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Please read the previous parts to know what happened previously.

Hi ISSians…. Hope all are good… couples having sex… real life taboo people having secret relations… and mostly the people who are single using their best buddy( their hands ) to satisfy their needs…

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Listening to all this jitu’s dick was rock hard and sameera noticed it and went to him and placed her hand inside his underwear, and rubbed his dick. He was shivering and sameera placed her lips on his. He first tried to move away, then sameera pressed his dick using her thumb and index finger, it created pain in him. She gave a slight gap and he remembered that Madhavi said sameera would take care of his dick. He decided to give some slack and fuck her.

He responded back to the kiss. He protruded his tongue out and pushed it into her. They kissed like they never had kissed and there is no tomorrow. She was 42 but she still had the fire in her. She stripped jitu’s pant. And he was in his underwear, with his dick saluting her.

He whispered in her ear’s you are bold and sexy even at this age. I want to fuck you. She too was in the mood. He asked her to suck his dick. She called the guys and girls. She signalled them and the guys untied him and dragged him to her bed and tied him up. He was horny, having an erection and couldn’t do anything. The guys left. She asked him to select 2 girls from the ones present. He selected but didn’t understand why?

He chose Miss. F & B. They came near him and stood. Sameera sprang on to him and started kissing him wildly. He broke the kiss and asked her to suck his throbbing dick, and he is unable to bear it.

She pulled his underwear down. And was shocked to see dick.

It was normal in length but the width was too much. She never seen such a wide dick. She signalled the girls and they stripped themselves.

She spit on his dick and caught hold of his dick. His dick was hot and the cold spit sent chills in him. Miss F comes and puts her clean shaved pussy near his mouth and he voluntarily starts licking her, while sameera was slowly moving her hand over the dick.
She moved away and then miss B comes and giver her boobs for sucking, and he bits her nipples. He was enjoying 3 women and all of them were equally stronger to match his power.

Sameera now started sucking his dick and he was not able to move his hands and both these girls gave their pussy to his hands and he started fingering them. He was being sucked and fingering 2 women. He was about to cum. He inserted his thumb into their ass and middle finger into their pussy and pressed it tightly and she squealed. Sameera was flooded with his cum and she drank it all.

He pleaded to remove his bondages and wanted to fuck her. The 2 girls somehow managed to escape his grip and moved away. They were in immense pain and one of them had blood coming out due to his nails.

His dick was slowly losing its erection. They untied him and another 2 girls replaced these. He was sitting on the bed and Sameera started to strip herself and he was lying on the bed. The new 2 girls were kissing each other and pressing each other’s ass and groping their boobs.

He was having a small movement inside him. He was astonished by looking at sameeras body. She was fit and sexy as hell even at that age of 40 odd. My GOSH he felt.

He caught sameera by her hair and tied it in a bun and kissed her violently and passionately. She was impressed by his force and put her hand on his dick and started moving on it. It was taking time for him to gain an erection. He stood and pulled her down and made her suck his dick. She was sucking it like a pro. He caught her hair bun and pushing her in and out, choking her and giving deep throat when it grew to its size.

He got his full erection leaking with her saliva. He called the 2 girls and asked to hold sameera in a position. Sameera was on the ground, with her neck touching the ground, and lifted her ass and body into the air held by the two girls.
He stood on the bed and positioned his dick at her entrance and entered into her and fucked her. Giving slow strokes and moving in & out.

She was totally new to this position and the dick was hitting her really deep inside and she orgasmed and squirted a lot. He removed his dick out and started sucking her boobs and pressed the other simultaneously and kept nudging the nipple. She was in immense pleasure. He made her sit on all 4’s and then said one girl to come in between her legs and made her suck Sameeras pussy. She kept sucking and he made the other girl sit in front of Sameera and made her smooch Sameera and told her to keep pressing Sameeras boobs. Sameera was being kissed, licked and groped all at once. She never experienced this.

She was feeling heaven and thankful for finding a guy like him to show a pleasure to her. He went to the other girl and brought some oil, he made her apply on his dick, balls completely dripping in oil. He went to Sameera and asked how she was feeling. She was weak and fragile. She had another two orgasms meanwhile. He went behind her and spanked her ass. Wow, what a feel.

He opened her ass cheeks and she was having pains being on 4’s. He just opened her ass cheeks and without any warning, he just pushed his dick deep into her ass. That it she bit the girls lip very badly that blood oozed out and she left her. She went away. The other one too left with her. He waited 2 mins for the pain to subside as his dick being wide had created immense pain in her.

He then slowly started giving strokes. He gave faster strokes and she too felt the pleasure and wanted more. She was moaning aaaahhh, oooooo, aawww, oooho, ammm, aaaa, aaaah, ocuh, ummm… yes…. Aaaah.

Both orgasmed together and fell on the bed one over the other. they then cleaned themselves and kissed each other again. And he asked her about the murder. He asked what all she knew about it.

He found all the answers but didn’t find the MO. He went back to the house. To solve the case that was left.

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Waiting for your replies… More action of it yet to come… It will get hotter and hotter…

Lots of love, drama and sex left.

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