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I had been working in a BPO for over a year in Kolkata. Originally I am from Delhi but I shifted to Kolkata in order to pursue my dream of playing football. But a series of events took place and I had to give up my dream. I took up a job at this BPO in order to carry out a living.

During the initial days of the job, we were given a training by the company on how the industry works and exactly what is expected of us. Work was monotonous and somehow days passed.

I had a colleague named Indu (name changed for privacy), a married Bengali beauty around 25yrs old. We had a medium conversation as most of the time work kept us busy. She always used to wear a saree to work that exposed a little of her waistline. She was fair and had long hair. Our interactions were formal and limited.

One day there was a celebration planned for the birthday of our manager. All of us were present there to wish him. Indu was there too. As the celebrations progressed people started talking among themselves and I found Indu standing in one corner busy on her phone. I went from behind and approached her.


She said “Hi”.
I asked, “you seem a little less interested in the party?”.
She looked at me and said, “I have never enjoyed birthday celebrations”.

I asked,” You never celebrated yours?”
She said “No”.
I asked,” When is your birthday?”
She said “Tomorrow.”
I asked,”Are you serious?”

I checked her Facebook profile in front of her and saw that she wasnt lying.”
I said, ” Your husband must have planned something.”

She shook her head. I asked her what the matter was. She said, “My husband is in Chennai and I live with my baby of 8 months.” I thought it must be tough for her. I said,” Why dont we celebrate your birthday together?”

She said, “Why would you do that?” I said because “You look prettier when you are smiling. I want to make you smile.” She asked, “what can you do to make me smile?” I said ” Anything”.

We exchanged numbers and that evening I took her to a bar cum restaurant in the city. Things happened so fast that I doubted my steps. I had no idea why the hell she agreed to be with me on the eve of her birthday. Maybe she had no one else to be with.
We entered the restaurant and took our sits and ordered two beers. The food kept on coming and so did the beers. After about 2 hours we were both a little high when she asked me directly staring into my eyes “Are you drunk?”. I said, “Am just a little high.” She held my arms. looked into my eyes and said, “I thought you wanted to make me happy.”

I was a little surprised but I said “Yes, thats why were here” and I put my arm around her shoulder and played with her hair. She kept on staring at me and I juz let my fingers play on her shoulder and back. I took the hair from her eyes and held her cheeks and said: ” Lets make your birthday memorable”. She just winked and I got my signal. I immediately booked a hotel room online and called for a taxi. We were already charged up from within anticipating what could happen. She held my hand tightly in the taxi and started licking my fingers. Lust was taking over us. As soon as we reached the hotel, I paid off the taxi and took our room keys from the reception and ran to the room. As soon as we closed the door I pinned her against the door and started kissing her. She started responding back and we started to smooch each other.

The use of tongue was little too much and we started to suck in each others mouth. My hands were exploring and I removed her saree from over and squeezed her 36′ boobs with my hands. She let out a moan and started unbuckling my belt. In a single pull, she got my lower portion naked and massaged my dick. By now she was in her blouse and petticoat. I held her by her waist and started unbuttoning her. In no time she was in her underwears and we kept on smooching.

I took her to the bed and jumped on her. We were wildly exploring each other and playing with our hands. Our bodies were naked and were a little drunk… I squeezed her boobs and sucked on them and she moaned. She held my head on her boobs and pressed. I sucked her for some time and then went down on her. As I spread her legs I saw a dark tunnel that invited me. I licked the length of her hole and felt her give a sudden tremor. She pressed my head on to her clitoris and wrapped her legs around my shoulder and I kept on licking until she came with a loud moan. She then pulled me up and went down on me. She used her hand in the beginning to give a few Strokes but then she took it directly into her mouth and gave a long suck. Her head came down to me periodically and our eyes kept on the meeting. My dick was wet with her saliva and still, she kept on sucking. I held her up and turned her around in doggy.

Her breasts were hanging and I pressed them hard. I entered her love hole from behind and she closed her eyes. She was so tight inside that it was getting difficult. I kept on ramming her hole from behind and with every thrust she moaned and begged for more. I kept fucking her for good 15mins after which she came with a shout and turned her head to smooch me from that angle. I said I didnt finish yet .. she turned around and brought her face down once again and opened it just in front of my wet dick and winked at me. The sight was too much to bear and I started face fucking her. I slapped her face with the shaft and fucked her mouth. In no time I came and she gulped with a smile, all my juices and sucked me clean. It was her birthday night and we fucked good 3-4 time that night and enjoyed her birthday sex.

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