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Hey guys BP here Bhanuprakash 22 years old. Am professional masseurback again as usual to share one of fascinating experience among few hope u guys like it and support me as usual.

I like massages for two reasons, its relieving and its amazing to get a massage from various girls each time with a happy ending. After seeing certain porn massage videos in the net by foreign males to girls, I got the idea to massage another woman as my passion. ) .

I went ahead and put up attracting ads. In a couple of days, I got a first call enquiring about the massage. It was pure professional talk about massage and we fixed an appointment at her home at 11 AM during a week day. Since I am used to massages very much, with the fair idea on it, went to her home at the fixed time. The door was opened by a mid-aged beautiful aunty with the well curved body in a night wear and a smile. I got into this duplex house and sat on the sofa with little nervousness.

The lady gave me seductant kind of juice and had a short casual conversation to get comfortable and she showed her bed room where to start the actual job ( my first job ) I said, madam, you can remove your nighty and wear the bath towel and went back to the hall to wait. In just two minutes, I was in shock to see this fair angel in a just brown bath towel and saying “I am ready” and what followed immediately was the strong erection of my johnny. Its strange to see the woman in this dress in her own home… I went to the bedroom and asked to lie facing down.

I slowly started the massage to the feet for few minutes and went little upside to thighs until which the towel is covered. Lifted the towel a bit and continued the massage to thighs for few minutes and with little hesitation asked, ” Madam, shall I give massage to little above?”. For which she said an immediate “yes” that gave me much confidence and lifted the towel all the way up to hips. Oh my god! , I love woman ass the most and it was a festival to eyes to see two fair mountains.

I started the nice bums massage for good 10 minutes, squeezing the ass, massaging the asshole, touching her pussy every now and then from the back and could hear slight moans from her with closed eyes, I knew she is turned on now like me. In the meanwhile as I couldn’t control the erection in tight jeans, removed my pants (and Ts ) and was in underwear. Covered the ass again and gave massage to her shoulder, bareback and touching the side boobs while massage. I was eagerly waiting to see her boobs full view, removed my underwear also. Asked “madam, I am done with the back side and can turn up”.

She opened her eyes and slowly turned up, and shocked seeing me nude and grabbed my erected cock and gave a kiss. I gave a stick instruction saying, “please madam, let me complete my job then we can have fun”. She was not even bothered to adjust the towel and completely lying nude, I was enjoying every moment of it. She was scanning my well built, exercise body. I was standing near her head and giving massage to the neck, and big boobs bending.

While bending, my cock was on her face, the precum was coming out of my cock and making her face wet. I was squeezing her boobs madly and she started moaning little louder. I was also in heaven and can’t explain those in words. I went at the bottom, after massaging her legs and thighs for few minutes, went on to the favorite part which is her pussy. I gave good 10 minutes massage to her already wet pussy. She was shouting “Bhanu, please come, fuck me, fuck me hard ”. As soon as I said, ” I am done”.

She woke up and we both started deep kiss if u know what I mean. We started kissing as if we knew for years together. While kissing, I was squeezing her boobs, putting a finger into her ass hole. After 15 minutes of kissing, she took my cock in hand and started sucking like a hungry baby and licking my balls. She lied on the cot and asked me to fuck, I obeyed it. I was fucking her madly and she kept shouting fuck me hard, common… I increased the speed as much as possible. I was sure, she was sex hungry for a few years now.

As I was about to come, stopped then and trying few more strokes in doggy style and released finally. We slept cuddling each other for an hour and had a bathing together and had one more wonderful session. She shared that her husband is not eager in sex and she is starving for few years as her married life was hands down worst to the core I mean sexually pleasure way.

I consoled here saying its completely fine as the affection with your husband doesn’t get disturbed due to this and doesn’t need to feel guilty. Its like eating good buffet meals outside sometimes doesn’t mean we hate home food. She gave me the hell lot of money and her number and she swore to god that she will not even miss a single chance to experience my massages of all kinds nuru massage, body to body, tantra massage etc., in the days to come and would also promise to give me many clients as many as possible with that I thanked her and she thanked and winked at me we bid goodbye to each other and departed.

Any feedback or want to have a good sensual massage, please do email to [email protected]

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