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It was a lazy afternoon and Riya was feeling bored. She had done some chores, folded the washing, made herself a cup of chai and sat down for a while to read some news on her iPad but nothing was interesting to her.

‘I need to get out of here for a while,’ she said to herself.
She wandered outside where Rajesh and Shreyas were playing some games on their ipads on the verandah.

She looked at the both, pride filling her breast. They were growing up in front of her, Rajesh’ voice had deepened in t he last six months , and both he and Shreyas were filling out, growing into their bodies, the physical exercise they did at school obviously making a difference in their bodies.
‘Come on boys, lets get out of her for the afternoon. How about we see a movie?’

Shreyas looked up from the game he was playing. ‘Really Riyamom, that would be great!’
‘Rajesh? You up for it too?’
He didn’t need to answer, he was up on his feet and standing in front of here in an instant.

‘Now go get changed, nice jeans and a shirt, both of you.’
They both headed inside and clashed at the door, pushing at each other in excitement.

Riya looked at her wardrobe for something to wear. She wanted to wear the black jean s she had bought last week, they were tight over her ass cheeks and showed off the shape of her legs, but couldn’t decide on a blouse. She held up the green one in front of her and looked in the mirror. The colour suited her, the green showed off the emerald in her eyes, and her black silky hair falling over her shoulders contrasted beautifully with the blouse.

She put it on the bed to wear but then she remembered the last time she had work this at the movies with Rajesh. He had been desperate to drink her milk during the movie and she thought if she wears it now it will remind him of that time and maybe give him a hint that she wants to do the same today.

Reluctantly she put the blouse back and looked at her sari’s, thinking to decide which one to wear.

She knew she would be comfortable in the move in a sari, and if one or both boys wanted to deed from her it wouldn’t be difficult to accommodate that.

She took out the midnight blue saree with a faint swirling pattern through it. She loved the colour against her skin. The white blouse was the best one to wear with this, the contrast in colours was striking, and she knew she got admiring looks from men, and women too, when she wears it.

She picked out the white bra, the only one that suited the white blouse, and a pair of panties to match, with lacy front, cut high on her thighs.

She looked at herself in the mirror, the bra in her hand. Her breasts were not heavy with milk, but they were plump and full. The dark nipples and aureola contrasted with her lightly coloured skin. She placed her arm under her breasts and lifted them slightly and she liked what she saw. She felt a tingle in her nipples, and watched as they hardened slightly. She fingered one of her nipples between her finger and thumb and squeezed lightly. She felt her nipple harden and a drop of milk appeared, she touched it with her fingertip and dreamily put her finger to her mouth.

She rushed then to put the bra on, and her blouse, and finally combed her silky hair, touched her cheeks with makeup and a dusting of rouge, and put lipstick on.

Standing back from the mirror she was pleased with what she saw and felt glad she was getting out of the house for a few hours.

In the lounge, she called out to the boys to hurry. They tumbled out of their bedroom and made their way to the door. She stopped them.

‘Now you two, we are going out and you are young men now, so no-nonsense. I need both of you to behave yourselves.
‘Of course Riyamom, we’ll behave won’t we Shreyas?’
Shreyas nodded his agreement.

‘Well just mind that you do,’ she said sternly, ‘ now come’.

They stood in the foyer and looked at the movie offerings. It was the weekend, and almost all of the movies were full. Shreyas was dejected, the action hero movie everyone was talking about had a ‘no seats available’ across the computer screen at the box office. Riya was disappointed too but she wasn’t going to bring the boys and herself down.

‘Look, there are seats available for RAAZ, how about we see that, I ‘ve heard it’s a good movie.’

Inside the theatre, they settled into their seats, Rajesh on one side of Riya, Shreya on the other. There were few others in the movie, some groups of 2 and three, a few solo people and one couple who Riya suspected were waiting for the lights to go down so they could have some privacy.

Thirty minutes into the story Riya was drawn into the tale, but Rajesh and Shreyas seemed restless. Shreyas had sighed in exasperation a couple of times and Rajesh was wriggling in his seat.

Eerie music was building through the theatre and Riya tightened her fingers around the arm rest., her pulse starting to race as the tension on the screen built. She felt Rajesh’s hand clench on her wrist, he had stopped wriggling and his eyes were glued to the screen. Shreyas too was frozen in his seat, and she put her hand on his knee to calm him.

The tension on the screen broke in a whirlwind of noise and bodies and weapons, a terrifying devil in mask and armour cutting swathes through other bodies which fell in cries and screams of terror. Rajesh’s mouth was open, his breathing was strong and his hand gripped his arm.

Shreyas’ head had dropped and he hid from the terrifying sights on the screen. She squeezed his thigh in comfort and he put his hand over hers and lifted his head to watch again.

Gradually the terror subsided, and the film continued with a song routine to ease the tension for viewers. Over the next 10 minutes, Riya could feel her heart resume to normal, and she became absorbed as the story continued. Rajesh’s hand was still on her arm but his grip had loosened. He leaned towards here and whispered to her, ‘Mommy, I want milk.’

‘Rajesh, stop!’ she whispered sternly to him.
‘Please mommy, I am frightened.’
‘I said no, now no more Rajesh!’

She could feel how sullen he was but his hand still held her arm. She felt his fingers under her arm reaching for her breast. She squeezed her arm tight against her body but his fingers were clear of this grip and he caressed the side of her breast. His fingers reached for her nipple, squashing her soft flesh. He manoeuvred his hand free of her arm grip and he was now able to squeeze her breast, feeling the soft flesh give way to his touch.

She gripped his hand with hers and whispered to him,’Not now honey, its nearly interval. The lights will go up soon.’

‘Mommy, promise me you will feed me after the interval, I was so scared.’

She squeezed his hand in agreement and watched the story unfold.

From horror, it now turned to intimacy, and the heroine came under the spell of the dark and handsome hero. He was strong and she willingly surrendered to him. Her clothes were skimpy and revealing, and his hands wandered over her and caressed her. The film didn’t show details of their lovemaking, but there was plenty of flesh, kissing and caressing, and he was obviously between her thighs, his hands stroking her smooth flesh as they moved together.

Riya sneaked a peek of both boys, they were intent on the screen now, and she could feel Shreya’s breathing. Her hand was still on his thigh and she could feel him moving slightly. Rajesh too was focused entirely on the screen, and she could feel the excitement either side of her.

Romantic music built and the house lights came on.
Riya had sort of enjoyed the film so far, but she didn’t think the violence and horror, and sex was good for the boys. She wasn’t also willing to face another episode of trying to wrestle with Rajesh as his hands groped her before she finally acceded to his wishes.

They came out of the theatre, and she led them over to some seats.

‘I think we should go now Rajesh and Shreyas, I am not really enjoying this movie and its not suitable for kids of your age.’
Rajesh was first to protest, and quickly Shreyas followed. He complained how unfair it was that she brought them here and they wouldn’t be able to watch the end of the film.

‘The lady in the movie is really beautiful, I want to see more of her.’

‘Yes,’ Rajesh agreed.’Don’t spoil the day for us.’

Riya felt frustration building inside her, but she was determined to hold to her position.

‘The traffic will be worse if we wait, and when we get home we can relax together and enjoy the rest of the day.’

She knew she had one advantage over them to make her follow her suggestion. She looked around then lowered her voice.
‘And besides, you can both feed on me, we can’t do that here, but we can at home, I promise.’

Rajesh opened his mouth to protest but she could see his mind working. He looked at Shreyas and nodded to him.
‘Ok, we agree, but you must keep your promise.’
‘Yes, of course, come on lets go.’

Once at home Riya went to the kitchen to prepare some food and the boys went to the bedroom to change into more casual shorts and t-shirts.

Rajesh spoke while he was getting his shorts out of the drawers. ‘ bro the movie was so good na. First I felt afraid when I saw that devil that when heroine came I liked it lot”

‘ Yes. She was really damn hot. She wore a very short dress and her body was too hot”

‘Yup really… the way she enjoyed with the hero was too good. I wish we could see the full movie ”

‘Yeah, I too wish the same. But Riya mom has a better body than the heroine na?? If mom wear that dress means shell look hotter than her definitely”

” I think the same. mom has bigger breasts and better looking than heroine any day. Can we ask mom to dress like that ?”
‘Yup, we can try but mom wont agree …but lets try. I want to enjoy with mom as the hero did with heroine ”

‘Me too.’ Rajesh crossed his arms in defiance and looked at Shreyas. ‘But only one can do as there is only one hero and thats me. You can do it next time OK .’

Shreyas stopped what he was doing and looked defiantly at his friend. ‘ What you saying huh?? I am her son and I’ll be the hero. You are not”

Rajesh’s reply was equally defiant. ‘You may be the son but I am the hero. I am one year elder to you so I am the hero, not you.’
‘Oh yeah?’ Shreyas stepped forward and pushed Rajesh in the chest, forcing him to topple over, landing awkwardly on the floor. He got to his feet and pushed Shreyas forcefully, but Shreyas was ready for him and held his ground. He grabbed Rajesh’ arms and they grappled. They started yelling, words like ‘fuck off!’ and ‘leave me alone’ reverberated down the hall to the kitchen.

Riya heard it and dropped the bowl of cucumber she was slicing and ran towards the noise.
She saw Shreyas and Rajesh on the floor wrestling and yelling at each other.
‘Stop it now both of you!’

They didn’t respond and she tried to grab arms and wrists that were flailing, blows hardly landing but it was still violent and forceful.
‘Rajesh! Shreyas! Stop this now!’
She managed to grab arms and forced them apart.
‘What are you two doing? What kind of behaviour is this? Why are you fighting like this?’

Rajesh cried to her, ‘Riya mom, you tell him who is the hero and who is not the hero!’
‘What hero? What are you talking about?’
‘Who is your hero? Rajesh says it is him but its me, isn’t it, I am your hero!’
‘My hero, what do you mean?’

‘Like in the movie,’ Shreyas said looking angrily at Rajesh. ‘You decide who is your hero, him or me, and then its final.
As she looked at them it dawned on Riya, they were talking about the hero in the movie. She had to decide which of the boys was her hero.

She refrained from smiling at the simplicity of it but she could see this was no time to make fun of them, they were deadly serious.
‘You are both my heroes, I am lucky, in the movie the heroine had a champion, and I have two of them!’
‘That’s bullshit!’ Shreyas burst out.
Yeah! You have to choose!’

‘But I don’t want to choose, you are both my heroes.’
Riya tried to placate them but they wouldn’t budge.
They wanted a winner between them.
Riya couldn’t convince them otherwise, beginning to feel exasperated, but she didn’t want the situation to escalate into more violence.’

‘So if one of you is the winner, what does he get?’
‘Didn’t you see from the movie, the hero gets what he wants?’
‘But how does that happen?’ she said, her mind rather confused. ‘You mean the hero gets to keep the spoils of victory, like treasure or riches or a good life?’

‘Yes of course’, answered Rajesh, and he gets the heroine.’
‘Yeah and he can do whatever he wants with her, like in the sex scene, he gets to do all that. And cos I am here hero here I get that too.’

‘But what spoils do you get, who is the heroine?’
‘You!!’ they both cried at the same time.
‘You mean I am the heroine? What does that mean?’
‘It means,’ explained Rajesh, ‘that cos I am the hero I get what I want with you!”

‘Who said you are the hero? I am of course.’ Shreyas planted himself between Riya and Rajesh and stood determinedly.
‘No, you’re not!’ Rajesh pushed Shreyas to the floor and jumped on him, hitting and punching him. Shreyas grabbed Rajesh around the throat and fended him off, pushing his head far back. Rajesh flailed with his fists, hitting at Rajesh’ hand and arms.
‘Stop it, I said stop it now!’

Riya’s commanding voice broke them up and they both glared at the other, breathing hard from the exertions. Riya thought to herself she had never seen this wild look in Rajesh’ eyes before.
‘Now both of you listen to me! You said before I’m the one to decide, and I’ve decided. Now first you have to accept that what I say is final, no buts, no arguments!’

Shreyas opened his mouth to speak but she shushed him with her hand in the air. ‘No Shreyas, nothing to say until you have made your promise no more fighting. Do you promise?’
He looked at her and then at Rajesh, and then he nodded.
‘Good, thank you, at last, now Rajesh, you promise too?’

He too nodded and Riya felt herself relax. Rajesh’ eyes were no longer wild with anger.

‘Ok now, this is my decision, and its final, right?’
She looked from one to the other.

‘Both of you are important to me and I love you equally. Neither of you is the hero, you are both my heroes and my champions. You are both equal in my eyes.’

They seemed to accept this, but then Shreyas piped up. ‘If we are both your hero and champion equally, one of has to be first to claim you as the heroine. I’m the one, I will be first!’
Bullshit, you’re not first, I am!’ Ranesh’ rage returned and he grabbed Shreyas by the arms and pushed him against the wall. Shreyas retaliated, punching Ranesh twice on the shoulder and in the stomach.

Riya grabbed them roughly and yelled at them.
‘So this is your promise, it means nothing, now calm down both of you!’

She explained that they are both equal, that neither of them will be the first, they can both be her hero at the same time.
‘Now I am going to give you five minutes and then you are to come to the lounge room, and be warned, no fighting or there will be consequences!’

Riya left the room and went to her bedroom, her heart pounding with the effort of keeping the boys apart. She sat on the bed deep in thought. She realised that these attentions were in a way flattering. She knew that there were many younger girls more beautiful, sexier and with better figures than hers. However, her two sons really did seem to be excited over her. She was aware that her beauty was not what it was 10 years or even five years ago, and no matter how she admired her figure she knew that there were parts of her that were softer than she liked, that despite the firmness of her breasts there was slight sag too when she wasn’t wearing her bra.

She stood in front of the mirror and adjusted her saree, ready to go down and face her heroes.

They were looking at something on the computer when she came in but quickly closed the window. She sensed that the anger between them was gone, and she was relieved.
‘So its time for my heroes to claim their spoils of victory,’ she announced. ‘So here is my invitation to do what you like.’
A moment of hesitation, then Rajesh pushed Shreyas aside and attempted to untie the top ties of her saree. Shreyas recovered quickly and he began to unbutton her blouse. Quickly then he slipped her blouse off her shoulders and the top section of her saree was off her shoulder and she was standing in her lower saree and blouse.

Rajesh began kissing her her neck and upper shoulder, his lips exploring her smooth skin. Not to be outdone, Shreyas shouldered him aside and kissed her cheek and then on her lips. His mouth and lips lingered on hers, and her lips softened as his tongue flickered, tasting hers.

Rajesh’s fingers were fiddling with the front clasp of her bra, and when it was undone he impatiently rolled it off her shoulders, revealing her plump breasts. He quickly put his hand under her left breast and lifted her nipple to his mouth and greedily sucked her.

Shreyas saw this and pushed him away, and began to reach for her other breast.
’Hey! What are you doing?’

Rajesh angrily pushed him away, and Riya knew if she didn’t put a stop to this it could end badly.

‘For the last time, stop! Both of you, one is bad as the other, you know what I said and your promise. Now wait here, I will be back, don’t talk, don’t do anything!’

Riya knew she had to be the one to take charge if things didn’t get out of hand. She was confident in her adult sense of purpose but she knew she was vulnerable in her saree. Access to her legs, and ultimately her pussy was too easy for her strong-minded sons and she didn’t know if she wanted to make that easy for her.

She took off her saree and put her tight jeans on, and her bra. She still felt sexy, but it would be harder for the boys to access her pussy in these. She turned back and forward in front of the mirror, satisfied at the view, and knowing her ass was tight and round, but inaccessible.

She set up two chairs side by side and called the boys into her bedroom. The boys watched her silently.
Now sit here,’ she commanded, sit down!’

They obeyed her, and she sat on the bed in front of them.
Shreyas and Rajesh, this is not right what you are doing. If you keep fighting like this it means I am never going to feed you my milk again. You are both my kids, both my heroes and equal, so I am asking you for the last time, you must not stop fighting. Any more and no more milk. I mean it!’

She couldnt help the tears that rolled down her cheeks, and she sobbed into her hankie.

‘Riyamom, I am sorry, really sorry,’ Rajesh said softly.
‘I’m sorry too mom, I apologize.’

Riya looked at them both. ‘Its not me you have to apologize to, you need to apologize to each other. And you need to do it now.’
Her voice was strong and commanding, and they looked sheepish. They quietly apologized to each other and looked at her.

‘Thank you, both. It was my fault, I took you to that movie and it was too scary for you and I didn’t realize.’

Rajesh was first to speak. ‘No Riyamom, its not your fault, its ours, we shouldn’t have started fighting. We couldn’t control ourselves.’

Riya believed their sorrow, he knew they were genuine, and she loved them both. She knew the film had made them both horny, and driven by their lust, they turned their feelings on each other. She understood what had happened and knew they were sorry. She had brought the lust to the surface and she had to control it.

They were both sitting in their chairs, facing her, and close to the bed, with her sitting between them.

Her hands sat on a thigh each and she moved then up their thighs, caressing them and then her hands were resting on their groins. Deftly she unzipped one pair of shorts and then the other, and her fingers grasped two penises. She felt them harden together, and grow in her grip.

The boys sat in shock for a short minute, but she felt one, and then the other relax as they went with her.

She fondled the two cocks, stroking and rubbing as they got hard.
‘Both of you, take off your shorts.’

They stood and did as she commanded, and then sat down.
She continued to fondle their penises and was able to get a good look at them. She was surprised that they both looked manly, with fully grown cocks.

Ramesh was quite thick and darker, a plump head. Shreyas was not so thick but slightly longer. She stroked them both, then rubbed the tips with her fingers and thumb. Bu now they were both fully hard, really hard, and she heard heavier breathing, and Rajesh wiggled his ass on the chair.

She leaned forward and took Ranesh in her mouth, her tongue licking his knob, and then she closed her mouth over him and sucked him.

She felt a hand on her head and it was Shreyas pushing her over towards him.

She turned towards him and drew her tongue up his shaft and the kissed the tip of his knob. Finally she opened her mouth and took all of him. Her other hand continued to stroke Rajesh as she sucked and licked the cock in front of her.

She sensed the hand at her neck and then she changed and her mouth closed over Rajesh again, and she marveled at his hardness. She continued to change from one boy to another, one cock to another, and she could feel the excitement growing in them.
‘Stand up and face each other’ she commanded. Now stand closer.

With a hand on each cock, she drew them closer and knelt so her face was level with their groins.

She felt a hand on her breast, rubbing and kneading her softness, and the fingers tweaking her nipple. She was aroused by the sensation of the cocks in her mouth, the boys’ obvious horniness and their hardness.

She could feel their orgasms building in them, their legs were shuddering and Rajesh’s hips moved in rhythm.

The two cocks were so close they touched, and she was able to use her tongue on one first and then the other, and then with her hands she drew them together and took both of them in her mouth. She sucked, her tongue licking the two cocks together. She could hear moans and the heavy breathing and many whispered ‘oohh fuck’.

Like an explosion in her mouth, both cocks spurted together, filling her mouth with the cum. She continued to lick the cocks, cum dribbling out of her mouth over the cocks and onto the floor.

She looked up at the boys and smiled. Their faces were red, and Rajesh was still panting.
‘Go lie down now,’ she indicated the bed.

They lay there, and she watched them settle in exhaustion.
Her hands were sticky with semen, whose she was not sure, both of them most likely. She licked her hands and she liked the nutty taste.

Her pussy was tingling, and she felt some warmth between her lips.

Her hand strayed to the front of her jeans, and she rubbed gently, enjoying the sensation. She could feel the moistness between her thighs. She unzipped her jeans and eased them a bit lower over her hips to give access to her hand.

She sat on one of the chairs vacated by the boys, and leaned back, stretching her legs out in front of her. Her hand tucked into the front of her jeans and inside the waistband of her panties. Her fingers rubbed her pussy lips, and then she pressed one finger against her pussy lips and they parted slightly and she felt the moistness and warmth of her juices. Lazily she fingered herself, teasing her pussy and her clit, and felt the warmth building inside her.

A stirring on the bed woke her out of her reverie, and she smiled at herself, enjoying the private moment, the taste of cum still in her mouth. It was pleasant and she savoured it.
She stood at the side of the bed and watched her heroes, her champions.

They were on the backs, their legs stretched out, their flaccid cocks now resting on their thighs. She marveled at how they could be so hard and thrusting and strong, and yet so calm at rest.

She was about to go when she noticed the glisten of semen. She bent over and licked first Rajesh’s cock, then she kissed Shreyas, tasting the now familiar nutty taste of his cum. She kissed both boys on the forehead and closed the door behind her


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