.

Me-Sarita I am cumming, where should I cum?

BB-Vinay don’t stoppppppp I am ready to cum tooooooooo, cum in my pussy, fill your bhabhi’s pussy with your seed, I want to feel that hot lava inside me, don’t worry I am on pills, justtttttt filllllll meeeeeeee upppppppppppp, ajhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I few more pushes & my cock started to twitch, I groaned loud before I pumped my juices & emptied my whole balls inside her cunt, her pussy started to leak with our mixed juices, it was dripping into her naked thighs, my cock kept twitching & pumping my cum inside her married pussy.

Our naked satisfied bodies were perspiring, we both slept off in each other’s arms, it was morning when I got up, I didn’t find Sarita on the bed.

I walked into the kitchen where I saw her making breakfast.
Me-good morning Sarita.

BB-good morning my darling dewarji.

She turned to kiss my lips, we kissed for long before she said.
BB-thank you Vinay, this was the best sex I have had till today, you were great in the bed, I am glad I pushed myself to seduce you, are you happy with your first experience?

Me-Sarita, you have given me the best time of my life, I don’t have words to express my gratitude to show how happy I am, I can just say thank you Bhabhi last night was my best night I have till today.
We kissed again.
BB-go & freshen up Vinay, breakfast will be ready in 5 minutes.

We both had two more nights before bhaiya came back home, I may tell you about those two nights in my continuation story.
I hope you all liked my story, actually I was our story (smiles)
Please contact me at [email protected]

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