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Desi hot sex involving my MIL and wife

Ever since our house was being renovated, Me, my wife and my Mother in law have been camping out at relatives or at the hotels. The house was taking longer than expected to finish, the whole place was upside down. We once tried staying in one of the rooms at our home, but we couldnt get a good night sleep. So we decided to camp out.

It was getting expensive to stay in hotels and separate rooms so we decided to rent a 1 BHK service apartment instead.

My sex life was gravely affected due to this, My wife is totally my type. She is curvy, well rounded, chubby and has enough curves, submissive most of the times. It was all I needed to keep me turned on all the time. I am glad I married a woman who I was greatly attracted to, I could never get attracted to a woman who was beautiful, slim and a trophy-wife.

We are used to being intimate almost every day, sometimes twice in a night. Ever since our situation all I get from her is a hand job or a quickie in a shower. I was getting frustrated that I couldnt have her as I am used to, butt naked, wild and loud!

This is an incident from a one particular night when I couldnt take it any longer.

We were having crazy summers and the apartment had a single AC, I would sometimes sleep in the hall but the heat was unbearable. Sleep is important to us cause our days were longer with office and the construction work. We could never tell her mom to sleep in the hall, so we slept in the same room on a single bed.

We were mindful of her initially, she wouldnt dare touch me in her moms presence. But after few nights we couldnt resist our lust for each other bodies so we did what we could, she jerked me off, I fingered her, squeezed her breasts and we kissed sometimes but that was it.

It was a Friday night, I went out for an office party and got little drunk. Nothing I am not used to, but I had a good time and was little tipsy. In a mood for a good slightly rough sex!

They were already in bed, I changed and crashed next to her. She was already asleep, I got inside the sheets that we two shares and pulled her closer to me. She opened her eyes and kissed me, I reciprocated by kissing her passionately and ran my hands all over her ample body. She saw me getting restless and tried to calm me and moved her hand as usual in my track. But I was not doing the regular today, no way!

I lifted her nighty, she didnt mind since we were covered. She made room for my hand which was between her warm legs, her thighs were sweaty. God, i miss tasting that! I made her way to the vagina, I slid my fingers and began playing with her clitoris. It was wetter down there than usual, we kissed passionately. I wanted to just tear that nighty of her and fuck her like a man under me.

She got my pants down totally and was squeezing my butt. She wanted me to take me her too. I finally removed her nighty entirely and threw it under the bed. At this time she freaked out a little, what are you doing !! She exclaimed, I didnt care and kept exploring her body freely now.

I got inside the sheet and sucked her breasts, oh it has been so long since I sucked em this way. I squeezed them, bit the nipples, licked both of them together, sucked both of them together. I almost forgot how big they were.

I emerged sweatily, she was wrapped around me as though I were her clothes. She knew how to calm me down so she started stroking my penis quite hard. I pushed her hand away and removed whatever clothing I had been wearing. We were both naked right next to her mum.

She whispered, lets go to the hall and we can do it there. Na ah, I wanted her now right now! She pleaded, but I was not in my right senses. I took my penis and rubbed it into her vagina. It was impossible to have an intercourse lying side by side. She had to come under me, she had no clue how this would end.

I promise she wont know! I whispered in her ear. I turned her away from me, she was now facing towards her mum who was a sleep. My penis now rested at my favourite place, her butt! I rubbed it comfortably between her large butt cheeks, while I smelled her hair and bit her neck and both my hands squeezing her breasts.

I finally parted her legs and entered her from behind. Oh my Fucking God! Its been forever, I thanked every God that ever existed that led me to have this amazing feeling ever, I was about to cum but I froze. Her mom turned over our side!

I froze but she didnt, she kept squeezing my butt to get me to go deeper inside. She must have closed her eyes, I didnt want to freak her out. So I kept going It was exciting, more than the time when we did it on a train or in the moving car.

I had to keep an eye on her if she wakes, her mum slept quite carelessly, she always slept in a saree. After all, i am a man so quite naturally my gaze wandered lower to her breasts. They were Huge! Huge is an understatement, I could see the long and dark cleavage. I couldnt help imagine the luck of the man who had gone inside and explored it. My mouth watered, the breasts of my own wife seemed quite underwhelming.

My gaze was fixed on her cleavage and I was selfishly fantasizing about my face buried inside it, until; when she finally adjusted her saree and covered her exposed cleavage. Freaked out I looked at her face, she was wide awake and our gaze met.

She didnt flinch, neither did I. We both knew what was going on, I kept my thrusts going all the while locked in a gaze battle with her mum, I had a devilish smirk on my face. she finally blinked and I exploded inside her daughter as she looked on. I bit her neck while gazing her mum and recovering from the ecstasy and loosening the grip on my woman and panting.

She turned the other way and pretended to sleep but I knew what she was up to.

My wife turned and kissed me, we fell asleep.

To be continued…

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