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Hello there, this story was presented to me by one of my fans whom I met through online and after listening to his story I felt really good and wanted to share with you all, this beautiful story between bhabhi and an intern guy. Her name is Sapna but he suggested the title to me because it had the flow and rhythm which I also liked and kept it. Sapna’s assets – fair complexion, fit and in shape even after her pregnancy, 34d-26-39 a nice booty to enjoy.

So getting back to the story, my name is Raghav and I came to Mumbai for my internship (changed for security) and was finding pg so that I can live for 2 months and leave. After many findings, I found a place where the landlord is a woman and lives with her 4-year-old kid. I went there and talked all the details about how much they will charge and what do they provide and she said stay, onetime food, laundry and water included in 6,000rs/month and electricity you must pay separately. I felt pretty good with the deal as the location is good and said ok and went off to shift my luggage and said I will dinner here breakfast and lunch I will have in my office. So during dinner time, we were quiet and had your supper, this continued for few days and your talks began during laundry time. For laundry I used to give my office and nightwear no inner garments as I thought would be inappropriate to give them to a lady and then she came to me and said: “don’t you wash your inner??”

I said “I will wash it on my own you don’t have to worry about” for which she said, “anyhow I have a son, don’t worry I have no problem you just concentrate on your work”. Okk and gave her my inner too. During dinner I initiated the talk and asked about her personal life and husband and she said that she had a happy family and husband died in a car crash and then his family objected to second marriage and she took up a job in order to take care of family and rented the upper house for family people but as the room was small family people objected to taking it and made a decision to give to bachelor’s and family both. So after that I was the first to live there and she was happy to have someone here and doing a job as a tax accountant and so has majority of the time during the last 5 days of the month and those days I leave my son to my neighbors and they take good care of him rest of the day I leave in nursery handled by an old woman nearby and she charges cheap as I am out for only 5 hours and then return back to home.

So, like that after few days we became good friends and we used to chit chat all day and I used to help her with many things like hanging the washed clothes and kitchen and your friendship grew so strong because I knew no one except Sapna bhabhi(name changed) and had no girlfriend or friends here. So once I took her and kid to a movie and we enjoyed. When he was making noise or crying in the theatre I took him to cool him down, I made him play a lot in the mall and also took him to washroom this all attaching thing with the kid made Sapna believe that she felt something with me. So then kid slept in my arms and we took an auto and left to home and after reaching home.

We changed dress separately in your rooms off course and met in the living room and as we meet she said “thanks, after nanu’s father dead (nanu is the nickname of her son. His original name is Narendra) we were left off never went to a movie. Nor nanu enjoyed or seen him happy like I saw him today.” I said “you took good care when I got the fever and gave delicious food. This is the least I can do” and then we talked off topic for some time and then she asked me “don’t you any friends here?? You always be here in the home and nowhere out” I said “all are doing intern somewhere else and I am the only person doing in Mumbai” then she smiled and said “any gf??” I said “did u see my face any girl would run away?” she said “no, you’re good and friendly. Y don’t you approach them” I wanted to change the topic and said “this is not my things and I don’t have any interest in them.

When time is right. God will give me a girl who likes me.” she said “your true, well I heard that boys always have a crush on someone, don’t you have one” I thought she was playing with me and wanted to give her a blow in the mind said “yup had one, it’s you” both became silent and I knew that it would work and would change the topic for better good as I don’t want to talk about my breakups. But she gave me the hell of a surprise by kissing me. Then soon she realized her mistake and then broke the kiss and went off to the kitchen to clean the morning mess because we left the show in a hurry after having brunch (when we eat breakfast late). I was also shocked to see such a strong transformation of her from being innocent to sexy bitch kind of woman I just felt it off like a dream only to realize I had a huge erection. So I could stroke it off, but to try my final luck.

I went to the kitchen and said “what just happened there??” she said “sorry and she couldn’t control herself when I said I had the feeling for her because I was a good boy and took care for both of us. Well, other people from my husband family only looked as an asset and didn’t care about my kid. I’m again sorry” and she turned other side to make roti for dinner, we went to 12pm show as I didn’t felt it secure taking woman and kid for night show anything could happen. It was still raining outside and as usual she was making curry and roti. Then after some time I went inside as I used to help her every time so she didn’t felt anything suspicious, so as the curry was cooking she became busy with making roti. But I on the other hand was unable to control myself because of the kiss and due to her slim navel being exposed from her saree, her ass were working like viagra and my penis got erected unable to control, I hugged her only to realize I done a mistake so in order to settle up the things I started to dousing the dough from behind her and she was simultaneously dousing it.

It was an ample moment for me as I was able to move my erect penis over her ass and my arms were rubbing against her navel, and she was pressing her navel with my hands, best moment. She was also enjoying it, then she slowly realized that it was my dick and pushed me back. She said “this isn’t correct, I am a widow” for which I said “u kissed me first, u brought feelings inside me, I don’t care whether your widow or not, I have feelings for you” she turned over to make roti and then hugged her from back and kissed her neck and she was shouting “its a mistake. I’m sorry. I cant-do it” I didn’t care was just kissing her neck, shoulder and back (empty space surrounding the blouse) she again pushed me and slapped me lightly. I got angry and said “ur the one who brought me feelings and u will be the one who will remove it” she asked “how??” I said “by making me release my cum, no one will know it” she thought for a while and then I said “no sex, only kiss”, then she said “it was my mistake, ok! But no sex and don’t remove my saree” she allowed me and then I hugged her and kissed her cheeks and lips went down to kiss her boobs over the blouse and slowly took off her pallu and wildly kissed her navel and was licking her belly hole and then again I came up and started kissing her and then I broke it and kissed her neck and started pressing her boobs over her blouse.

It was raining outside and light went off only the light from thunder was there. I passionately explored her navel area and she was making noise, but I wasn’t happy I wanted her pussy, so only hope- make her starve for real sex. So went up bit her nipple over the blouse and took her hands separated them and kissed her upper skin of boobs that part of area where her blouse ends. She was taking large moans. Now to my final part- I became naked in front of her she was shell-shocked. So I reminded her that you are not naked so I kept my promise, she felt embarrassed at first but was giving so many looks to my cock, I believe she liked it. So I was pressing my dick over her pussy over the saree, she closed her eyes and was feeling how big my cock is. My cock was fully erected and was 6.1 inch which she counted when we became fuck buddies.

She was taking heavy breaths and I was separating her hands, rubbing my cock against her and was kissing occasionally her lips and booby area. I was trying to control my cock by thinking about my disgusting boss thus was able to enjoy the moment. She asked me in this process “why don’t u cum??” I said “maybe if I touch your pussy I could cum fast,” she said ok only to make me cum faster. I slowly entered her pallu, cleared her panty and spread my fingers in her pussy with my hand and started slowly rubbing her while I was licking her boobs and her neck with my tongue. She was unable to control it and turned over to other side we were like in a doggy position but with her saree over her body so I adjusted my fingers accordingly and slowly increased rubbing pace in her pussy thus her turning to other side gave an opportunity to rub my dick against her ass. Thus she was making more moans after some time both if we released I felt her gush in my hands and I came over the saree while I was standing there taking huge breaths she turned over and fell off onto the ground slowly taking the support of the wall and was taking breaths with her legs flat.

I slowly fell over her and kept my head over her legs. The current didn’t come and so I said “thanks, I enjoyed it” she said “I never felt like this before even with my husband I didn’t enjoy like this” while she was curling my hair with her fingers she cleared her sweat with her pallu and continued “may it’s because I was sex-deprived for the last 5 years, you have pretty impressive dick any girl could fall for” I said “what’s the use for, the girl I want doesn’t want it” she understood and kept silent. She added “I never knew that youngsters like you would still love woman of my age” I said “why not, you’re really a good person, you gave shelter and took good care of me when I got fever, u treated with like your own u never took advantage of me and over and above you’re hot, sexy and those curves any boy would die for” and I added “but what’s the use for??” I felt irritated and was about to leave she caught my hand and said “nobody said so nice words to me, I taught all men were the same, but you’re not.

But the way I really love your dick, its bigger than my husband wouldn’t you give me some” I turned around in surprise and hugged her and I said “I love you” and started kissing her while removing her blouse and touching her bra. She broke the kiss and went off to see nanu so that he doesn’t wake up and I was waiting for her and she brought a quilt along with her “we will gonna have a large session tonight so that I don’t want us to get cold” due to frequent rains in Mumbai granite floor becomes too cold. She spread the quilt and sat like a newlywed girl and I slowly removed her bra and started sucking her boobs like a baby and enjoyed it, then I kissed her again and she said “cool down this bitch whose is sex starved for 5 years with your mammoth dick” then I went down and removed her lower saree and panty and started licking it she held my head and I was exploring her pussy hole. Then I was always wanted the 69 position so I landed over her my crotch was touching her boobs and she was stroking me and I was licking her, this continued for a while and she said “not anymore jaan, I want you inside me” so then I shifted to my missionary position and slowly entered her as her pussy was untouched I felt like a virgin pussy as it was tight and took a lot of effort for me to enter fully inside her and after a while and few moans we were in good position and were fucking like mad dogs and she was shouting like bad bitch, so in order not to make nanu wake up I kept kissing her to break her voices and she also got involved in the kiss.

After few strokes, I said “I was cumming” then Sapna came in senses “I am in period, so remove your cock and flush it over me” so quickly I removed my cock and spread it over her crotch and both laid off she was sleeping straight on her backbone well I was sleeping with my one leg over her thus my dick was over her thigh secrete the juices and I touched her boobs and slowly fell asleep. We both woke up in the morning at around 7am. As she used to do all the things on her own no maid used to come her home so I can have sex anytime of the day. But the way it was Sunday being in it you have holiday on sat and sun lucky me. She woke up and was wearing her bra I woke up and said “good morning, another session today my love??” she blushed and said when nanu not around and she went off adjusting her saree and I jumped in happiness and took my dress as stairs were inside the house no probs. I took a nice bath, wore shorts and t-shirt, applied ks perfume and went down.

I went inside and saw Sapna was making breakfast and went to her, kissed on her cheeks and asked “had good sleep” she said “best sleep ever. When u kept hands over me I felt the presence of a man and slept peacefully otherwise I used to wake up in between in fear of some thief or danger” I smiled and she said “can u bring some bread, eggs, coriander and potato” I felt awkward and said “still we aren’t married and ur giving me orders” she kissed me on lips and said “ur my husband now take nanu with u and bring them” so I took some cash and nannu with me and went to a glossary store and bought all the things then as I was about to leave I saw a clinic store and wanted to buy condom and ipill for the entertainment sessions, but with nannu how can I if I leave him and if he is lost I am dead. So I boldly went off to the clinic and asked the shopkeeper “bhaiya!! Give me a topi (bro! Give me a cap)” shopkeeper got shocked seeing me as a kid and turned around. Then hell happened nannu asked for I also want a topi hearing that all the people in the clinic looked at me and were gossiping “even after having a son he is having good times with his wife” and laughing internally.

So I kneeled down and said “this is not for u it’s for big people” hearing that he started shouting “I want topi” in order to cool him down I said “if you will be silent, I will give 5 dairy milks” immediately he kept his finger over his mouth and I got relieved. Shopkeeper said which one I pointed at the ks purple dotted one, chocolate flavor and Durex thin condom and also asked for sheilajeet and ipill boxes and packed them all and at the payment counter. The cashier said “at least while buying such things don’t bring them” then I quickly ordered a cab and rushed home so that no one can find us. I reached home and gave covers to her. After a while, she came running to me you brought these in front of him. You should be careful what if he gets to know about these. I said “he is my son too, don’t worry he doesn’t has any idea what are those, I kept him distracted. I want my son to be double Sankar. Don’t worry” he is my son thing made her feel attached and she hugged me keeping her hands over my neck and she asked, “what do you want??” I said “I only want your pussy I am addicted to her” then nannu asked, “what is a pussy?” I covered and said “I said juicy, do u want a juice lets to go,” he said yes and we looked at each other and after giving him some sugar cane juice we went back and we had breakfast and I played with nannu and after having some lunch nannu was watching a movie.

Due to the length of the story, I am breaking it into 2 parts. The second part will be coming up. Thanks and hit like if you like the story. Watch for the next part will be up soon.

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