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I was mind blown with the events happening at that house. The sexual awakening was happening and I was super excited about the same. Never was I ever so sexually charged. I wanted to fuck Niyati at any cost. I did not care if it meant cheating on my wife. Although I loved her very much, my sex life with my wife was dead. I wanted a change and Niyati was the goddess who showed me the way. And Sneha! What a beautiful woman she had become. I couldnt help thinking about her sexy body and innocent moaning.

Niyati and Sneha had become nearly inseparable. They went out together, lunched and dined together and spent most of the time together in their rooms. I noticed that they even slept together at night. They were making love like monkeys. One morning as I passed their room, I heard light moaning coming from their bathroom. I saw the door was open and I slyly went inside and noticed that they were doing it in the shower. “Fuck Sneehaa! AAhhh! You have become a pro at this! Ah! AAAhh!”

I so wanted to join them but did not want to take the chance. I went back to my room and jerked off one more time. My jerk-off frequency had also increased. I had started jerking off almost twice a day. It was crazy but I was enjoying every moment of it.

It was Friday morning and as my regular ritual, I went to the gym for my workout. I was hoping Niyati would be there too so that I can get another look at her sexy body. But to my dismay, she wasnt there. I was dejected. I completed my sets quickly and wrapped up for the day. As I dried myself, I saw Niyati and Sneha walking towards the pool. They were wearing loose tops and had a knee-length towel wrapped around their belly.

I quickly got out of the gym and walked towards them. “Morning kids! What are you guys up to this morning?” “Hey, Dad! Morning! We thought of taking a swim today. The weather looks nice” “That sounds good. Early morning swim is great for health” I replied. “You guys carry on, I will just lie here on the poolside and get some sun. Was a heavy workout today” Saying this I lay on the reclining chair kept near the pool. I acted as if I didnt care, but my attention was entirely on whats gonna happen.

There was an awkward silence. The girls were standing near the pool and I was laying very close by in the recliner. The girls were having a silent conversation and from their body language I figured out that Sneha wasnt comfortable getting out of her clothes in front of her dad. Poor thing didnt know I had seen her fully naked and have an orgasm. Niyati was trying to persuade her and after some silent gestures, she was successful. I saw Niyati give Sneha a naughty wink and Sneha smiled back naughtily.

Niyati was standing at a distance of just 2 meters away from me with her face towards me. She let her towel drop on the floor and put her hands on the bottom side of her top and pulled it off over her head. She was wearing a skimpy red colored bikini which barely covered her privates. The bikini top revealed most of her boobs except for the nipples. The bikini bottom too was small and complimented her sexy figure.

I shamelessly checked her out and I noted that she didnt mind it either. She gave me slight smile as I checked her body out. “Go ahead Sneha, quickly off your clothes! Cant wait to jump into the water.” Snehas back was towards me. She too dropped her towel and then got out of her top. Snehas ass was right in front of me and I stared at her ass. She was wearing a light pink bikini and the bikini bottom was so small that the entire ass was visible. I forgot that she was my daughter and wanted to spank that tiny ass.

I forcefully diverted my attention towards Niyati and saw that she was observing me closely. Her naughty sly smile widened as our eyes met and they clearly conveyed I saw you checking us out you old pervert. The girls held hands and helped each other enter the pool. They started swimming in tandem and I enjoyed watching them take the laps all the while pretending that I am relaxing. They then stopped at the corner of the pool and started talking and giggling. Their hands were under water and I was sure they were touching each other for fun.

They saw me looking at them. Niyati called out “Dad! Why dont you join us in the pool?” “Oh no! I am better here. Will just take some sun and leave” “Oh Daddy please join us! Its so amazing here in the water. We never get this is Mumbai!” Sneha said. “No kid, I am not much of a pool person you guys enjoy! I am leaving” I said and got up from my seat. I saw Niyati swim towards me. I walked slowly towards the pool.

She reached the pool wall and lifted her self a bit out of the water such that her lower body was still in the water. She balanced herself on the wall and looked up towards me, directly into my eye. “Why dont you wanna join us? Dont you like what you see?” Her voice wasnt regular. It was low and raspy and she had that naughty smile on. I could look directly into her cleavage and massive boobs and made no effort to hide my amusement. She made no effort to hide her cleavage.

“I really like what I see,” I replied in the same tone. “But I havent brought any costumes.” “You dont need a costume. This is our house and we can do what we want here. Just take those off and come to us” I was super amazed. Niyati was clearly flirting with me and I was overjoyed by that thought. I took off my vest and got out of my track pants. As I stood there in my underwear, I saw Niyati checking me out and this time she did not hide her amusement. “I like what I see,” She said slowly

I jumped into the water and started swimming. After a couple of laps, I joined the girls at the end of the pool. They made way for me and allowed me to get into the middle while Niyati was on the left side and Sneha on the right. Sneha was animatedly telling some stories about college. As the conversations continued, Niyati kept coming closer. I wasnt sure if this was intentional or not since Sneha has a low voice and the stories were really intriguing. Niyati slipped slightly and held my waist for support, eventually placing her hand on my abs.

“Dad, do you know Niyati feels you have a very nice body!” Sneha said all of a sudden “Shut up!” Niyati said in embarrassment as she splashed some water towards Sneha. “Dad, I just told that you Mehtas have very well built bodies. You dont look like a father to 2 fully grown kids.” Niyati said, trying to cover up her embarrassment.  “Thanks, Niyati! Fitness is a must in this age of super paced life. And not all Mehtas are super fit by the way. Sneha used to be fat as a cow when she was a kid!” I said looking at Sneha with a smile. “Dad! I wasnt that fat!” Saying this Sneha started splashing water on me.

“Stop it Sneha! You know I dont like it if anyone splashes water on me!” “You know I dont like it when you tell people that I used to be fat” She kept on splashing. “In that case, I will do something that you dont like” I grabbed Snehas waist and started tickling her. Sneha jumped in the air but I did not let her go. My hands were around her waist and she kept on jumping on me laughing, unable to control. My hands ran all over her belly and I felt her navel. But I enjoyed Snehas laughter and she leaning on me.

Niyati was laughing madly. I let Sneha go. “What are you laughing at. Lets see how you deal with Daddy Mehtas tickles.” I walked towards her and she kept backing off. “Please no Dad!” I jumped and grabbed her waist and started tickling her.She too started laughing and shouting widely as my hands felt her waist, belly, and navel. My hands would occasionally press against her soft boobs. In her frantic actions, she jumped over my shoulder. I grabbed her and my hands got wrapped around her ass.

I dont know what came over me and I gave a gentle squeeze to her bums as the tickling stopped. The ass felt amazing averagely sized but a lot of meat. My face was near her waist as her body started sliding down from my body. I was possessed. I moved my face towards her body and felt my lips touch her navel. Her body was sliding down and my face was feeling her body. As she slid, my face ran over her navel, then her upper abdomen and then reached her boobs. I pressed my face into the cleavage as the sliding continued and finally we were face to face.

She knew what had happened. Her arms were on my shoulder and our faces were 4 inches away from each other. We looked deep into each others eyes. Her face did not show any expression but her lips were parted. I had made my intentions clear. She was confused. Her eyes said she wanted me but she knew it was wrong. My mind was blank and all I wanted was to kiss those lovely lips. I leaned forward slowly, she did not back off.

As I moved slowly to kiss her I heard a male voice in the background. “Guys! Look whos back early to be with his lovely family.” This sound was the distraction that brought both of us straight back to reality. Niyati pushed me aside and turned back to see who had come in.

Rahul was standing at the edge of the pool. “Rahul! You are back!” I heard Sneha exclaim and swim towards him. I separated myself from Niyati and composed my self. Niyati too got her composure back but said nothing. “I got my work done early so that I could spend more time with you. I felt so bad that I get to spend only 2 days with you since you are leaving on Sunday. So I worked overtime and got done early.” He said with a smile.

Sneha got out of the pool to greet him. I noticed her ass and waist as she got out of the water. She ran towards Rahul and jumped on him for a hug. Rahul held her in his arms, his hands supporting her ass. He put her down and looked at her up and down in mock surprise. “You have become so beautiful. What happened to the fat kid I knew” “Shut up!” Sneha kicked him. “Now get into the pool. We are having so much fun.” Saying this she started getting Rahul out of his suit and then his shirt.

Rahul was standing there with his formal pants on and bare-chested showing off his extremely well-chiseled body. Sneha suddenly pushed her brother into the pool and Rahul fell with a splash. Sneha to jumped in and they started splashing water over each other and jumping over each other like kids, shouting and laughing.

Niyati was a few meters in front of me and was watching her husband and sister-in-law with a smile on her face. I made my way towards her, the kids were busy with each other and were not noticing us. This was another chance for me. I slowly closed in on her and put my hand around her waist. Her smile disappeared. She pushed my hand aside and moved ahead towards the kids. She went and hugged Rahul and gave him an extremely sensual kiss on the lips. Even Rahul was surprised with this sudden gesture and seemed to enjoy it.

“Thank you, darling, for coming in early. I missed you so much!” “I missed you too love” “I think I am done for today. I am heading back to the room. You guys have fun” Niyati got off the pool, took her towel and clothes and headed back. “I think I will call it a day and get back to my room. You kids enjoy” I said and quickly got out of the pool, grabbed my clothes and ran behind Niyati.

Niyati was walking swiftly towards her room and I was barely able to catch up. I couldnt take my eyes off her sexy ass which was swinging as she walked and kept juggling behind her wet bikini bottom. She knew I was following but kept on ignoring me. She reached her room and only then did she turn back. Her hands were on the frame of the door and she had a neutral face. Her nipples were protruding out of her wet bikini. I shamelessly checked her out, without any concern about her presence.

“Dad, I think we have had enough for one day and its best for both of us to be in our rooms and relax. Will see you at lunch. Goodbye” Saying this she slammed the door in my face. I stood there trying to make sense out of the situation and then got a drowning feeling when I realized that Niyati was in no mood to be with me. I was angry and sad at the same time. I have missed my chance and now it will just be awkward to be around her.

I moved away from her room dejected. I stood next to one of the windows with my head full of angry, sad and embarrassing thoughts. I looked out of the window and saw Rahul and Sneha were still in the pool. But they were not playing or splashing water anymore.

They were just standing still in the middle of the pool, Snehas head on Rahuls shoulder. Rahul slowly running his hands all over her back and then slowly feeling her ass…

This looked weird…What the hell is happening….!!!!!

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