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Hi, guys, this is my first story for iss. Its a damn real story. First introducing me.My name is Akhil.I am 6′ tall and slim. With a huge dick.

This happened when we changed my house from gachibowli to kukatpalli.

There was an indian aunty next to my house named Divya. Her husband is doing some real estate business and a kid who is in class 8. Her husband had no duty timings and her kids come home at 4 from school.

Coming to the story. This all happened because of my strange habit of sniffing panties. In my last house, I used to take panty of an Akka(elder sister) masturbate and put it in the same place. Thinking she will wear it when it dries.

One day in a summer aunty Divya was drying clothes. I saw it from the balcony. I was happy that I got new panties to jerk on.

What was the mistake I did is as soon as she went down I went up and took her only panty drying and came down. But she again came up with few clothes while I was returning. I kept her panty in my pocket. But surely she’ll get doubts. After jerking I went there afternoon in peak sun to put it where it was. While I came down again I saw her. Now I am damn sure she’s going to burst me. I went to the home and locked the door. I was afraid so much. My sister was at home. I was watching the stairs from the for the lens. She came with all the dried clothes in one hand and that panty separate in another hand. Got dam afraid. But she went home. I got so afraid and went to bed. It was my mistake. I didnt plan well.

After few seconds I heard for knocking. I went and opened it was Divya aunty. She just showed the panty and asked what is this. I said don’t know as if I dint know anything. She slapped me so fast and asked where is ur mom and shouted. I feel on her leg and said sorry it’s my mistake. Plss don’t shout sister is inside. She asked r u doing this to ur sister and slapped again.I pleased and begged like a dog.

She said your dead when your mom comes and went home. After few mins, she again knocked the door. I ran and opened. My sister was sitting in the hall watching me. Sheer saw her and said she wanted a small help and took me with her and gave a natural smile to my sister.

I went inside the house. And feel in her feet and begged like a dog for forgiveness. She just kicked me and told me to stand. I stood. She slapped again. I said ill do anything u say pls leave me for this. She said its ok.So go and clean the toilet. I said ok. And went inside.

It was already clean. Anyhow I took the brush and started cleaning. After 15 mins I came out and said it’s over. I asked for water. She went in and came out in 5 mins and gave me a glass and said drink. It was yellow in color. I drank a sip and spit it down. I asked water is salty and I don’t want. She said it’s my piss. You have to drink it and clean the floor. I drank and asked a towel for cleaning. She said lick it with your tongue. With so much of humiliation, I did that too. She said to get lost and kicked me with her foot.

I went home. In the evening about 8.30 she knocked the door again and said she need a small help to my sister. And asked where I am my sister told I am playing in a laptop. My sister shouted Divya aunty wants some help she’s calling you and went to her room.I know she’s going to make me messy again so I went in shorts and sleeveless.

She called me in and slapped again. (she is 5.10′ and fat plumpy with plumpy boobs and big hanging ass in saree). She told me to clean the bedroom.

I started to clean she came in and was seeing me sweep the floor. Suddenly her pallu fell down. I saw that and she saw me seeing her cleavage deep and shouted you bastard and called me near her. Held my face in her hand pushed me to boobs and pressed to I shouted I can’t breath

She now got angrier and slapped me. She brought a rope and tied my hands and legs while standing. So much and removed all her saree. Now she was in her blouse and petticoat. She pushed me on the bed and sat on top of me and said all Telugu bad words. She was a st caste. She started lifting her petticoat fully till her stomach and sat on my mouth. With her panty. Pressing my face I could not breathe. Now to escape from this humiliation is to seduce her. So I started to move my face like face fucking her. She took up her pussy and saw me and used bad words again and went away.

But now she was removing her panty. Freed my hands, I thought I am going to have sex. And was happy. But no. She removed everything except her bra and came to my face and sat again. I can feel her pussy in my mouth. And a smell of pussy and ass.Her pussy was fat fleshy. Black and juicy. I started to lick her. She started to moan. Ah ah ah ahhhhh ahhhh aaaahhhh .I was licking her pussy like I wild bull… she was moaning ahhah aaah aaahhhh aahhhhahh hhhaaahh aaahhhhh….I slowly took my hands to her bra strap and unhooked it… throw her bra away and started to press her boobs…too big for my hands. She got furious with it. She brought a carrot applied with oil then shoved in my ass. While Im going to shout she put her pussy back in the mouth.

It went for 15 mins she cum on my face and say in my cheat. Say ter for 5 mins and me again and said open your mouth. I opened it. She sat like she was in an Indian toilet started to urinate in my mouth. Urine was all over my face and I drank with I could.

She moved away and said me to get dressed up and get lost. She kicked me away from my house.She does this all time as a punishment for what I did once.

She using me as her sex slave till now. Pussy licking ass licking … drinking her cum.Urine… sticking her boobs. Even though it’s like a slavery. I kind of love it.

But one day all changed. I became a slave to three milfs. I’ll tell u in my next story. Hope you like the story.
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