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Hi all this is Praveen once again for you. Well Iam going to narrate a story told to me by a reader. The story would be little long please bear with me to enjoy. Comments are welcome at [email protected]

This is Narendar 33yrs old fair complexion height of 5.10” and a cock of 9” length and 10cms diameter monster cock. I have started to be sexually active from the age of 15 and the person to take of my virginity was my Math teacher during my tuition in her house from that day on till now there is no stopping. The incident Iam going to narrate is about my family well I have three wives and four children. This incident happened 3yrs ago when my parents were looking for my marriage. I was working in Hyderabad while my native is in Tamilnadu. I was least interested since my cock was getting very delicious meat regularly; in short I was like a call boy apart from working in a reputed organisation. Weekends were my party times I have had group sessions and even one on ones with all age, races and types of women. In short I was addicted to sex.

When my dad called me, to come over to the girl’s family I felt that all my freedom is going to fly away and limitations are going to be in place with the tile of “WIFE”. I went half minded to their house and saw a very pretty lady in her late 30’s with very very good assets 36-32-38. She smiled and welcomed us I was introduced as the groom to her then she asked us to sit down I was very nervous and sitting in a mood to run away and looking at the door while my cousins and relatives were making fun of me. The girl came in wearing a red silk saree she was in early 20’s slim fair and tall like a model 30-28-30. I liked her as soon as I saw her but kept to myself. Both the families spoke and spoke and finally agreed to marry us in the same week (Friday).

On our way out I saw another girl who resembled my fiancé and cute as she was with similar asset lines but little more chirpy. I marked her as well and went off. Over the week I came to know that my wife was Nithya(23yrs), Mother in law was Madura (38yrs) & sister in law was Nathiya (20yrs). They do not have their father since he died in an accident and they are very well to do family (rich family). The day of wedding was just two days away and we had gone shopping for the bride and the groom dresses, meeting the three beauties was so thrilling and I wanted all three of them then and there. This story is how I had all three on the same night. Since Iam used to long hours of sex I am a man of great stamina. We all became friendly during the shopping. Nithya was shy and quiet so not much of talking happened and Madura was a real packet of fun to be with whilw nathiya was bubbly.

On the day of the wedding we had the ceremony in the temple and by afternoon all of us reached my wife’s house and most of the relatives left the house to theirs and by 7pm it was left with only few of her relatives getting things ready for our first night. By 10pm only four of us were alone I noticed a window which was kept open in our bedroom using which one person can see inside of the room. By 10.10pm my wife came in fully decked up head to toe in a silverfish white saree and a glass of milk in her hands. As soon as she entered I told her no formalities please, I also noticed a shadow near the window. So I planned to have fun filled show for the shadow.
I stripped my wife’s saree and she was very shy and tried to cover herself but since she had a glass of milk in her hand she was unable to move much slowly I kissed her navel and slowly unbuttoned her blouse and massaged her beautiful boobs over her laced bra. She let out a sexy mourn and tried to keep the glass down, I stopped her and said ”never even try that baby”.

I unhooked her bra and released her boobs from its cage they were firm and round virgin boobs I sucked them hungrily she was just mourning and mourning. I slowly loosened her skirt and dropped it to the floor and removed her panty and found a neatly shaved pussy, I placed a kiss on it and rolled my tongue over the virgin pussy. This is my own pussy Iam the master to it. I made it into her in doggy style and pushed my monster in her pussy she screamed in pain but I enjoyed it and banged her slowly and then fast she came in seconds. I turned to look at the window the shadow was gone. I knew it was Nathiya I smiled to myself for showing her a free show (all this happened with the lights on). I took the half filled glass from my wife’s hand and we both drank the milk and I put her to sleep I knew she was tired. I went out on the pretext of using the toilet I did not want to cool down Nathiya in the time gap.

I saw some wetness near the window and walked slowly towards her room. As expected Nathiya was on her bed pressing her boobs and mourning slowly, it was a beautiful sight to watch. I went near her and whispered in her ear “do you need any help?” She got up by surprise and an unexpected thing happened, She kissed me on my lip she smooched me so passionately I fell in love with her immediately I made the most passionate love to her that I have ever done in my entire life time with anyone. She was flexible and co-operative and also understanding on bed. I, for the first time felt bad to see a girl cry while I tore her open. We made love for at least 2 hrs, she came almost 10 times and was tired. I was tired and thirsty so I made her lie down on the bed and went to drink some water in the kitchen.
While I was drinking water a most familiar voice in a different tone was calling out my name I opened the window to see Madura on the bed with nothing but her blouse. I had cum two times with the session with the girls, but seeing their mother like this my cock stood up in 90 degrees.

She had a little night lamp well enough to illuminate the whole room. She had her legs spread showing off her clean shaved pussy which even glowed in the dark. I just went near her and placed my cock near the entrance of her pussy and with my right hand closed her mouth and push myself in. She was alarmed and opened her eyes in shock but my grip was firm she had no other choice than to be nailed to the bed. I fucked her tight pussy which was not being used in the past twenty years. I made it wide open and accustomed to my cock size I fucked her pussy in all possible position and she became like a sex slave to me. I also fucked a beautiful round ass and sucked and bit her nipples red. She was not able to scream and the same time enjoying with tears rolling down her cheeks. I fucked her till she almost fainted. I got up and sat on her boobs lifted her head up and mouth fucked her and made her swallow all my cum every drop of it. She was a wild wore and she enjoyed it to the extreme possible. I told her “your my slave I will have you whenever I want in whatever position I want” she said ok. I left to my room tired and slept near my wife.

Next day morning all three ladies where walking like ducks. They were unable to walk properly and they were not able to tell it to each other as well. My mother in law was the worst affected with love bites all over her boobs, ass and thighs.

She was in the kitchen I went in called her “Slave how are you” she just smiled and said “Iam happy master after a long period”. I knew she was in pain I pressed her left nipple over her blouse and told her to follow me to the store room. That day as per custom I had to stay in their house the following day we were to go back to my house in the neighbouring village. She quietly followed me to the store room. I locked the room I said to her “unbutton your blouse” she obeyed me I told her to come near me. I had a carrot from the fridge in my hand which she did not know. I lifted up her saree and fucked the carrot in her pussy and started to suck and bite her nipples which were bright red and swollen because of my creativity during the night. I told her not to wear any under garment while I am in the house. I made her lie down and sucked her pussy biting her clitoris and she came in waves I drank all her love juice not leaving a bit on the floor. I told her Iam going to fuck you now, she said “no please Iam very tired if you fuck me I will become more tired and won’t be able to do any work in pain”. I smiled and said baby I love you won’t you allow me now. She laid down and spread her legs her tight pussy was inviting I fucked her and filled up her cunt with my cum.

I lied above her gently sucking her swollen nipples till my cock limped out of her pussy. I asked her will you come with me to Hyderabad all four of us will make a good family there, no one will ever know. She smiled and kissed my forehead and said “I was hoping to ask you the same”.

Later that day after breakfast I went back to my room to take some rest I was woken up by two sweet voices, it was Nathiya and Nithya. I pretended to be asleep to be part of their conversion. Nathiya asked her sister “you promised me that you would but till now why have you not told him? I miss you so much I need you akka (Elder Sister) please come with me and let us play for sometime”. I was puzzled and confused such grown up girls wanting to play? Immediately Nithya said “Ok since he is sleeping we will play here but only for short time”. There was a couch in the room and Nathiya went and laid down to my surprise my wife locked up the room and the windows and made it dark so that we I can’t see them but only hear them. I started to get lot of sexy mourning from Nathiya then understood that they were physically involved and the game was sexing. I waited for Nathiya to leave and my wife to open the door and sat up on the bed. She was shocked and did not know what and how to explain. I called her and made her sit near me (after all they have made my work easy) and asked her can I be a part of your game? Can I see you both in action? She was surprised and said most welcome, but today we will sleep early by 7pm and you should handle our mother. I said “don’t worry it is a piece of cake”.
I jumped out of bed and we all had lunch while washing my hand I asked Madura to come to the store room I told her to show me her milky white boobs she obeyed I put to small rubber bands on the nipples not too tight but gripping and told her to lock up her room at 7pm and sleep early as I would be with her from 12 till morning, I also told her that I would remove the bands myself. She was very happy and said ok and dressed up and left. I was over excited for the night and decided to have my generation from all these three beauties. The day was slower than ever with too many visitors visiting the house and talking and boring all of us. Finally all of us had early dinner and as usual I went behind Madura to the kitchen and filled in the ice tray and it inside the fridge and told her it is for you darling, she smiled and asked “is it for some cool drinks tonight” I laughed and said “maybe”. I also had my wife’s padded bra and soaked it in water and put it in the freezer. Madura was looking at me amused and terrified.

By the time I reached our room both the sisters already got into action they were like two snakes in heat curled up together. They were dressed so I decided to undress them I was undressing them they did not break their kiss and tongue play. I infact sucked both their nipples together still no reaction. Then they started their act it was the most decent and most beautiful lesbian sex I have ever seen. They took 69 positions and rubbed their pussies together while I squeezed their boobs. I kissed my wife and “asked can I fuck you both now?” She looked up and asked me “Narandar are you making love with our mother as well?” I was surprised but she went on to say we are seeing her face glowing as compared to days in the past in the last two days. I said”yes I saw her fingering herself so opted to help her”. She asked me” so have you planned for something tonight as well?” I laughed and winked at her and said “we do a lot of BDSM and she enjoys it”. Immediately Nathiya said “we would like to watch it today” I said “Ok as long as you both promise not to shout”. They both laughed and said ok. Then all three of us had a wonderful time. The best part was my wife riding on me while I eat her sister’s pussy and press her boobs while they both kiss each other. We had fun till 11pm then they allowed me to have rest for an hour.

By 12 I knocked at Madura s door and she opened it as promised I let one window open. I also carried all my toys along such as ice cubes, my wife’s frozen padded bra and my favourite ice cold carrot. As soon as I entered her room I asked her to strip her dress and found the rubber bands intact on her pink round nipples. I made her wear the frozen bra she said it is cold. I looked at her and said “is it? then remove it” and I tightened the rubber bands even more and made her wear it. The size was small but it was serving my purpose. Also to have an audience who was motivating me from inside. I made her stand in fours with beautiful rounded ass towards me I pushed in two big cubes of ice in her asshole she jumped up I held her tight and pushed the frozen carrot as if to cock up the hole. Then lifted her a bit and pushed in three more cubes in her pussy it still had space hence pushed one more in. I made her lie still like this ordered her not to move and clicked pictures of her and she was shy covering up her face.

Then I removed her bra and made her ride on me while I was sitting so that I get to bite and suck her cold cold nipples. I also tried to tighten the rubber band and suck her swollen nipples. Every bite she would jump with carrot behind and my cock in front she was in cloud nine. As of me her warm pussy turned cold and nice with ice. Then I took her to doggy style and fucked her asshole with ice and my cock. For each fucking I looked at the window towards my audience for motivation and encouragement.

I made her sit on my cock without moving I asked her “will you be a mother to my children and once again feed your daughters”. She was surprised with my question and said that “I should ask nathiya about it”, I asked her again and said “if she is ok then?” She hide her face on my shoulder and said I love too.

I said wow and pushed her on the bed and fucked her like no tomorrow and released a whole load of cum in her cunt and ordered her not to get up till morning also kept her leg raised and locked up the room and went to mine. Where I found the snakes again curled up. I was too tired so slept watching their show.

Whole of next week we had no chance of foursome and all of us missed it. Follwing week my wife and myself moved to Hyderabad and we bought a four bedroom duplex apartment and all of us moved in together. After 11 months Madura gave birth to twins a boy and a girl, my wife delivered a boy and Nathiya a boy. Now all four of us have foursome, three some or lesbo scene and I drink fresh milk from six milk bags everyday. Now my children are four years old we are looking for some more adventure but not any more kids. If reading this story made you hot please drop in your comments at [email protected]

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