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Aliya and I stood in front of our manager for an interrogation. The complaint against us was having sex in the office. I was a bit nervous about being fired from the job. I wanted to calm myself. So I thought about last night’s sex with Aliya to sooth my nerves.

Last night, Aliya and I had to stay in the office to finish the project as the deadline was nearby. No one was inside the office except us. Aliya has a lean body, her mascara filled eyebrows made her eyes look big than they were; 34C boobs and long straight brown hairs. She has a cute face and she wears dresses elegantly to the office. Her best feature was her sexy lips. They were a mouthful. I have dreamt about kissing her lips many times. She sits beside me in office and her perfume was intoxicating. It was very difficult to work in an office with her around me.

It was 15 past 10 o’ clock. We were just working on the project. We needed a break as we were working for a very long time. She was doing something on her mobile and I went out to make a coffee in our office kitchen. When I came back I saw her taking selfies on her phone. She was doing pouty lips to click selfies. My dick got excited immediately after seeing her lips making pout. I wanted to kiss them. I want to put those sexy lips in between mine and wanted to taste them like its freshly peeled orange slices. I only dreamt all those things and sat in my chair silently. I pulled the keyboard drawer and sat closer to the monitor to cover my bulge.

She asked me, “DeeGee, in which photo do I look good? I want to update my FB profile pic.” She showed me some of her photos and I looked at them. In most of the photos, her lips were pouted and it made me get excited even more. My dick was fighting inside my underwear to come out. My body got warm. I selected one photo.

“Why do you want me to keep this one? Are you sure? I don’t think my hair is good in this picture. The next one is good I think.” I told her, “Keep this one. I can see your cleavage a bit in this one. You will get more likes for this pic,” and I winked at her. She slapped on my shoulder and said, “Naughty boy!” She blushed and I loved it. She updated her profile pic with the one I selected. Within few minutes, she got 250 likes and 20 comments. She was very happy and gave me a friendly hug while thanking me. I wanted more than a hug. I wanted her. She moved her chair towards me to show the comments and likes. Her chair was in between my legs and I was very closer to her. As I got closer to her, her perfume hit my nose strongly. It was intoxicating. My blood pressure level shot up and I could feel the warmth of my body. I was sitting behind her closely. She didn’t say anything or she didn’t move her chair away from me. She wanted to take a selfie with me and asked me to give a pose. I put my arm around her neck and smiled for her camera.

She gave a pose and I absolutely loved it. She clicked the photo. While taking my arm from her neck, my hand grazed her boobs. I looked at her reactions. Her first reaction was a shock and then she became normal. I decided that today I should fuck her at any cost. I saw the photo and said, “I was looking at you in the picture and not the camera. Let’s take another pic.” Again I put my arm around her neck to click photo. She closed her left eye and let out her tongue to touch her upper lip while clicking the photo. This pose aroused me lot. My dick wants her so badly. Again I touched her boobs while taking my hands away from her and she did nothing this time. She looked at the photo and scolded me, “Arey yaar! Again you are looking at me instead of the camera.”

“How can I look at you when you give such a sexy pose? You should be glad that I didn’t look somewhere else?”

“Ah, your hands have gone somewhere else,” she said it with a smile. She turned back to see me. While turning she noticed the bulge in my pant as I was wearing a cotton trouser, the bulge was ostensibly visible. She laughed and then said, “Omg! You are so aroused.” She laughed again and I loved it. I just looked at her lovely lips when she was laughing. I pulled her closer and kissed her lips. She didn’t kiss me back. She stopped me and pushed me away from her. She looked at my lust filled eyes. I looked at her eyes. She didn’t say anything but smiled. I kissed her lips again. This time we both kissed for a very long time. Our hands were all over our bodies. My hands were inside her shirt pressing her boobs. It was very soft and felt good. Her hands were behind my back, moving all over my back. I moved my hands inside her panty and started to rub her pussy. She came forward to the edge of the chair and spread opened her legs more. It allowed me to rub her pussy more freely. All this while, we didn’t stop kissing. She started to rub my dick with my pants on. I licked her earlobes and then put her lower part of the ear into my mouth. I sucked it and it must have tickled her. She gave a jerky reaction and laughed. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her. Since it was a start-up company, there were no CCTV cameras in our cubicles.

We went to the kitchen for more space. I locked the kitchen door and started to unbutton her. I put her on the kitchen table. I kissed her neck, lower neck and boobs. She was wearing a black colour bra now. I sucked her boobies with her bra on. Then I unhooked her bra and sucked her nipples. I loved it. I licked her boobs and kissed them. She unbuttoned my shirt and then threw it away. I sucked her naval by bending my upper body. I removed her skirt and then I saw her black panty. I lowered her panty immediately and saw her pussy. I knelt down on the ground and started to suck her pussy. She spread opened her legs wide and moaned a lot. Her moaning made me go crazy. I sucked her pussy so fast and licked all around her pussy. This must have made her gone crazy as she stretched her hands in excitement. Her right hand hit the microwave oven and it fell down on the ground. It made a lot of noise. You might think that this was the reason we got caught but it’s not. I stood up immediately from the ground and put my pants on. I told her to dress up and went near the door. I thought security guard might come inside to check but he didn’t come. We thought he might have taken a break.

We waited for few minutes but he hasn’t come to check. Aliya was completely dressed up now. Now we both can’t leave the place without fucking each other. So we decided to carry on. She came closer to me playfully and unbuttoned my shirt again. This time she unbuckled my belt and lowered my pant. She knelt down and kissed my dick covered in underwear. She lowered my underwear and then saw my flaccid dick. All my blood has gone to the face as I was nervous about the security. She started to suck my dick like a baby sucking an ice cream. It was pure bliss. All my blood has been pumped into my dick and it started to erect. She wasn’t in a hurry. She sucked my dick slowly. Now my complete dick was inside her mouth. I didn’t expect that Aliya would be such a naughty girl as her looks were not like that. I remembered the famous phrase; don’t judge the book by its cover. It was a pretty sight to see her beautiful lips wrapping around my dick
I grabbed her hairs and enjoyed her giving me a blowjob. I wanted her to fuck her. So I asked her to stop as my dick was to its fullest. I put her on the kitchen table again and I stood in front of her. I unbuttoned her shirt and unhooked her bra but didn’t remove them from her body. I lowered her pant and panty. I spread opened her legs. I rubbed her pussy before putting my dick. I kissed her passionately. Her pussy was so wet now. I put my dick into her pussy and started to thrust.

I felt like I was on cloud nine as my longtime wish was coming true now. I fucked her pussy rhythmically, not so fast and not so slow. Her hairs were all over my face. I smelled her hair and it turned me on more. I grabbed all her hairs in one hand and kissed on her neck. I planted my kisses all over her neck when my dick was fucking her pussy. I was able to thrust my complete dick into her pussy now. She moaned quite loudly now. She was very loud and it reverberated in the kitchen. You might think that this was the reason we got caught but this wasn’t. Her moaning was quite loud and I loved it. That made me to increase my pace. I kissed her neck and boobs when my dick was fucking her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my ass. Her upper body was leaned back and she kept her hands on the table for the support. She was a complete package for sex as she was naughty and has a cute face. I loved fucking her. I loved when her hairs were juggling here and there. I loved her bouncing boobs when my dick was fucking her pussy. I reached climax and cummed inside her. We kissed passionately. I was happy to hear that she enjoyed this sex. She said it was thrilling and satisfying. We cleaned ourselves and kept the things as it was before our sex. We left the office that night.

The next day, we have been summoned to our manager’s room for the interrogation. The security guard came into her room with a pen drive. She plugged in and shown the video from last night. We both were shocked to see as it was me and Aliya having sex in the kitchen. We came to know that she has installed camera only in the kitchen to catch a maid who was stealing things from the kitchen. Now we know why the security guard didn’t come inside to check about the noise. That bastard was watching us having sex. The footage in the main server will be deleted automatically after 72 hours. So Aliya got the footage made in the pen drive as that was the only copy they made. We got fired from the office. I was on my way to home when I got a text from my manager. It read, “Come to CCD near our office at 7. We will talk.”

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