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Friends this is a real sex story but a little bit exaggerated. This happened when I was doing my mba. I was having a girl friend who stayed at a private girls hostel. I was staying in a rented bachelor flat.

Having sex with my girl friend was a regular affair. She was very open with me and we had tried sex in many positions and she never backed out from anything. Sometimes we used to challenge each other to see the extreme of sex.

Everything was going on preety well. Than one day while we were having sex as per my challenge. I challenged her to wear a transparent gown on top and go to a shop opposite my flat and buy milk. She was little hesitant but she ultimately did it. Now it is the time for the reward for her as she had completed the challenge.

Now is the time for her challenge. Her challenge was that I need to come to her hostel at night. It was a very tight security hostel. I thought I might land up in in problem but ego came and I accepted the challenge.

I went to her hostel at around 11 pm and entered. I went to her room and she was just amused and surprised. She smiled and asked how come I entered her room. I said by whatever means I did it but I have completed her challenge. Now was the time for my reward.

She smiled and came near to me and kissed me very passionately. She undressed me and also got undressed. She said that todays night I will never forget. She whistled and the door of room opened and there were almost 15 20 girls. She told me that you can have sex with any girl and as many time I want.

I was astonished and was confused. One of her friend walked upto me and grabbed my pennis and said you did not come on your own we have called you and that is why you got such an easy entry. I thought whatever was the reason but I will have full enjoyment.

My gf told me to select 5 girls and believe me all the girls were awesome. I chose 5 girls and rest girls left that room. Now one girl was kissing me one was sucking my cock two were licking my nipples and my gf was standing and watching all this.

She said you boys think that you alone are sex expert but we girls are better. I was not listening to anything but enjoying fully. I did not cum so her friend got up and said you looked more experienced. We must enjoy tonight.

She lied down on the bed and my cock just want a pussy. As soon as I inserted my cock in her pussy she literally shouted in pain. I kept inserted my cock inside her hole. My gf came upto me and said fuck her slowly she is new here and is fucked only once or twice.

I slowly started to fuck her and later speed up. She was now enjoying the fuck as well. By the time she released the water from her pussy and I also discharged in the condom. I fucked two other girls later on.

All six of us was fully naked and I cant believe my luck tonight. There was a lady who was little older may be around late thirties. She was their warden and my gf asked me to go to her room and fuck her as well.

I said I am bit exhausted and may not fuck her. Warden came to me and said in abusive language “Mother fucker what do you think I allowed you inside to fuck only them”. Come with me and satisfy me or I will call security. I have no other option but to go with her.

She took me to her room, her room was very luxurious. She was in a full transparent nightie. She was wasent that sexy but she was also not that bad. She opened her nightie and got naked. Her nipples were long and boobs were very big.

She said those were tiny girls and I am a lady. I will teach you how to enjoy sex. She sucked my cock and then I licked her pussy and then I fucked her. She said you have good stamina. Now I want you to enjoy the back hole. That I also have never enjoyed.

She applied little oil on her back hole and also on the condom. As I inserted my cock in her back hole she just started to scream louder and louder. I completed the fuck and she looked very happy and said now you can come when ever you want to come and enjoy.

That was one hell of a night and I must thank my gf for the same. During my two years of mba I went to the hostel many time and enjoyed with many girls. Few girls also came to my my flat and I enjoyed.

Warden has become such a huge fan of me that she used to call me on mobile when ever she wanted to me to come to her to fuck her. Even once she introduced me to a girl who was virgin and gave me the opportunity to break her seal.

Sex with so many girls in many positions. Even once the warden took me to a vacation with herself and the resort where we stayed we were naked for full 3 days except when we used to have food.

We remained in the room the whole 3 days and whenever and where ever we wanted to have sex we had it. We had sex on couch, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, table, chair and where not. Even sometimes she used to give me pocket money to look after myself but I maintained a relationship with my gf as she was fully aware of my activities.

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