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Quick Introduction my name is Raghav and I came to Mumbai for my internship and under certain circumstances, the landlord of my place became my fuck-buddy. New to the story see the first part before reading this.

Back to the story, Nannu was watching the movie and fell asleep over my laps, I was hell happy and I took him on my laps and showed to Sapna that he is asleep close all the work and be in my room. I will come she said ok and then I laid him on his bed, started on the fan and laid a blanket and went running up. She sat on the bed and came running towards me and started kissing me, I sat on the bed and she sat on my laps and was kissing me, giving pecks to my lips and I was grabbing her back and was holding the laces of her blouse and touching her navel I am big fan of her navel and belly hole. My thigh was aching so I slowly dropped her onto the bed and was kissing her simultaneously.

We took long kisses I used to press her upper lip and then lower lip and she used to do vice-versa and I was touching her boobs over the blouse this made my cock hard again. We were kissing passionately exchanging each other saliva and massaging each other tongues, switching neck orientation so after a while I broke the kiss and showed her how passionately I loved her, I took her to my drawer and showed her panty, bra and blouse which I stole when she was drying her clothes. I said “Until yesterday, these were my only hope of existence, but now I have you” Seeing this she blushed like a little girl and we went back to kissing saga and then I slowly removed her pallu while we were kissing and pressing her navel and boobs. She smiled and pinched and dragged my lower lip thus signaling the end of kiss and I stood up to remove my pants and her white bra was visible from the side of the blouse.

Then I dragged her head and pulled towards me for a blowjob, while she was blowjob me I held my hand inside her blouse and bra and started pressing her boobs. She gave a hell of a blowjob to me and after a while, I released myself over her face and while she was cleaning herself with tissue paper, I removed my shirt and took a Viagra tablet just to last long. While then she removed her bangles, golden necklace and earpieces and kept it aside. I turned over and pulled her over the bed and I laid over her directly started kissing her over her saree and as usual started to rub my erect dick near the pussy over her saree. Just for time pass so that Sheilajeet can start acting. I was kissing her passionately like before.

She stopped and said “Even my husband didn’t kiss me so passionately. Make me your Randi(whore) and fuck me all day so MILFer” Then I started kissing her navel came over her top and pressed boobs, slowly then I started to remove her blouse but I couldn’t so will she removing her blouse hooks. I went down kissing her navel and there come white boobs with the bra over them I lifted up the bra and started sucking them. After a while, I lifted her up and said to remove the upper portion and did as I said. After throwing her bra and blouse on the floor.

She started kissing my crotch, dick tip area and licking my belly button, That seriously aroused me as she was kissing my stomach, my dick started to hit her jaw. I slowly pushed her back and started to kiss her boobs and lips as my hand were below her she turned to side and I was exploring and moving over her back then I went down to her ass and started pressing it and along with that I went deep entering into her pussy over the saree thus strongly holding her legs and pressing her ass so hard and kissing her passionately made me hot, I kept my hands inside her lower saree and dived for her panty removed it and touched her pussy only to realize it was wet.

I started rubbing her pussy and kissed her and my dick was dancing a lot with such commotion. Then she stood up to remove her lower saree for which I said “I will do it” and took her end saree piece and started removing her and she was turning along so that it can unwind and thrown on the floor. I kept my body straight on the bed and she came over me and started touching my face and directed her finger my lips to belly hole thus arousing me a lot and then I pulled her towards me and she kissing me again giving more breaks only to tease slowly slowly, then she kissed my nipples and then went to kiss on my cheeks. I held her strong and gave a love bite on her chest. She said “You’re such a passionate lover, u beast. I want your love bites all over my body”. Her petticoat was still there and we were kissing over and over again and I was pressing her boobs.

She again slowly went down for the second round of blowjob but this time passionately starting with kissing and licking of balls and giving slow thrusts to upper tip and then licking my entire 6.1-inch rod and then taking it as a whole. I asked, “Whether u love it??” She said “Yes” She pulled down the skin and rubbing the upper part with tongue and then was taking complete thrusts. This commotion made me explode quickly and she drank it all. After drinking it all, she took a while I suddenly pulled over me and rolled over now I was at top and she was unzipping the not from the side of the petticoat, but being less patient I lifted her petticoat over and kissed her crotch and white thighs and while then I took a step back and she removed her petticoat. Now my queen is only in panty. I separated her legs and started kissing her thigh area near to pussy heard that it causes sensations and was crumbling, she was taking heavy breathes along with holding my head tight pulling my hair and her panty was drenching wet so I removed it and licked the inner of her panty and threw it and started licking her pussy.

I took my 5 fingers and started entering her and started to shack her which made me unstable. But I don’t why Viagra lost effect and my dick came down so while she laid back I went kneeling over to her and asked her to blowjob I stood there in right angle bend over my knee and she being laid back on bed was stroking me then my dick became hard and slowly entered her in missionary and due to yesterday session dick went in easily than yesterday and rested myself over her and kissed her while giving her deep strokes and then she was like Mmmm, Mmm yeah baby come inside me. Then I got reminded of my dick and hurriedly went down to get a condom packet and wore it while climbing the steps and entered her. She said “You naughty boy, fuck your landlord bloody milf boy, make me pregnant” This aroused me and we were fucking passionately hugging each other and kissing each other bodies and me giving me deep strokes and kissing her.

I was kissing so deeply and passionately that in order to sustain that pain she pressed the pillow beneath and after some time I was looking her and she was looking me as if we had both for each other and then we changed to doggy and girl on top position and we came we laid against each other and I said “The best sex I had so far” We kissed and said “I will always be your side” We hugged each other then suddenly nannu came and I got hell shocked my dick was inside his mom pussy and we were kissing. Both felt ashamed and were trying to cover each other he looked innocent as if he doesn’t know anything. SO then I asked “Why did u woke up,” He said “I saw you running up and slowly I woke up and searched for mom down I didn’t find her so I came up so here is mummy” And he asked “What game are u playing without dress”

She hid her face in shame and I said “Your mom got cold, so in order to give some warmness we are doing this” He said, “Can I help??” I said “Only when you get 20+ u can do such treatment and don’t say about this treatment to anyone” For which he said “Okk” and she told him to go down as she will prepare some snacks for both of us and then as he left I kissed him and said I will talk to him lets dress up each other I dressed her up from panty to petticoat and bra to blouse and adjusted my boxer to pant to baniyan to shirt and we went down. After having snacks I took him and explained him again and our adventure just grew from there. We were like fuck buddies and fucked practically everywhere, every room on the top has a balcony with iron grills in front of them and we fuck naked there most of the times and her boobs were clearly visible from the spaces between the grills and then one day when nannu slept off we both went to rooftop and I bought a quilt from my room and we had great sex in the open roof bare naked, cold air passed over us but heat from sex flew from my body to her. Also on a special Sunday we fucked in the same bed and room where nannu was sleeping along with us. I entered deep inside her and was teasing her so that she can shout and wake up Nannu so that he can see what Dad does to bring children onto earth.

But she maintained her motherhood and made sure that she doesn’t shout and after a good session I slept in the middle where her boob was touching me and her hand was on my dick on the other hand my one hand was touching her one boob and other hand inside her pussy and Naanu slept side of me and after some time she woke up to cover me and she got dressed up so that Naanu doesn’t see anything uncensored. Best part of all after she makes nannu have a bath at evening after I arrive and she makes nannu watch tv and gives him some food and we both used to get into bathroom and used to have steamy sex and then we used to bath each other and came out with the same towel and it became a daily habit of making each other get dressed up due to which I became an expert in draping saree to my love.

We both became addicted to each other private parts and can’t live without others. Maybe because during my birthday that came on Sat which is a holiday to me and she also took a holiday and dropped Nannu in nursery stating that there was some emergency in the office and came to my room just wearing saree no panty, no bra, no blouse and no petticoat I could see her nipples aroused over the saree, my queen came to me and wished ‘happy Birthday My love’ and gave a long kiss and she asked what do you want as a birthday gift u can enjoy me completely till 5 as Nannu is in Nursery right now lucky me yesterday night I was seeing the kitchen scene from hunter movie and as part of my birthday present I showed her the scene from hunter and asked for anal as we never did it before she gave me a slutty smile and went down and I also went running down and closed her room and said be in the kitchen when she came into the kitchen after a while and was standing there in the dark green saree almost similar to that of the movie and said “Don’t u wanna start??”

I went there hugged her from back and recollected the entire scene as a part of that I threw her pallu started kissing her cheeks and my dick became erect again and were hitting her ass and then slowly kissed her neck and her back skin all the way down and proceeded to remove her blouse and bra but unlike him I was able to unzip it but days of experience and started kissing that part of bra hook more intensely and slowly came up and then I indicated her by rotating her navel towards me and kissed her Adams apple, jaw, cheeks and kept my hands over her ass and pressed them and then later I lifted her onto the kitchen surface and lifted her saree pallu along with petticoat which she later wore and as the part of the scene clip I went to kiss which she resisted 2 times and then we finally kissed passionately I explored her upper lip and she did with my lower one and then I removed my boxer and my tool was firm and I slowly entered her who wasn’t wearing any panty over the kitchen surface then she crossed her legs tightly around my ass and we were kissing and fucking her while my hands were exploring her boobs over the blouse after a while she broke the kiss and we were fucking in full swing that some utensils started to fall down we smiled and continued and then I accidentally exploded inside her pussy and fell over her laps and was inclined to the wall I realized what I did and quickly gave her an Ipill and we were good enough. Then we brought sat on the kitchen floor naked and hugging each other such a way that both of your chests had no gap for air to flow and she said me “That I don’t have any money to run this home as I was concentrating on you, I couldn’t clear the Tax and so my boss gave me less money, It’s not like I hate you but I want you and the money” SO I went to my purse and handed her 6,000rs for room and extra 2,000rs for herself and promised that I will return to her after I get a good job and I complete my undergraduate and will take her to some safe place where we can live together she hugged me tightly and I kissed her head and hugged her.

After a while she made plans to seduce me and made me laid so then she wore sexy lingerie that I brought her and saree over and we started the play and kept stripping till saree and then I started the play with me by showing her sexy ass and boobs from far and then I started to touch her accidentally and showing my dick intentionally and then that lasted for some time then I suddenly kissed her and she was resisting it but I was doing it forcefully kick-started the mission I started to strip her till bra and panty. then I was kissing her boobs playing with them showed them peeks of her boobs and ass and played with them then unstrapping her till bare body and we slowly continued with her blowjob and she first starting stroking me with hand and then pulled my skin down and licked the upper part and then slowly went off to complete dick and while in between she started to see pecks of her boobs and cleavage by keeping banana in between and then stroking me and after that I went down to lick her pussy over panty and she was moaning good enough.

So I was behind her and slowly removed her bra and panty and exposed them and while she was playing with her pussy I wore a dotted condom for extra fun and then I was touching her pussy and licking them then I slowly pushed her to bed and kissed her boobs and then she wanted to know about my dick size that she was playing with these many days as it was humongous so she went down and she kept shaking for my dick to get straight and was shaking a lot and she brought the tape and counted it came out to be 6.1 inches, and then I asked her to give tit-fuck which she did

I came over her boobs and she was licking it all I saw the time was 3:30 pm fuck as nannu was about to come so I asked her to wear only part of the saree and give Randi dance so she did the same and gave Randi dance by holding her hands up and shaking her chest so that boobs could get swing and belly dance and then I danced with her, threw money at her, removed her lower saree and showed open her pussy lips and we then kissed each other passionately and my dick was up again I wanted to fuck my queen, so I lifted her kept her stomach over my shoulder and spanked her on air and then I slowly kissed her and teased her for requesting me to give my dick and then I slowly entered her and she was giving hell of noises and then fucked in missionary, girl on top positions and then in doggy position I fucked her in anal and as being first she started to give loud screams thus people started to give more and in between she turned her head around to kiss me and we did lizard kiss to enthrall her and after many strokes she came and we exploded inside her and then cum drenched ass and she was lying over me at the end of the session and we realized that it was 5:15 pm and she rushed to take Nanu back from nursery

So I recorded that all for my future need. So, I left them to complete my Under Graduation was always in touch with her we used to share nudes of each other and then I cleared my exams and got a good job in Delhi for a handsomely paying IT job and then I said my parents that I wanted to marry a widow with a male child even before saying where I got the job, they rejected it. Next day I ran off to Delhi packing my entire luggage with the help of my friend. After 3 months, I took a loan and bought a 3 BHK room in apartment and took a week leave went to Mumbai, went to her house, hugged her and said that I have a room and job, come with me leave all these I will make u happy and then she left the job took her pension, PF amount and packed her bags and left with me and we got married in temple and thus every day we used to fuck as now Nannu has a separate room,

Every night we used to have sex by using sex tricks that gave extra fun and kinkiness needed and we had good savings and sold the Mumbai house which almost cleared House EMI, I even bought a car and finally my parents accepted her and even we fucked in the open balcony early morning. We used to fuck 3 times in early morning either bed or verandah at 6 am, then bathroom, night and things went off better after 1 year of my joining in company I became Assistant Zonal head with some salary pack and bonus thus car EMI got levied off, house I took 2 years loan so no worry for it, Narendra got admitted in good school, Sapna became pregnant with my child and after 9months she delivered girl child her name is Anishaa, whom I am proud off. But even with baby morning and night sex were compulsory became I became sex – deprived with her pregnancy. After few months, due to dead of Systems Manager; I was been promoted to that place within 11 months of being Assistant Zonal Manager because of the morning and bathroom sex I used to concentrate on work with full dedication and used to work on Sat and Sundays when she was pregnant so this promotion. As a part of this promotion party, we had unprotected sex and she is now pregnant with my 2 child.

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