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Hi everyone. Thanks for your kind feedback on the earlier parts of the story. It’s a great motivation for me. Everyone requested to post the part-4 asap, but I got so busy in my personal life that I could not write it earlier. Now wife has gone to her “Maayeka” along with our baby, so I finally got time to write it.

Sorry for keeping you waiting for long time. Those who havent read the earlier parts yet, please do so now to enjoy the whole story. Any ladies who would like to have sex chat or phone sex may drop me an email at [email protected] You could also email me your feedback, comments or suggestions at the same email id.

Ok, without further ado, let’s start the part 4.

As the doorbell rang, we both got shocked. She stood up and my dick immediately lost its erection in fear. Sonia also looked very worried.

I said to her- Is it your sons time to come back from school?

S- No, there is still time for him to come back.

R- Then ? Is it your hubby ?

S- I am also afraid its him.

R- So what do we do now?

S- Wait. Come with me.

She held my hand and took me to the backside of her house. She asked me to stop and wait.

She opened the back door and checked outside. This door opened towards the open backyard of the building and there was a boundary wall as well. She checked around and found there was no one.

Then she signalled me to come out and pointed towards the boundary wall. I quickly reached there. The wall was not very high, and I easily jumped over it. Next moment I was on the sides of the road. I looked at her.

She was afraid but also a naughty smile on her face. I waived to her and she signalled me to get the hell out of there. I quickly vanished from the scene. But in my mind, a thousand thoughts were running fast.

Was it her hubby on the door? Would he doubt something? Did someone see me? With similar thoughts, I got into an auto and started waiting for her call desperately.

I didn’t have to wait for long as she called me after 5 minutes.

I picked up and asked- What happened. Is everything all right?

S- Yes. Don’t worry. All is fine.

R- But who was it?

S- My son. His school was over early today.

R- Thank god. I was scared to death.

She smiled.

S- Kitna darte ho tum mere champu. (You are so scared my champu.)

R- Not for myself but for you jaan. Werent you scared?

S- Yes, I was. But not as much as you were my champu.

R- When I jumped off the wall and waived at you, why were you smiling?

S- I don’t know. Maybe I was enjoying the trill of the moment. This doesn’t happen every day.

R- You are such a naughty lady. Meri fat rahi thi and you were enjoying the thrill !!!

S- He he. You were looking so cute you know. A real champu.

R- Shut up !!

S- Acha listen. Will talk later. Akshay needs some food.

R- Ok fine.

We hung up and soon I reached my room.

I ordered food from a nearby hotel. After finishing the lunch, I lay on bed to catch a quick sleep.

I had not slept yet and my phone beeped with an sms. As expected, it was Sonia.

S- You there janu ?

R- Hmmmm.

S- Naraz ho ?

R- Nahi to.

S- Why “Hmmmmm” then ? Apni jaan ko jaan kyun nahi kehte.

I kept silent.

S- Bolo naa janu kya hua.

R- Kuch nahi.

S- I am sorry. I was just teasing you when I called you cute and champu.

R- It’s not about that.

S- To bolo naa, kya baat hai?

R- I’m a bit upset about what happened today.

S- Come on Rohan. Don’t think about that. Sometimes such things happen in life.

R- Hmmmmm

S- Come on janu. Cheer up now. Plzzz

R- Hmmmmm

S- Kya hmmmm? Acha batao, mera ghar kaisa laga tumhe?

R- Bohat acha. You have excellent decoration skills.

S- And howz my bedroom.

R- That is indeed gr8. I wish I could sleep on that bed.

S- Don’t worry. You soon will.

R- But there’s one thing in your home that I didn’t like at all.

S- What. What is that ?

R- The doorbell !!

We both laughed aloud.

S- Thats like my janu. I don’t feel good when you are down.

R- Well, it’s not only me that went down. There’s someone else as well

S- Who ?

R- One who got so scared that its size changed from 9″ to 4″ in two seconds…

S- Oh god. How could I forget about that? Its such a monster. How do you carry it?

R- You liked it jaan?

S- Liked? I am in love with it. It’s so lovable. I can still feel its taste on my lips and tongue. Dil kar raha tha kha jaun use. You know, I am so lucky to have you.

R- Even I feel lucky to have you jaan. You have an amazing body. So silky, so smooth. Hugging and feeling you is the most amazing experience.

S- You were feeling me like you will eat me today.

R- Well, I did feel like eating you. But you are a very gandi bachchi.

S- Why ?

R- When I was feeling those huge soft globes of yours, your panty was blocking my way towards their center point.And you didn’t allow me to remove it.

S- Oh janu, lets leave those things to our special night. Acha, kaise laga tumhe ?

R- Kya?

She shyly said-

S- Wahi. Mere globes.

R- Oh jaan. They are the most amazing pair of globes in the whole world. So huge, so soft and hiding that cutie between them. Dil kar rha tha ki bas unhe aise hi feel karta rahun.

S- Haaye aur mera mann kar raha tha ki bas us 9 inchi sipahi ko yunhi choosti rahun, chaat ti rahun aur apne haathon me lekar feel karti rahun.

R- You know, your 9″ sipahi is upset with you.

S- Really! Let me try to freshen up his mood. Free him naa.

R- Really? Are you alone at home.

S- Hmmmm. Akshay is out with some friends. Now come on, let him free.

She seemed to be horny and I got bottomless in no time.

S- Removed ?

R- Hmmmm. Now it’s your turn.

S- What?? No.

R- Yes. Come on fast.

S- No Rohan plzz. If someone comes what will I do.

R- Fine. I am also wearing my clothes.

S- No. Ok fine. I will do it without going bottomless.

R- You will do what ?

S- You know what

R- No I don’t. Please tell me

S- Stop it Rohan. Please

R- Please first tell me what you will do without removing your clothes.

She paused for a while and with a shy smile said.

S- I will play with my.

R- With your ??

S- With my choot !!!

R- Haaye. Thats what I love to hear.

S- I know…. You naughty boy.

R- But how will you play with it without removing your clothes.

S- Are baba, now I’m wearing a legging naa. Both the legging and panty have elastic. So I can easily slide my hand inside.

R- Haaye. This legging thing seems to be of great use.

S- Yes. Now come on janu.

R- Touch yourself there naa jaan.

S- Where.

R- Between your legs jaan.

S- Where exactly janu.

(She was getting kinky)

R- Ohh shona. On your choot !!

S- Haaye. It arouses me like hell when you call it like that.

R- Touch it naa..

S- I am…

R- Geeli hai (is it wet?)

S- Thodi si (a little). Make it flow with your words naa. You have magic in your words.

R- Really ?

S- Of course. Any girl would be addicted to you if she just has one phone call you. I wish we had met before.

R- Met before ? You mean before your marriage ?

S- Yessss.

R- Jaan. Let’s do a roleplay naa.

S- Roleplay? What is that.

In this we can imagine ourselves in different times, situation and roles. Imagine we both are teenagers and we met via online chat and then cane closer. We can imagine this and talk what could have happened next. Similarly we can imagine ourselves in other roles and scenes.

S- Hmmmm. Sounds interesting.

R- Shall we do it ?

S- Yeah ok. But not now. Some other time. I don’t have much time rite now.

R- Then what now ?

S- Close your eyes and imagine the scene when you were feeling my globes.

R- Oh god sonia…

S- You like them naa

R- Oh I’m in love with them

S- What do you love most about them

R- Their huge size, their softness and fitness and their poking shape.

S- Haaye. Itne pasand hain tumhe (you like them so much)

R- If I had the chance, I would have eaten them literally.

S- How would you do it if you get the chance. Batao naa

R- Haaye. I would press my face deep into your butts.

S- That is something which you actually did. You know, it felt so good to be hugged like that by you…

R- But I wanted to go deeper but your stupid panty was stopping me.

S- What if I had allowed you to remove it.

R- Haaye. I would have torn apart your salwar first

S- Why tear it. I would have opened it for you impatient boy !!

R- Well, I was too horny to wait for that.

S- Oh god…

R- After removing your salwar, I would bend you forward so that you are in l shape poking your ass backwards.

S- Ishhhhhhhhhh

R- Your sexy panty would be covering only half of your huge ass and rest half would be exposed along with your sexy milky thighs and legs

S- Haaye…Then ?

R- I will again hug you from behind. Ur huge ass cheeks will be in my hands and I will feel their bare skin.

S- Haaye. Mujhe kab tak aise hi khada rakhoge. I will get tired. (how long I would be standing in that position)

R- Ok. I will make you sit on the floor on your knees. U will be in doggy position with your face downwards, your legs spreading wide and your ass poking right into my face.

S- Oh god. In that position my ass will look huge.

R- How do you know jaan.

S- I am a married lady janu. Telling that by experience.

R- Haaye. Tab to aur bhi zyada sexy lagenge. I will kiss your ass all over and feel it with my hands and face.

S- Isshhhhhhhhh

R- Jaan, what are you doing”?

S- Janu, please keep telling me. Don’t ask anything

R- Acha bas ek baar bata do. Kya pehna hua h abhi tumne.

S- Kuch bhi nahi janu. I am bottomless now. Rubbing between my legs…Ab please aage bolo naa

R- Haaye. Bohat geeli ho rhi h choot.

S- Haan jaanu bahut. Ab please aage batao

R- Ok jaan. After that I will poke my face deep into your panty and try to kiss your cute asshole with my lips and tongue.

S- Ufffffff…

R- My kisses will arouse you like hell. Your panty will start getting wet from the front.

S- Yeahhh..

R- I will hold your ass tight and push my face into your ass crack with full force. My lips will touch your cute asshole again.

S- Oh jaanu why teasing me. Tear apart this damn panty naa.

R- Haaye. I was waiting for you to ask me for it

S- Yeah janu. Tear it apart.

R- I will tear it jaan and your beautiful huge ass will be displayed naked before my thirsty eyes.

S- Ohhh janu, mujhe bahut sharm aayegi

R- But socho meri kya halat hogi jaan. Such a beautiful huge ass of yours. Totally naked and poking in my face. Haaye mai to dekhta hi reh jaunga.

S- Isiliye to sharm aayegi janu. Zyada dekho mat, bas pyar kro.

R- Lekin meri nazren kahan hat payengi us khubsurat nazare se jaan.

S- Haaye. Kuch karoge nahi?

R- Karunga naa jaan

S- Kya..

R- Tumhare globes par apne dono haath rakhunga..

S- Haaye..Aur ?

R- Apne haathon se tumhare butts ko faila dunga…

S- Oh god..

R- Tumhara cute asshole un dono globes ke beech se nikal kar bahar aa jayega. Ufff kitna cute hai ye jaan. Its lovely

S- Ohh jaanu. No. Mujhe bahut sharm aayegi

R- Lekin mai to jee bhar ke deedar karunga uska

S- Ohhh janu. No

R- Haaye jaan. Kitna pyara h ye. Dil kar rha h ise bas dekhta rahun.

S- Please janu bas. Mujhe bahut sharm aa rhi h.

R- Nahi jaan. Mujhse nahi hatayi jayengi meri nazren us par se.

S- To phir mujhe kuch karna padega tumhari nazren hatane ke liye.

R- Kya ??

S- Mai apna sir ekdam neeche tika kar kamar ko lachka kar apne goobes ko ooper utha dungi.

R- Haaye. Phir ?

S- Bas aur kuch nahi karungi. Lekin tumhari nazren apne aap hat jayengi wahan se.

R- Wo kaise jaan

S- Because in that position, tumhe meri wo nazar aane lagegi.

R- Haaye. Wo kya ?

S- Wahi jise dekh kar tum saari duniya ko bhool jaoge.

R- Oh jaan. Batao naa wo kya h

S- Haaye. Wo hai meri geeli choot janu !!

R- Oh jaan. Haaye haaye haaye. Use dekh kar to mai diwana hi ho jaunga jaan.

S- Haaye. Dekha mera idea kaam kar gya naa. Phir mai wapas purani position me wapas aa jaungi.

R- No jaan. Ise to dekhne do kam se kam.

S- No janu. No watching. Only love making. I will poke my ass into your face again.

R- Haaye. Main phir se tumhare ass cheeks ko faila kar apna face daal dunga unke beech me. Aur phir ek bahut strong pappi lunga tumhari gaand par.

S- Haaye haaye. Oh god

R- Phir tumhari gaand ko faila kar dher saari pappiyan lungi tumhari cute gaand ki jaan

S- Oh janu. Haaye haaye

R- Phir tumhari gaand ko munh me bhar lunga aur ji bhar ke chatunga tumhari cute gaand ko.

S- Haaye. Mai to pagal ho jaungi.

R- Jaan. Push yourself backwards and fill your gaand in my mouth with full force.

S- Yeah. Will do that. Aaaaahhhhhhh

R- Mai tumhari kamar ko pakad ke poori gaand pe jeebh faila faila kar chatunga

S- Oh jaanu

R- Phir apna ek haath tumhari geeli choot pe rakh dunga

S- Oh jaanu. Oh god, oh god. Haaye haaye

R- Uske baad apne doosre haath se tumhari kamar ko pakad ke tumhe apni taraf dhakelunga, aur tumhari gaand ko munh me bhar ke kas ke jakad lunga, aur saari gaand pe jeebh phira phira ke chatunga, aur doosre haath se tumhari geeli choot ko maslunga zor zor se

S- Oh jaanu mai to pagal ho jaungi maze se.

R- Phir mai tumse kahunga ki apne dono haathon se apni gaand ko failao zor se taaki ye poori khul jaaye

S- Haaye haaye..Aur ?

R- Mai apni jeebh tumhari gaand me andar daal dunga aur phir gaand ke andar daba ke chatunga

S- Oh god oh god…Haaye meri to halat kharab ho jaayegi jaan. Aaahhh aaahhhh

R- Haaye mai tumhari choot rub karta hua tumhare clitoris ko apni ungliyon ke beech me leke maslunga

S- Aaaahhhh aaaahhhh jaanu

R- Aur gaand ko chaat te hue jeebh se chodunga andar bahar karke

S- Aaahhh aaahhh oh jaanu I’m cumming…

R- Oh yes jaan. I will go deeper fucking your gaand with my tongue

S- Oh yessssssssss. Fuck !!! Aaahhhh aaaahhh

R- Aur tumhari geeli choot me 2 ungliyan daal ke chodne lagunga. Fuck fuck fuck ki aawaz se kamra goonjne lgega

S- Oh yes yes yes. Aaaahhh aaaahhhh aaahhhhhhh aaaahhhh. Jaanu I’m cumming. I’m cumming aaaaahhhhh aaaahhhhhh

R- Yes jaan yes. Oh jaan kitna maza aa rha tumhari choot me ungliyan chalane me. Aaahhhh aaahhhh. Fuck fuck fuck

S- Aaaaaahhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhh jaanuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!

R- Yesssss jaaan cummmmmmmmmmmm

S- Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jaaaaaaanuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!

She almost screamed and then there was her heavy moaning and breathing on the phone……….

R- Jaaan…Jaaa.n

She didn’t reply until 5 minutes. She was just breathing heavily which got back to normal only after a while.

R- Jaan.

S- Hmmmmmmm

R- Kya hua jaan.

S- Bohat bure ho tum.

R- kyun jaan. Kya hua.

S- Kya kya karwate ho mujhse aur kitni gandi baaten karte ho.

R- Kyun jaan. Maza nahi aaya ?

S- Maza? I was shaking with pleasure. Never had a more pleasurable orgasm.

R- To phir ?

S- Phir kya gande jaanu. Itni sharm aati h orgasm ke baad. Ekdam nangi leti hui thi mai.

R- To kuch odh lo naa.

S- Tum aa jao. Tumhe hi odh lungi.

R- Haaye. I love you jaan.

S- Love you so much jaanu and thanks for another amazing experience and wonderful orgasm.

R- Pleasure is all mine jaan.

S- Acha jaanu, mai baad me baat karungi. Akshay aane wala hoga ab

R- Ok jaan. Msg me wen you are free.

S- Sure jaanu. Love you so much

R- Love you too jaan. Bye.

S- Bye jaanu.

I had also reached orgasm. I cleaned up myself and then slept only to wake up around 6 pm.

I got up and came out to have some tea. Suddenly there was her mesg on my phone.

“Good news jaanu”

I was curious what the news was. I dialed her number but she cut my phone and mesgd me to wait until she msg me

I got busy with some routine work, but my mind was just thinking about the good news. Finally I got her call after an hour or so.

R- Hello darling

S- Hello Mr. Champu

R- Tell me naa. Whats the good news. I’m dying to hear.

S- (smiling) Guess what it could be ?

R- Hmmmm. Are we meeting tomorrow ?

S- Hmmmmm. Yeah but thats not all.

R- To batao naa…Plzzzz

S- You were saying naa, you liked my bedroom very much and you wanted to sleep on my bed.

R- Yes…So ??

S- That special night has come Rohan. Hubby is going to his native place for 2 days. And guess what, akshay is also going with him.

R- Oh my god… Really jaan

S- Hmmmm… Get yourself ready for tomorrow night. I have also sent my maid to her village for 2-3 days.

R- So we will be all alone !!

S- Yes sweetheart. I can’t wait to be yours now.

R- Oh Sonia. I love you

S- Love you too. Now listen. We will not talk now until tomorrow evening. If there is any change in the plan, I will inform you.

R- Why so jaan?

S- Because I want you to miss me a little before we finally meet. Tab milan ka maza zyada aayega naa.

R- Okkk jaan. Although it would be difficult, but I will.

S- And one last thing. Bring some ‘Ks’ with you

R- Ks ???

S- Oh my jaanu, you really are a champu. And I am not going to tell you.

R- Please batao naa jaan.

S- No. Tomorrow, before coming here, go to some medical store and ask there for ks. They will give you.

R- Okkkkk madam..Will do that.

S- Get dressed well. I would like to be impressed.

R- You surely would be…

S- Ok. See you tomorrow then. Reach at 10 pm.

R- Ok jaan.

S- Great. Love you. Bye.

R- Love you too jaan. Bye.

That is the end of part 4 guys. In next part, I will tell you about that wild night which we were waiting for a quite some time and never thought that it would come so soon.

I would love to hear your feedback on my story. Please email me at [email protected]

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