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Hello everybody, welcome back to this beautiful journey. Good to see that people are enjoying the journey. I am really thankful to the readers for the valuable feedback. I am male and the story is fictional. Lets enjoy the journey.

While Ayesha went out to drop Ansh, I went to her room and quickly took CCTV cameras away; meanwhile, Ayesha had returned back but my hubby had kept her busy in talking like how was your experience, did you enjoy etc. He was giving me time to complete the work. I quickly rushed to my bedroom and placed it there.

When I met Ayesha she was feeling out of the world after the first experience. She was too excited. I was happy that everything happened so well. And most importantly they both enjoyed a lot. She gave me a tight hug and went to her bedroom for a bath. She freshened herself and came out in capree and slip. She had not put on any winners. I asked her,

“How was it my child?”

“Oh mumma it was awesome, initially it hurt a lot but then I felt such a sweet pleasure that I have never felt before. It was indescribable by words”

She told me in detail about in which position she got fucked, how they did the foreplay but since I have mentioned it earlier so Im not repeating it again here.

She was overjoyed by the experience. Her love life was now in full fledge and I was supporting her completely. They use to meet regularly at Park, CCD, mall etc. And every time I used to help her in selecting for the dress.

She was completely enjoying her love life. They were now having sex at regular intervals. It would be at different places like the park, backseat of the car, his place or if he hasnt got any place then they would prefer to do it at our home.

I would do necessary arrangements for them and they would enjoy sex. But I would be cautious only about one thing that they do safe sex. If they are doing it at my home, I would definitely check if he has brought a condom or not.They would be doing sex twice a month. I was happy with their duration and precaution. I was also making sure that my guidance doesnt become interference for Ayesha.

They were in love like a perfect couple. And they seem to be so cute being with each other like made for each other.Sometimes I would just tell Ayesha not to have an overdose of sex and she was following my advice like an obedient daughter. I and my hubby were really very happy their relation. Everything was going really well. They were having a smooth love life. I was thinking what Shakespeare has said “The course of true love never did run smooth” and I was happy that they were proving him wrong. And I wished they would live happily Ever after but future is always unpredictable.

Ayesha was completely a grown up girl now. As I used to see her nude quite frequently, I could see our body parts were seductive. She was now able to attract anybody. And anybody means anybody and I am not an exception!! She had a butterfly tattoo on her back which she got carved on Ansh’s wish.

And she had pierced her belly too. Both these things were intensifying her beauty. She was looking extremely seductive when she gets naked. It really ignited the lesbian lust in me. Agree that I am bisexual by nature but to have such a relation with my own daughter was making me confused.

On one hand, there was a lesbian incest desire for my hot daughter and on the other were mother-daughter ethical values. I was highly confused between which one to select. I didnt that courage to go to Ayesha and ask her directly. I was highly confused.

Finally, I decided to have a word with my hubby. I knew that he too had the lust for Ayesha and in fact, I had supported it a bit on the trip but when it came to me, I realized its not an easy decision to make. Actually, Ayesha is so hot that anybody can fall in love with her including her parents!!

I was behaving normally with Ayesha but my lust was secretly enhancing. Finally that night I get the courage to discuss the issue with my hubby. I told him,

“Darling I am in a huge dilemma. I need your help.”

“Say, honey, I am always there to help you.”

“Actually I am feeling attracted to Ayesha. I want to have lesbian fun with her. The girl in me says to go for it while the mother inside me stops. So what should I do my lord?”

He didnt say anything for quite some time then he looked into my eyes and said,

“See honey being lesbian is perfectly natural because god has made women more beautiful than male so it is very natural. In fact, I feel every girl is either a lesbian or hey bisexual. I know you had lesbian relations in past with your friends but to have such relation with our daughter is a little different thing.”

“Yes, that is why I am so confused what should I do? Shall I go for it or shall I suppress my desire?”

“See my love, you want to have fun right so it is now upon Ayesha to decide. It is better that you ask her if she would like it, she would accept it else just leave the idea.”

“Hmmm it seems quite logical and I am quite sure that you wont force her to do it.”

“Definitely I won’t, honey”

“Then best of luck”

We kissed for quite some time and slept. I was little tensed so didnt go for sex but kissing was quite relaxing.

I was waiting for the right time and soon I got the opportunity. My hubby went away for a business trip and I thought it was a perfect time. As we were alone, we spent the day in normal girlish talks and doing some household work. I told her,

“As your father is not here, why dont you sleep with me tonight I dont like being lonely.”

“Oh sure mummy why not”

We were in our bedroom. She was surfing in the laptop. I said,

“Baby see you after bath”

I had himeros thoughts in my mind so I bathed well and cleaned my pubic hair. I came out and put on red lingerie and joined her on the bed the bed. I said, “Ayesha I dont wish to wear any outfits, hope you wont mind it”

“Why should I mind it, mom”

“Thanks, darling”

“You know mom you are looking very hot and seductive I wish daddy would be here tonight”

“Awww thanks for the compliment its good to see that you find me hot”

“Yeah, mom you are. I am proud of you.”

I kissed on her cheeks. I lied on the bed, she was still busy with the laptop. I said,

“Come on honey, leave FB and Twitter and come to mummy hither”

She smiled and slept beside me. She was in T-shirt and pajama. I hugged her and kissed her on her forehead.

I thought its a perfect time. I said

“Honey I want to ask few things to you please dont feel shy” “mom shy to you? Are you kidding me?”

“No dear but it is little odd thing to ask that is why”

“Ok mummy go ahead”

“So do you watch porn?”

“Yeah what is a big deal in it? I watch it when I feel excited and I guess I had told you about it, havent I?”

“Yes you have but that is not my real question”

“Then say na mummy”

“Okay honey I feel attracted to you. Can I have lesbian fun with you? Think can reply.”


“It is my question now you say do you feel attracted to me?”

“Well mum actually I dont know but I really like that day when you kissed me and you played with my breasts on the trip.”

That was what I wanted to listen

I went ahead and kissed her passionately and departed after a minute or so. We didnt speak anything. We looked into each other’s eyes. No words where needed.

I was happy to see that now she kissed me. I got more passionate, it was the green signal that she likes to be in a lesbian affair with me. We were smooching. The smooch on for 10 minutes or so. We were playing with each others tongue deep inside the mouth, fully into each other.

I removed her t-shirt and she herself removed her pajama. She was in light green lingerie while I was in red one. I was kissing her passionately on her lips, forehead, cheeks, back neck. She was totally enjoying it. I made her lie down on the bed. I started playing with her breasts over her bra. Her breasts were smaller than mine but were extremely beautiful. I went little ahead, I kissed on her belly, licked there and played with the ring that she has pierced. It excited her.

I went a little down further, moved my fingers seductively on her panties then I started to lick a vagina over the panties. Her panties were already wet due to the excitement. I could feel the aroma of her vaginal fluid. I could taste it. I played there for quite some time then I asked her to turn around. She was looking more seductive from the back side in that light green lingerie. Her sexy back, perfect waist, and firm butts were giving a perfect look.

I started from down. I sucked her toe and started licking her back leg upwards with the tip of my tongue. She was moaning. She had put on string panties. I removed those things with my teeth and caressed her round butts seductively. I just couldnt stop myself slapping her butts. She moaned but I could not decide whether it was of pain or of pleasure. I moved little upwards. I licked that straight gap on her back with the tip of my tongue. It excited her.I could hear “ahhh” I unhooked her bra with my teeth and with threw it away. Then I licked her back neck. It super excited her. She moaned high just by my licking there.

I turned her around. She was totally naked now. I played with her breasts, sucked it a bit, kept the nipple between my teeth and pulled it. It excited her. After playing for some time with her breasts, I went down. I put a few pillows under her butts so that I can play with her pussy nicely. Her vagina was completely wet. In fact, I had to clean it a bit to play with it. I put one of my fingers inside but she said,

“Mom two please”

So I inserted two of my fingers and started masturbating her. She was super excited. I decided to have some more fun. I kept on fingering and then stopped it, she thought I would continue but I started doing it very slowly then I stopped again deliberately. I was teasing her. She was pleading,

“Please, mom please dont stop.”

I was really enjoying it. Finally, I thought not to tease her anymore so I was fingering and licking her swiftly. She had her orgasm. She was squirting. Her body felt electrifying.

She felt relaxed.

I came up and slept beside her. I asked,

“How was it, baby?”

She just said, “Thank you, mom.”

She was relaxing on the bed but I was still feeling horny but I had made up my mind not to force her so I removed my inners and got naked. I started fingering myself. She was watching me. She sat down and kissed me.

I also sat down and straightened my legs. I asked her to lie down on my lap. She put her head on my lap. Her back was touching my vagina. I took my breast near to her mouth.She understood the signal. She started sucking my left breast. She was sucking and playing with it. I was car caressing her hair and said,

“You know honey you really loved to suck my breasts when you were a kid. It was really hard to get you away from that habit.”

“Mom your breast are so good that anyone would love to suck it.”


“Yeah ask dad”

We both laughed. She said,

“You know mom it feels so good”

“Yeah, baby womans breasts are made for such thing only. A child forgets all his or her pain when she is sucking mom’s breast. She feels come what may I am safe.”

“Yeah, mummy actually its so true.”

I leaned a bit further and we kissed a lot.

I asked her to stand up. I made her lie down on the bed and got myself into 69 position. She was thrilled. We started to lick each other’s vagina. In fact, I was doing it and she was following me. I was licking it with the tip of my tongue and since we were in 69 I could widen and her legs and lick it comfortably.

She was also licking me so well. I could feel her lounge deep inside me. And when it came to fingering, she inserted all her four fingers inside me. I felt so good. She kept on licking me. I really loved when she slapped my butts. It really excited me, she was licking me well. I was ignited into the passion then suddenly she stopped I realized she is playing my trick on me. I said,

“Come on baby sorry”

She laughed and went on sucking passionately until I cummed off. she liked it but I knew that she is also excited. So I also kept on sucking her and made her cum again.

We both departed. I came into my normal position and slept beside her. We were breathing and laughing. Finally, we slept half intoxicated in lust, satisfied, hugging each other.

Keep reading the journey is on and dont forget to give your feedback on [email protected] gmail.com and let me say once again that I am male and the sex story is a work of fiction. Thank you.

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