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Those Were The Awesome Days

By: W. A. Chohan

A compelling, true story of a teen, Virgin boy, well trained in sexual affairs by and an expert adult. You will love the way it happened.

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I was very lucky; my college counselor informed me that I was one of the four students who were selected to go attend a semester abroad. It was great in my case specially because only one of us was not only going to attend a semester abroad but was to spend all this time living with a family over there instead of living in dormitory arrangements and I was the one.

19 years old, a sophomore from a tiny town college in a small European country; after about 4—5 weeks I landed on Montreal Airport, Canada. The routines of International Airport were very nicely handled by the Airline, Airport personnel and the College. I was escorted out to the arrivals area with a bold name tag hanging around my neck. As told back home, this family I was to live with had a boy, Spencer Jamison; senior at the same college and was going to be a graduate this year, almost 21—22 years old. Mr. Jamison had passed away couple of years back; Mrs. Jamison [Paula] was a professional lady working as a midlevel executive at a bank. Spencer also had an older sister, Lucinda, who was going to be a nurse soon from a nursing college, not very far off but she lived in the dorm facility.

As I came out of the Airport, I noticed the importance of the big name tag, when Paula, Spencer and, Lucinda all saw me, read my name on the name tag and ran towards me to greet and welcome me. They were all very loving, hugging people that made my name tag crumple and almost tore off but by now everyone was calling me by my a bit different first name Tinsley [Tins]. We drove through the beautiful scenery for about 15 minutes to come to a huge brick house. The house was well kept, cozy and clean. It was already evening in Montreal and I would have enjoyed a nice cup of tea but everybody decided to go wash up and meet at the dining table as the food was ready.

Paula, the mom; the lady of the house took me by the arm to show me my room while she asked Spencer to bring in my luggage. The ground floor of the house had a guest bathroom, family room and a huge hall like living room up front. Nicely arranged and a big size kitchen with an elegant, well arranged dining room attached to it in the middle of the house and beyond that there were 2 extra-large bedrooms. She showed me her bedroom but quickly brought me to the next bedroom announcing that this was going to be mine for the next almost 5—6 months I was supposed to be there. The room had plenty of large cupboards, closets, storage area and attached bathroom with built in extension as dressing room, well equipped with lights and mirrors for décor as well as the need of the dressing area. The bathroom had a spacious shower stall and a fancy vanity just like the expensive hotel rooms. Last but not the least, the luxurious sized round extra firm foam bed with the majestic looking headboard and built in mirror and the book case with dim but enough lights for the study.

Spencer had left my luggage in the room and gone announcing that he will be at the dining table after freshening up. Paula also left after showing me the room and asked me to wash up or take a shower and come to the dinner table. She told me to feel at home and dress up comfortably for being in doors with the family. The dinner was delicious, the family members were all very nice, the time flew as we ate, talked a lot about various things and even sat a while in the family room watching TV but mostly making conversation about different subjects of mutual interest. Here telling you this after almost over two decades, I still feel warmth in my bones reminding me the first night with the family, new people, in the totally new city and the country but very caring to say the least.
Next day was Sunday. After breakfast, around 10:00 AM, Paula went to Church while Lucinda and Spencer sat in the kitchen with me as we took our time talking about varied topics and things. When Spencer and I decided to go sit in the family room and go over some important and needed information about college; Luci decided to split saying that she had to get ready to go see her boyfriend and she was going to stay with him for couple of hours and from there she shall go to her college and shall try to come back home next weekend or some other suitable time. She promised to call later and tell mom of her program. Not in a long while, she was ready to leave and after putting her stuff in the car she came to us where I and Spence were sitting. She hugged both Spence and I tightly and I did feel strange senses during the hugging and then the killer kiss followed. I swear she kissed both of us on our lips with her wet lips. It might have been an innocent tradition of their family but it was not innocent at all for me. We had some very cowed customs back home; even the parents did not hug and kiss the grown up children. Anything, a thought or notion that even had a nuance, connotation or suggestion of sex was a complete no, no in our society. I started to have an effect on my body but thankfully, she was not doing it with a sexual inference and left me alone soon but I had to sit down rather quickly to hide my hormonal rush and its effect on some special area and then she left.

I was so glad, neither she nor Spence noticed my rapid hard erection. I and Spence got talking again and did not even realize the time fleeting until Paula came back home from church and it was well past the midday hour. Paula asked us both to get ready for going out to a lunch cook out place not far away from the residence, on the water front. We had a nice picnic type couple of hours and then we returned home to stay in. We sat in the family room and she went over all the routines of the family, the breakfast arrangement, the lunch and dinner details. Paula being a working woman had to divvy up the chores and she discussed it all with both us. She had also written up all the necessary points to make the house running smoothly and asked Spencer to lead and show me the chores and how to handle them.

Almost a week passed and nothing of extra ordinary happened. I was getting used to this new family, the daily routines and day to day affairs. One thing particularly noted by me was that if I called Paula as mom, every single time she reminded me to call her by her name. Easter was coming and a very long weekend was announced at the college. We had Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. Paula also has these days off. She called and asked Lucinda if she also had those days off. I don’t know why but I still remember it was Wednesday at the dinner table when Paula and Spencer started discussing and planning a visit to their farm house. I was also asked and after being informed that the family had a farm house at about 2 hour drive, right on the water front; I happily consented to go spend some days there enjoying the nice weather, water stream in the back of the house for swimming and playing in the water.

Before we got up from the dinner table, Paula had called Luci twice and confirmed that she had no special plan with her boyfriend and would join the family. So it was decided that the next day, Thursday; Spence shall leave early evening in the family USV, reach the town where Luci was going to college and spend the night in the hotel and shall pick Lucinda Friday morning and they will drive to the farm house to reach there before lunch time. While Spence was to take the USV, we had to pack up most of the items and put them in the USV before Thursday afternoon. Paula was to drive her Buick with me as her passenger and we both agreed to get up quite early Friday morning and not be late.
On Thursday we had the evening coffee together and then Spencer decided to go. Little after that Paula said that as she was to wake up decently early and she was not feeling hungry, so she was going to take a warm bath and relax in her bed enjoying the good night sleep and went to her room telling me that there was plenty of food for me in the fridge, but I shall have to eat alone. I was feeling little bored and lonely as I came to the family room and turned the TV on. There was nothing of my interest but still I got watching a basketball game during which I am sure I dozed off because as I came to senses, the wall clock was showing 8:40 PM. I was not feeling like eating and decided to go to my room, take a bath and sleep. Walking to my room, I noticed a dim light from Paula’s room into the corridor as her door was not open but ajar.

There could be no error on my part as I heard loud and clear moaning, grousing and groaning coming from the Paula’s room. The curiosity overtook me and the door, half ajar was also an invitation for me to go in. I was stunned beyond belief to witness the scene on the bed for me first time ever in my life. Paula was totally naked for her lower half of the body, in semi laying position on the bed. Her both legs were wide apart and her puffy lipped pussy was on a full display for anyone entering through the door. She was enjoying some porno erotic novel which was now lying near her pillow. Her eyes were closed, her body was all stretched tense under the sexual high and her cunt was stuffed with a large, black dildo and she was stroking it in and out just oblivious to if at all anything else was happening in the world. Her pussy was very wet and dripping the special viscous liquid, crawling out of her very aroused fuck hole on to the bed sheet. The fury, the fervor and the speed with which, she was dildo fucking herself was also making her hormonal liquid to splash the beads of smelly sexy brew all over her hand and her white thighs and even beyond.

I am sure there was no creaking of the floor or any other noise but suddenly her fucking hand came to a halt and she opened her eyes. I cannot explain it any better but only to say that I wished it was a dream and I should wake up to find myself safe in my bed back home but no, Paula was looking at me with her eyes popped out of the sockets. The dildo was stuck far deep in her over stuffed and puffy fucking canal and I could see her pink inside and the utterly distended and blown up cunt button totally unveiled out of the hood and red as a flame. Before I knew it I had to flip and tuck my rock hard cock. I just could not stop looking, she twist spread her legs, squatted down a bit, bending over to give me an amazing view of her smooth and silky tight crumpled ass hole. Holy fuck, I thought reaching down rapidly grabbing my instantly rock solid cock and tugging it thru my pants. I noticed she was looking straight at my crotch! Shit I thought, I’d forgotten to flip my cock up to hide my hard on but now it was too late for any action.

Next thing I cannot explain in million years, I don’t know what came over me, what my thoughts were and why I turned into being a robot instead of being a young teen man. All I remember is turning around like an army soldier and marched out of her room to my room, next door. For a second, I regretted, I realized, I thought to myself if I did the right thing. I regretted that there was an aroused woman, all naked and hopefully willing to be taken by me and I missed the chance of a life time. I realized that the woman was someone who had kindly taken me as a house guest and she was almost as old and like my own mother and I just could not fuck her even if …. And I did not want to dwell on this any longer. I thought that there could be nobody as stupid or duffer than I was. She was not my mother, how many times she had forbade me not to call her mom. She was just a mature woman, experienced and well trained; and in need. Her husband had been dead, I did not know since when exactly and obviously she simply could not resist the desire, the need of a man cock in her puss and I almost committed a sin; refusing to give her what she wanted and I had plenty of it and had been masturbating and spilling since I discovered this great fun toy and tremendously pleasing playful activity.

I was regretting, I was cursing myself for not having analyzed the situation better and find the fact if I did the right thing. Should I have imposed myself on her because I had caught her off guards or did I do the right thing by leaving her alone and came to my room. Due to this lamenting and stressing, my cock stiffened and stretched far beyond its usual 7 inches length and much more thickly too. I wanted to lock my bedroom, get into the bathroom and spill the load out of my balls to release and relief the pressure built so huge. For some unknown reason my thinking head was not able to decide anything. Frustrated I threw myself on my bed; I could hear and feel the pounding of aroused blood in the back of my ears. The swollen erected cock in the jeans was hurting due to the restraint of the fabric prison and just in a nonchalant move; I unzipped reducing some pressure on the hard meat cylinder. O fuck!! I realized, not wearing any underwear but I was not going to do anything about it right away and just close my eyes trying to sail out of the reality I was in. I swear, I did not hear anything, not a sound on the wood floor of anybody walking but suddenly felt a warm hand getting wrapped around my stiff manhood to make me jump out of my skin. With my open eyes, I saw Paula drop carelessly on the bed next to me in a loose white silky soft night gown. Suddenly she let my bamboo go and complemented me for looking so good. I also reciprocated the feeling, telling her, she looked great too.

She asked me, what I meant by telling her looking great. What I saw to make me this hot, she asked in the same breath.

Everything; I answered fretfully and a bit worried. By now her fingers had crawled inside the zip, touching and fondling my erection and heavy balls, inside and outside the jeans.
Did you like whatever you saw; now she was becoming very personal and asked what affected me to get the erection? Would you care to see it all again?

My weak voice once again told her that everything and specially her fanny and tightly puckered ass hole was a great scene.

She suddenly gripped my swollen throbbing shaft and squeezed it so harsh that an uncontrolled sigh escaped my throat. Surely my stiffness announced that yes; I would like to see it again. Of course, with the vision of Paula’s pussy dancing in my head, her legs wide spread and her cunt wide open for my cock to inspect, I throbbed even harder in her hand. She started stroking me and with her lips close to my ears, undoubtedly I heard her demand to know if I wanted to see her again or not. She was far gone when she said, Tins boy, even if you do not want to see what you could, I must not miss the chance and she aggressively handled my cock and balls to get it totally free from the fabric of my pants. Soon my pants were on the floor and my naked teen masculine beauty was in her control being patted lovingly. My cock was breathing very deep and consuming a lot more oxygen making it even larger wider in size. Ah!! My virgin cock.

Slowly moving she took a position over me. Her face was in my groin and she was tugging on my cock as if trying to uproot it from its joint. I could hear her moaning while enjoying a wrestling with my teen boy dick. She had changed position by now in her tussle almost did not care for her cunt rubbing my face and she had started oozing juices as well. Without any shame or dithering she had got rid of her pants, her hands were cupping my balls and she had begun sucking my cock into her throat. She was complimenting my cock size whenever she came up to breathe. She was also reminding me to see her anatomy and for a while she stopped the action and took off her shirt and brazier revealing her larger sized tits and large, rock hard nipples and changed position again. She had made me sit with my legs extended and my back to the headboard taking her position over my abs. Her swollen pussy lips were rubbing my belly button and I could easily see her pussy button, much swollen and dark pink in color peeping out of the gelling point between our two bodies. She bent down over me making my access to her breast as easy as it should have been and I began massaging those meat mounds in my hands. She helped and starting shaking, lowering her upper body making them mature balloons to rub on my face even did not shy from holding one of her breast and shoving the nipple into my mouth well past my lips. I did not derelict and darted my tongue out, licking her areola and biting her nipples with my lips.

Slowly I moved my hand down until my fingers were on her pussy and I began to spread her pussy lips. I opened her lips wide and looked. It was a wonderful sight, pink pussy, lighter pink clitoris and the beginning of her “hole.” I looked for a while and then moved my finger, touched her clit and began to rub it. I continued to rub and her clit grew. Next I moved my hand down and started to stroke her pussy with my finger while rubbing her clit with my thumb. Her pussy was getting moist and I began to move a finger to her entrance and gently massage her open. Here was a mature woman; naked from the waist down, breasts barely covered, erect nipples and my finger in her cunt. Thats when my hormones took complete control and I decided to fuck her! I put a finger on her clit and rubbed, she let out a little moan. I moved my hand down and stroked her opening, she opened her legs wider. I inserted one, then two fingers while I rubber her clit with my thumb, another moan and her hips began to move slightly. Rushing the things up, I remember taking position between her opened legs and with a thrust of my hips I was nearly half the way in her. She was certainly not very tight but still tight enough. I felt her jolt with pleasure as I slid into her. My cock was half-way inside her!! Finally I couldnt wait any longer; I had to fuck her real good!

I pulled out and slowly moved the head of my cock up and down on her open pussy. She actually began to squirm! I placed my tip at her opening and just put the head in; she started to move down on me so I shoved my cock all the way inside her. She started moving her hips faster and I began to thrust in and out of her. She was moving faster and moaning more. I put a hand on each breast, played with her nipples and we continued fucking. I felt the tight walls of her passage around my cock to get wet quickly as her body reacted to being fucked. I started to fuck her with rapid thrusts in and out, and made her pant and moan helplessly in the grip of her body’s arousal. We fucked that way for a couple of minutes, then she stopped, arched her back and I felt her pussy muscles grab my cock. It was a feeling I had never had before when I masturbated and it was fantastic! Soon she was writhing under me and tried to hold on to anything in a lust filled haze. Her pussy felt amazing around my cock, warm and tight plus really well lubed with the copious amounts of pussy juice she was leaking. I decide to switch to a different rhythm for a while and pulled out telling her to sit on my cock as I lie on my back. She slowly but skillfully lowered herself onto my cock facing away from me and I started pounding into her deep to the home. With her leaning over and gripping my ankles, it did not take much longer until she suddenly tensed & her whole body stiffened as a breathtaking climax ran through her. Oouuhh Fuck Yesss, she screamed. I shoved my cock as deep into her as it would go and we both ejaculated. I swear I must have cum for a minute or more and, all the while, Paula’s pussy was sucking me dry. My cock buried deep inside her shooting off volleys of baby batter deep into her fuck hole.

The action did not stop and I only remember sliding deeper into her taking the position above her, meeting no resistance or barrier inside her, I leaned down and put my arms around her and found her lips with mine and gave her a deep kiss distracting her with some playful tongue wrestling, while pushing forward with my hips, increasing the pressure until I felt my cock breaking in the deepest. I rested my hard shaft inside Paula for a moment to allow her to get used to ALL of it and started moving in and out, moaning in unison. Her legs were wrapped on my hips and she was pulling me real tight with each of my thrusts. Fucking this mature but still tight pussy had so turned me on and I had to make sure I kept some sort of control or this will be over far too quickly. Paula also seemed to be getting close as I continued pounding in her and she was now hard grousing and groaning beneath me with my cock deep in and out of her tight wet cunt. Harder, Deeper… OH GOOODD!!!” She screamed as I felt her pussy clenching hard around my cock. I had just given her another orgasm in her cunt. The thought almost pushed me over the edge but I continued pounding her harder and faster hoping she was ready to shoot again.

“Ohh Fuck, I am Cummmmming again Yessssss”. She moaned, “Cum inside me”. I pumped very fast and hard letting out a huge load into her cunt feeling my cock shoot the hot fuck juice up her cunt with the pressure of a fire engine. I lay on top of her, my cock slowly going soft and she was telling me, “That was awesome thank you.”
“Tell me you enjoyed my pussy” She whispered while thrusting her hips up and suddenly rubbing my half spent meat rod giving me a big jolt of pleasure. She almost forgot the shame of being my mother’s age.

“Fuck yeah I want to fuck it more” I moaned remembering an earth shattering orgasm buried deep inside of her as fire ignited in my body. I was still lost in the afterglow of my orgasm proud that a cunt made me cum. I whispered the desire to fill her more with my baby batter as my softer length slipped out of her snatch and my cum spewed out of her used hole. She seemed to try containing the seed of my hard labor as she kept talking dirty to remind me that I did not even kiss her like a lover boy nor went down on her to lick and suck her pussy but have fucked her twice already like the owner of a greedy cock youngster and I swear my cock felt very good listening to all that.

Next moment she struggled a bit and as the result, I fell off her to the side and she was reminding me that I had praised her fanny and the bottom hole. O’ the fucking Lord, what was she trying to do; I had no clue. She had quickly jumped up, with each foot on my side, she was straddling me and her both hands were pulled back, separating the perfect sized ass globes while she very slowly, came down showing me her tight puckered hole like a tightly knotted balloon. I realized, I was very keenly looking at her ass as she came closer and closer to my eyes. It was not massive, not small; it was just the perfect size and shape which made my cock twitch. I had never looked at any ass this sexually before in my life, but seeing her was feeling so horny. Just at that moment Paula methodically placed her split point on my face and I lost all my senses. There was no bad smell rather she smelled so clean in addition to the silky velvety soft but totally firm on my face. My nose almost squished between her split, I obviously needed to breathe deep consuming lot of her sexy ass smell along with oxygen which made the blood rush into my manhood making it rejoice and rejuvenate towards another hard on.

Although I had never thought of fucking an ass but after all being a teen ager, I knew what was the anal sex about in general and her being ass horny with me could have made me shoot my load then and there. The way she was bending, I could easily see her pussy mound through her legs sticking couple of inches out too with well fucked rosy red lips and slightly bruised clit looked so horny. By now my monster cock was in her full view, full 7 plus inches of USDA grade “A” boneless beef and thick like a horse. I knew what I had to do and did not want to be a derelict because to fuck an ass was making me all numb with perked up sense of elation and ecstasy.
I took control of affairs and moved myself from under her to the top but in ‘69’ position. Now I had a complete choice to lick, suck her pussy and clit or go to town and even enjoy her ass hole with my tongue going all around and inside her secondary cunt. I started licking and sucking her pleasure area enthusiastically lapping her with fully drawn out tongue like a dog on his bowl. Every time, coming to her dirt hole; I could imagine nothing else but her being able to crack nuts with her such tight and miniscule fuck hole and imagining if I was the first one to be fucking her caboose, if at all I get to be so lucky. She was going berserk on my again hard as steel sex rod, sucking my length, licking my sides and entertaining my balls in her mouth.

I moved her ass and hip to the edge of the bed and got on my knees on the floor. Paulas big red pussy was right in my face. I gave her a long lick up her pussy pushing my tongue in between her pussy lips. Her a bit swollen pussy lips were looking like a camel’s paw. I started kissing her soft white thighs all the way up to her twat crack. Then I put my whole mouth over her sweet pussy and flicked my tongue up and down her cunt lips. I licked from her ass all the way to her clit, I licked and kissed on her pussy as well as the ass for nearly half an hour or more and she just lay there enjoying, jumping, moaning and growling to the max. I think she liked it; her pussy sure did get wet and swollen up. Surely she would have no complaint now for me; not staying on her sex den long enough and now I had to fuck her. Her pussy was right in front of my hard cock but did she want me to fuck her in the ass? I had an intuition and had to take a chance. I could see her empty cunt flutter and longing to be pounded; it was so fucking horny scene. I moved my pussy rammer head to the entry point of her wet, swollen pussy lips but felt as if she was trying to get away, pushing me downwards to fill the other hole. I did not want to be a subservient and fuck the way I wanted but this was different. I could feel my own cock revolting against me and desiring to do the same what I thought she was trying me to do.
Her pink Canoe was dripping ready to be ridden into oblivion and filled with my baby making brew but her dirt den looked crying out louder for the fucking experience. My reaction was dulled a bit but not enough to respond accordingly. I could not wait anymore and held my dick while sliding it over her folds to the tight crumpled ass hole and lined the mushroom exactly to the brown eye. Paula was not looking but maybe her under eye was looking at the beer can thickness, well above 7 inches length of steel drill intent to pound and damage after settling in past the mushroom large head and she made a big sigh escape her throat. Suddenly I had a strong desire to fuck her “Doggie style” reaching to pull her and she jumped at the same time screaming pleading, not to hurt her but I succeeded to turn her doggie with her pretty ass buns raised high up for me. My one hand covered her mouth while the other held her face to the bed. Every muscle in her body was twitching as I moved up and in her. Her tight ass locked on my cock so snug that I felt it difficult to get it out as she started screaming loud to be hurting bad and taking it out. Paula’s long sexy legs slipped under her and she almost fell on her belly still freaking like a wild jungle woman. She was feeling hurt with my horse sized extremely thick young cock, I am sure she was feeling the length also but the width of almost 10 inches was definitely a job for the cunt to persevere in addition to 7 plus inches depth.

I pulled her hips and made her take the doggie position again and started moving in and out of her. She had one nice ass; it was so hot inside her and very wet for not wanting to get some cock. As I pumped her, my hands caressed her ass buns and hips moving into higher gear and started pumping her. Bending over her, I was asking her if she was comfy and enjoying it. “Tell me Paula you are ok, tell me you want it and want it raw, rough and rude”. She was not saying a word and I thought I should take her ass by putting her on her back affording me to see her face and judge how much she was enjoying my dong digging in her rectum. I stopped abruptly and before she could realize, I flipped her on to her back and my hands spread her legs to offer me her fun hole for fucking. This time it did not take any effort slipping back to the hilt in her ass cave. She moaned once again the loudest but I could see her both hands grip the bed sheet on both sides like it was going to reduce any hurting and I could see her face also. She was unable to differentiate between pain and pleasure, I think she was having fun. She was swaying her head sideways with each of my solid thrust while her eyes rolled back in the sockets and offering the white part for me to see. Now I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Paula, you have the very best ass pussy, so sexy, blazing hot. I know I could fuck you in here all night for our mutual ecstasy”. With that I picked up the pace, speed and the force, pumping in her. More I was drilling into her ass, more angel faced beautiful woman she was looking. With each shove in her widening ass hole, I could see her breasts jump and swing like they were performing an acrobatic stunt. Suddenly she closed her eyes and started biting her lower lip.

I kept pushing in her harder, faster while taking her breast in my hands like the reigns to take the charge and even arched slowly for licking and sucking her nipples and pushing in her all the way deep. I was still insisting to make her talk by repeating myself asking the dear baby girl of the mature age to tell of her feelings and guide me to fuck her even better. Then suddenly it did happen, her hips moved forward and up impaling herself much homely on my fucking cock. She was also whispering for me to do it faster, faster and I obeyed plowing into her ass like there was no tomorrow, driving my throbbing cock deep inside her. Her hips pushing and meeting mine as we came together. Her ass muscles were jerking and holding my cock. I humped and fucked her hard. I had never fucked an ass and I was loving it more than anybody loves McDonals and then suddenly she moved forward and my hard erection fell out of her ass hole.

I do not want you to ejaculate so easy this time, she mumbled and turned around to face my cock. I want to play with you a bit more, she said and swiftly reached for my pants on the floor, scrubbed my cock clean and started sucking it madly. Paula cupped my balls in her hand and sucked my cock deeper and deeper, pushing it right into her throat! I always thought you had a big cock she said! Most Europeans in my experience do. I simply ignored her and started massaging her big tits in my hands while I sucked madly at her nipples. I also started to finger her while I sucked at her nipples, she was so wet! She moaned loudly as I pushed 2 fingers deep inside her. Her pussy was so wet it was making a slopping noise as I fucked her with my fingers. Finger fuck me she said, fuck me please! She was moaning. I grabbed her thighs and held her there and buried my face in her pussy, sucking and licking her very swollen clit. I started pushing my tongue inside her as she rocked back trying to fuck my face. She tasted amazing. I alternated with my tongue and 2 fingers to fuck her twat. Fuck, you have a hot ass I said! With this she started bucking harder and harder yelling me to get her in the ass. I guess she was already enjoying the spasms of orgasm in her fucked up pussy as I could feel every fit of her pussy clenching down on my 2 fingers. I watched her clench and relax her ass hole as well, fuck it was hot and too exciting for a youngster like me. I felt glad she did not have me inside her otherwise I won’t be able to resist my spurting in her ass well.

I do not think she was done with her orgasm as yet but she rapidly got on her shoulders and the knees, reached back; grabbed my cock and shoved it straight inside her ass hole deep as she could get it and started pumping up, south, north and sideways on my dong. As she pumped up and down my cock I watched her gorgeous big tits bounce sideways looking grandiose. I was cupping her ass in my hands squeezing and slapping them! I let her suck on my finger to get it all wet and slippery and then slid it into her tight ass hole along with my monster. OH! You dirty little prick; Paula moaned but I madly kept double fucking her ass with my finger while she slid her ass up and down my cock. Do you like that, do you Paula, I asked. Before she answered, I pushed her off my cock and rolled her onto her back. Without a second’s delay she spread her ass cheeks nice and wide for me. I grabbed my cock and pushed it straight back into her hot inviting ass hole again. She squirmed, moaned and screamed a little as her ass hole relaxed around my cock. I watched as I slowly slid my cock all the way into her ass and then back out, leaving her gapping a little wider each time. Fill me with your cum she begged as she madly fucked her pussy with her fingers. I grabbed her waist tight and pumped deep and fast into her ass grinding my balls on her pussy lips.

“I’m cumming again, I’m cumming again she moaned Fuck!! FUCK she screamed. Her orgasm clenched down on my cock sending ripples up and down it although I was in her ass. I pushed very deep into her ass and passed her second barrier for sure and resumed thrusting. “Fuck me”; she grunted almost crying. I was kneeling behind her doing her doggie and not really listening to anything she said. She arched her spine pushing back against my hips. “Cum in my ass.” The words finally made sense to my sex addled brain. She was rocking back and forward on her knees, working herself on my now stationary cock; pushing back harder, pulling me deep into her.

“Ahhhh my ass, my ass,” she suddenly began pleading and squeezing hard on my cock. Oh, God! She rocked herself hard, ass grinding into my hips, for a few seconds making me feel the beginning of my own orgasm pushing for release. Once again she yelled “My ass,” and pulled away making my cock slip from her ass pussy. What a bitch, making me thrust in the thin air. My head was spinning as I opened my eyes. “Please fuck me harder in my ass, please do me harder and rougher in my ass”; she was really feeling ass hungry to say the least.

“Holy Fuck,” I looked down, the tip of my cock was pushing against her winking brown asshole. “Do me hard”; her voice was heavy, her breathing was fast. “Do my ass,” plz plz. “Do it!” I pushed the head of my cock against her asshole. “Oh, fucking hell,” I screamed as she pushed back against my cock and I thrust forward. It surely felt like a virgin cunt sucking in my long hard cock. Hot, soft and tight; really, really fucking tight. I let out a scream as I sank my cock straight to the hilt. Her cunt was kissing my balls as she began to thrusts against me. Next I had her hips in my hands and I was pounding away in her rectum for all my worth. My cock was feeling like it was on fire. My balls were going to explode, if my brain did not. I pounded and pounded into her and she pushed back, even harder than I was doing her. She wanted me to ram slam every inch of my cock into her hot tight ass. What a fucking scene, I was no longer doing the fucking. My dick was being ass fucked and I loved it even more.

Suddenly my whole body exploded, sucked into my balls and squeezed out my cock. Her ass clamped down so hard; it felt as if my cock was going to be snapped off. I let out an instinctive scream and pumped my hot cum into her bowls. I was squeezing her buns so tight to leave bruise marks on those beautiful ass globes. I kneeled back on my heels for… I don’t know how long, as my mind came back down from the jubilation and saw her fallen onto her side in the fetal position with my open eyes. Her damp hair was plastered to her scalp, her skin glowing wet with sweat. She giggled and murmured Thank You. How could a nasty whore that got such hard fucked in the ass could giggle like a little school girl; I thought to myself.

She lay there, looking as contented as the proverbial cat that got the cream. I looked down at my softening cock thinking to take a quick shower. “This is enough for me if you don’t want any more” I heard her loud and clear. “Paula if I fuck you one more time right now, you better believe I am fucking you all night and we are not going anywhere tomorrow morning”; I spelled my intentions very clearly and she made me promise to fuck her every time she arranged it to happen until I was her house guest. I had the best sexual training and came back home ready to nail every bitch that I could after almost 5 months of those wonderful days of my life in Canada and still get my cock hard just remembering that Canadian whore.

A. W. Chohan…………. Your comments are appreciated. Thank you.

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