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Hello, everyone. This is Yash from Punjab. I am a regular reader of ISS. Today, let me share my sex chat and video call experience with a hot cam girl I met online.

Well, to tell about myself, I am a businessman (small time) and I live alone. So, I have no commitments. Sometimes, if I have enough time, I would visit my favorite call girl and have a good time with her. But I am not getting the mood nowadays. I don’t want to spend too much time with the girl. Too hectic. It may sound like fun at the start but not after a while.

Fine! I will come to the point. So, when I felt bored to visit the girls, I had to find another way to keep me happy and satisfied. So, I could only opt for the virtual world. But porn does not let me to have an interaction. I wanted some kind of communication.

When I searched for the Indian sex chat online, I came across this genuine website called Delhi Sex Chat. My life changed since then. I used to visit this site very often and have lots of fun with the girls. Since I hail from Punjab, I wanted some hot Punjabi guddi! They would know and understand a real Punjabis desire. ;)

So, when I searched for the girls, I came across this chick, Lopa. She looked fine and fair. A slim body with the proper boobs. Well, I heard her voice in her profile and I liked it. It really turned me on. So, I wanted to try her once.

Since that day, I used to have a sex chat with this chick. We had multiple sessions and I would keep enough backup credits for that. But since my business hit the peak orders, I could not spend time with my online girlfriend anymore. I am sure she would be busy with the other men.

So, after a very long time, I had some time to spend one night. I did not want to sleep early. The sudden thought of Lopa strike me. Soon, I logged in into the DSC site and luckily for me, I saw my hot Lopa online after some time of random browsing.

I noticed a new symbol in her profile and soon I learned what it was and was happy. Guys, it is called ‘Lush a vibrating dildo which can generate so much of sexual pleasure in anyones body. The most exciting thing about it was that I can control the lush from my end! So, basically, when you tip the girl, the dildo would be activated and she would feel the pleasure.

They have particular timing for the dildo to be active. So, it all depends on the tips you offer. The more you offer, the more time it would do the magic inside her cunt. Well, I liked it and that would make me feel like me personally fucking her!

Wow, the technology had improved. But of course, I had my doubts. How does it really work? The only way to find out? I went on a private session with Lopa. To my surprise, she remembered me and greeted me with a happy face. (er… Not face. Just her expression and her voice appeared happy) Well, she did not show her face.

I really felt happy that she recognized me after having chats with possibly hundreds of other guys. I asked her about everything I missed in her life and she filled me in. (Yes, we share some personal details as well). Andlater, our conversation went like this :-

Me: So, Lopa. Anything new?

Lopa: Hmm. Same old stuff. You tell me.

Me: Nothing from my side.

Lopa: New girlfriend?

Me: Not yet!

Lopa: What is wrong with you? You look good and have a good business. Well, I know you have a good tool down there. Why would a girl not see you?

Me: (smile) Well, not all would know everything about me.

Lopa: True. In one way, I am happy.

Me: Why?

Lopa: You will come to me only if you are single. So, I can keep you for myself.

Me: Come on. I know you will say this to all the men you meet.

Lopa: :(

Me: Sorry. I did not mean it in that way.

Lopa: It is okay. You do not have to apologize to me.

Me: Let’s just change the topic.

Lopa: Sure.

She soon started to talk about the sex. She was wearing a t-shirt and a bum short. I can see her thunder thighs and her nicely toned legs as usual. I wanted to keep them on my laps and caress her boobs while talking to her.

Lopa: Looking at my legs?

Me: How did you know?

Lopa: Oh, I know my Yash nicely. Come on. Take off your clothes. I wanted to see you naked right now.

Me: You first.

She agreed and took off her clothes. She looked stunning with the shaved pussy and hot breasts. Then, she pointed towards me and I did the same. Then, she showed me her lush the pink shaped thin dildo. Actually, she had two of them.

Lopa inserted both into her pussy and told me to just tip. When I did, soon I heard the vibrating sound. A soft moan came from her mouth. Well, I tipped just for three seconds to check if it really works. She felt surprised when it stopped so soon.

Lopa: Hey? What the hell? Is that all you got? Come on. Now is the time for you to fuck me. Come on baby, fuck me!!

Well, I could not take it when she said that. Soon, I paid more tips and made it vibrate for one complete minute. I saw her going mad when it kept vibrating. Before it stopped, I paid for another minute. This went on for a while and now, she begged me to stop as she was about to burst.

But I did not and she came a lot. That forced me to stop. Soon, she took off the dildos and started to finger herself. Meanwhile, she asked me to stroke my dick and we did it together. Finally, I came and both I and the sexy Punjabi cam girl Lopa continued this many times!

So guys, did you enjoy my online sex experience? I am eager to read your comments. Please post them below so that I can keep you informed about my new sex adventures through stories here.

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