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Hello everyone. Im Kushal, a 24-year-old guy from Hyderabad. This is the continuation of the first part with Priya. To all those who dont know Priya, she is a 34-year-old beautiful married woman from Hyderabad. She is one of my ISS readers who read my previous sex story and wanted me to treat her the same way.

After the night sex session, we we were so tired and slept naked and woke up late in the morning. Priya peed with the doors open and we were naked most of the time in her house.

She made Maggi for breakfast and I ate Maggi from her boobs, navel and pussy! That was probably one of the sexiest breakfast I ever had. She ate Maggi by putting them on my dick. She sucked my dick first and then ate the Maggi. Though it is a bit gross, we still liked it.

So it was a Sunday afternoon and we were naked at home. We wanted to try outdoor sex that day and so we both got ready in no time. Priya wore a black saree and a red satin blouse. This time I insisted her not to wear a bra inside for some kinky experience on the streets.

Surprisingly, the blouse had hooks at the front. So I held her boobs, put them inside the blouse and just tied the bottom two hooks of the blouse out of the three. The top third hook of the blouse was open, exposing more of her cleavage which both of us loved. Priya sat on the sofa while I was wearing my shoes, and I got the glimpse of her tummy folds from the corner of her saree which were the best view for me.

Priya had the right amount of fat on her belly and other parts of her body. As this aroused me a lot, I had planned something for her. I made her wear the saree in such a way that when she sits on the bike, one could easily see her tummy folds. She almost completely exposed her navel while she sat on the bike. We headed to a local theatre with more than 30 people and all men except for Priya.

As it was an old movie and not of a top hero in the south, luckily the theatre was not much crowded. All eyes were glued onto Priya as soon as we entered the theatre. I asked Priya to collect the tickets as I wanted to enjoy other men ogling at her. I noticed most of the men staring at her boobs and navel which were so sexy. Given a chance, those guys would fuck her right away.

We took the corner seats in the theatre so that we could enjoy in the theatre as well. As soon as the movie started and the lights were off, I put my hands inside her satin blouse and pinched her left nipple. She looked at me angrily as it hadnt been even 10 minutes after we entered the movie hall that I started seducing her. I didnt mind that and slowly went near her face and kissed her cheeks, turned her face and smooched her smooth lips.

We smooched for more than 15 minutes. Then I lifted her saree up. I went down on her seat started licking her pussy over the panty. Her panty was all wet with the orgasm.

I made her remove my pants and underwear and I slept on Priya sucking her huge melons. She was so aroused by this that she herself guided my dick inside her pussy. and we were fucking inside a theatre. I was kissing her and covered her mouth completely with mine so that even if she moans, nobody would notice us by any chance.

After fucking her for 10 minutes, I cummed inside her and relaxed on her; sucking her nipples and my dick still inside her pussy. It was break time and she went to the restroom to clean herself and wear her saree back properly.

As there were only men in the movie hall, all eyes were on Priya and scanning her back while she was walking towards the restroom with her saree pallu completely open on one side giving the sexiest view of her tummy folds and her belly button.

Once she returned from the restroom, I asked her to buy some food for us from the food counter where there was a crowd of men pushing each other to buy food from the counter. Priya was hesitant of this idea as she was scared. But I told her I will be watching all her movements and Id be there if someone misbehaved with her.

When she found herself in the middle of that crowd, I could see a few hands trying to touch her navel. That aroused me a lot. I kissed her again inside the hall and did not fuck her this time as people sat close to our seats looking at Priya.

After the movie in the evening, we went to eat panipuri at a roadside stall. Priya had draped her saree in such a way that one could see her navel and her side boobs through the blouse if she lifted her hands up. So while eating the panipuri, she had to lift her hands up and every time she did that, her tummy folds were a treat to watch and her smooth yet sexy navel was more of a hot food item to eat.

Later we went to eat ice cream. I purposely put the ice cream on her blouse making the situation as if I had done that unintentionally. As Priya was holding her ice cream cup in her hands, I cleaned her blouse by putting my hands on them.

As I was a bearded man, people would have thought we were a young couple. We were getting excited with this outdoor seducing thing. We returned to her house. I tore apart her saree and blouse and fucked her till it pained and till I made her drink all my cum and made her clean my dick.

That night I made Priya eat chicken pieces placed on my balls while I was in sleeping position. I had put a chicken piece right in front of her pussy and ate both of them. It was 12 in the night and as I was about to leave her place. I wanted Priya to accompany me till the parking area naked and she did that happily. We kissed again in the elevator and she gave me a sexy blowjob in the elevator itself!

Her family returned the next morning and later, her husband also returned home as his work was transferred to Hyderabad. So we stopped talking and we never met again.

Girls and women(age above 18) can contact me on [email protected] Hangouts id: [email protected] and kik username: kushal5005 from Hyderabad or any part of India for sex chat or hookup.

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