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Dear Indian sex story readers, NOTE: THE SEX EXPERIENCE WOULD BE BETTER IF YOU IMAGINE YOURSELF FUCKING POOJA. BECAUSE ITS A SOLO SCENE. I want to give you all a different experience. Hope you all like it.

Pooja, a 25-year-old woman, Works at an IT company and earns well. Shes beautiful. Her eyes are brown. Her hair is Balck with a red streak on the left side. She is a modern girl but loves ethnic too. Pooja lives by herself in her apartment.

This happens on a particular day after a stressful day at work. Pooja returns home tired. She decides to watch a movie. She is so tired that she does not change her office clothes.

Pooja is wearing a suit and shirt with a skirt that goes below her knees.

Pooja takes her laptop and Googles for movies.. and to the left of the screen on one of the pop-up ads, it reads “increase the size of ur penis in a week” with a picture of a 10-inch cock. And suddenly Pooja feels her heart rate increase. There is a tingling sensation in her pussy and she starts to sweat. Her pussy throbs for the ten-inch dick. She gasps for air and bites her lip on seeing the cock. She rubs the picture of the ten-inch cock and touches her pussy to feel wet.
Pooja is horny. She wants the 10-inch cock to pound her pretty pink pussy. She wants to cum hard. Pooja wants to scream “Ohh Ohh yesses fuck my cunt baby!!!! “. She runs her hand on her boobs with her clothes on..
POOJAS BODY: I said Pooja is beautiful. Well, she is fucking sexy and hot too. Pooja is slim and around 55 in height. Pooja has got an hour glass shape. Her hips curve like pears. Her boobs are round and stand firm.. she has got an ass so plump and round It jiggles when she walks. Her boobs bounce up and down when she walks. Her thighs are so smooth. When she wears modern clothes her tits and her butt are highlighted beautifully. When Pooja wears sarees and churidars she looks so hot that even a 2-year-old will get a boner. Once Pooja wore a red and black saree to her

Once Pooja wore a red and black saree to her office, her pallu was transparent and revealed her navel and her sexy hips. Pooja accidentally pushed her file down and bent to take it and her pallu fell, she thought no one saw but her boss saw her boob slit. When she bent down, her ass was so round her best friends cock stood straight (they both masturbated that day) Pooja loves to wear bras that make her boobs firm and panties in silk. She loves stockings too. Pooja shaves her pussy regularly. Her pussy is pink and tight. Pooja has a camel toe pussy so perfect for big dicks.
As she rubs her big titties she feels and squirts in her panty. Pooja breathes hard. she feels the need for her stress to be released. Pooja locks her apartment door and lays on her sofa. She slowly unbuttons her suit and throws it away. Pooja is wearing a white shirt. Pooja unbuttons her shirt slowly to reveal her firm round boobs.

Her boobs are covered with a black laced bra. She rubs her boobs and feels her nipples. Pooja unhooks her black bra. Her boobs pop out. They are so big and round. Her nipples are erect as she wants that 10-inch cock and its cum all over her. She lifts her right boob and licks her nipples and moans.. “ahh ahh”. Her pussy drips with cum. She removes her skirt. Pooja is wearing a pantyhose with stockings and a black panty. Her camel toe pussy is wet. She rubs her pussy “oooh” she moans. Pooja wants the dick so bad. She removes her bra fully. She removes her panties. Pooja, the beautiful sexy and horny women are now naked and craving a big cock.
She googles “big dicks” on her laptop. Her heartbeat increases more and her pussy is hot than ever. Pooja sticks one finger in her beautiful cunt and masturbates looking at the dick pictures. She slides in and out of her pussy moaning so loud “ahh yesses fuckkk” she put two fingers and fingers herself faster and faster and moans more “yesses my pussy.. ah.. ahh. Mmmmm”. Poojas nipples are so erect she wants to cum so bad.
She is not satisfied with her masturbation.

She is craving more. She wants a big cock. She searches for a hard rod to play with her pussy. Pooja runs to her room with her big titties jumping up and down and her ass jiggling. She takes her heels.. they are big. She spreads her pink pussy wide and licks the heels and puts it in her pussy and moans thinking it is a 10-inch cock. ” Ohhhhhhhhh fuck my FUCKING cunt” she screams.. she throws away the heels and puts her full fist in her tight cunt. ” yesses Im going to cum for that cock!!!!!” Pooja screams in pleasure. She fists her pussy and squirts a huge load of cum.
She lays tired and breathless rubbing her boobs and pussy. Pooja now has explored her inner slut. Pooja desires to be fucked. Pooja now believes that a 10-inch cock is a true love. She will now fuck every cock she gets. Boys, be ready, a new hot big boobed naughty cock loving slut is in the town.

Hope you guys enjoy fapping to this story.Email me your feedback [email protected] Ladies, please let me know ur fantasies so that I can make you all cum through my stories. I will be back with more of Pooja and many other stories. Im currently working on a mom and son sex story.
Who doesnt love MILFs?
Also, email me what kind of sex stories you all like. Does anybody like BDSM. If you all do leave me an email at [email protected] See you all soon xoxo

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