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Hi friends i am back with the 2nd part of “Friends fucked my sister in hotel”,later that day when sathish gave me a missed call i was very eager and happy to fuck my sister along with my bestfriends,i rushed to our hotel in an auto i reached there around 6:15 in the evening, i knocked the door and peeped in, suddenly vinitha stopped the act and asked pranav whose that stop it now, then sathish told its okay its pradeep only, vinitha replied what the hell is going on,i am done he is gonna kill me and u all..sathish said “no way he knows whats going on here and he too wanted to fuck you and we all planned this together only and now he have come to fuck you”,while he was saying this i was stunned seeing vinitha nude,she turned back and said “anna,enna nadakudhu”, what he is saying i told her yes we all wanted to fuck you,even i had a thought to fuck you but never got an opportunity to fuck you,now its my turn. vinitha said no its wrong you cant sleep with me,i am your sister,i said its okay no one is gonna tell anything they are my bestfriends. i went near her as she was sitting in one side of the bed,body covered with blanket i kept my hand on her head and told her please vinitha just one time and i wont ask you please…
she remained calm,i signaled sathish he took her blanket slowly revealing her boobs to me, it was 32C,i said vinitha your boobs are so cute she said please shut up, i went near her and kissed her,fingering her she was saying no,please no,leave me..i said its ok it will be fun,now i pulled pranav to fuck her pussy he inserted his cock into her pussy in missionary style while i was playing with her hairs sitting next to her, she was looking at my eyes and later i was kissing her while he was fucking her and i told her to turn and lay on her tummy facing bed,i removed my shirt and pulled my jean down and inserted my dick slowly in her pussy,she holded sathish’s thigh whose sitting next to her head,he told its pradeep your anna is gonna fuck you now.she said “mmm,please be slow its paining,i said ya i will take care vinitha,then i fully inserted my dick in her pussy and was fucking her for 10mins ,i cummed twice inside her pussy itself. then,i took my cock out and said “if anyone wanna fuck now take your turn”,pranav said yes i will come in louder noise,he made her to stand and fucked her from her back while she was holding his head ,i was sitting in the bed and pulled them both and was sucking her nipple,she moaned heavily and kept the other hand on my head and kept my head close to her tummy,it took other 40mins to get satisfied,in the climax we all cummed on her body.we all got dressed up except vinitha and thanked her and to me too.we were talking casually and vinitha went to bathroom to take bath,we three were very happy and they thanked me for allowing them to fuck my sister as they both were virgin,they enjoyed a lot..30mins later vinitha came out of the bathroom with towel wound around her body, we three were staring at her, she came smiling and hit pranavs head gently and told him anna close your mouth do u guys want more. i said ya we all want to fuck you daily, she said hmm,okay.if time permits we can and she took her clothes from her bag , it was a yellow tshirt and jean pant,she was not wearing bra, i asked her why, she replied that her nipple is paining as someone biten it hardly, i laughed and told her oops its me sorry vinitha. she said go away you idiot its paining a lot , i said sorry and pulled her and made her to sit on my lap and we were talking about dinner, they all gave some list of food they want to eat as we all were hungry then i said okay come we three will go later..I went near her and kissed her forehead and told her to sleep.Around 8pm me,pranav,sathish decided to go out to get dinner, she called me and said pradeep go to medical store and get me “i-pill”,i said dont worry, we will get you just sleep we are bringing dinner for us,i said vinitha thank you so much for giving a chance to me , she said you are my brother still,just keep it a secret and tell them too,come to room soon..i said okay bye coming.i discussed with sathish and pranav who were walking next to me,they said pradeep your sister is damn great, we should fuck her often, i said we will try but dont forget to keep up this secret as she is my sister, remember this..pranav told yes, i know,he said we will buy a gift for her, then they entered a showroom and bought her a t-shirt and we gave to her. we then reached to hotel,she was still sleeping in tiredness, i woke her up and gave her the dress,she smiled and thanked us,told its pretty thank you so much.then we had our dinner,and left back to coimbatore next morning after checking out.once we reached my room she took the tablet,and thankfully nothing to day we all left our college and our routine continued,once in a week me all had a foursome.we later had many encounters since we both are away from our home,i even earned money because of her.Next to be continued….
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