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Hello everyone. I am Kushal, a 24-year-old guy from Hyderabad. I am here to share my experience with one of my ISS readers.

Just as I finished writing the third part of my previous sex experience, I received an email from a woman named Priya (name changed).

She mentioned in her email that she loved the way how I described what the woman in my previous sex story was wearing and how I made her wear sexy dresses to seduce people on the streets of Hyderabad.

Priya was a 34-year-old woman with body stats 36-30-34, a figure which almost every guy would dream of. Priya liked the idea of me selecting the dresses; what to wear to which location.

I thanked her for the compliments she had given about my story and asked her what she was up to. Priya was married and had a kid and lived with her in-laws.

However, her husband used to travel a lot due to work because of which Priyas sex life has fallen down and was greedy to have a cock. This is what Priya had told me in the next email.

As sending emails was taking a lot of time, we decided to chat elsewhere for an easy and more convenient conversation so I suggested her to install Kik app as I already have an account on Kik. I shared my Kik id and we started chatting on Kik.

Priya is from Hyderabad too and stays near Begumpet (Hyderabadis would know this place). As we started exchanging our likes and dislikes and basic information about the both of us, she mentioned that she wanted to be treated the same way as I had treated the woman in my previous sex story.

Priya accepted to obey me and would wear whatever dress I asked her to wear. She not only wanted to have sex, instead, she wanted to live another life with a man who satisfied even her from small wishes.

Priya and I got connected in no time and I asked if I could see her picture. She readily agreed and sent me a picture of her. She initially asked, in which attire I wanted to see her as she knew from my previous story that I love to do kinky stuff with women.

As Priya had great big boobs from her stats, I asked her if she could send me a picture wearing a silk or satin saree.

She did take 7-8 minutes to share the picture but once she did, she was fair and had a beautiful face. It looked like the picture was clicked at a function in which Priya was wearing a light green color saree and a dark green blouse.

The saree perfectly fit her body and her blouse couldnt hold her big boobs which was an amazing view to see. I didnt get to see her navel as the saree completely covered her body.

We exchanged a few more pictures and further chatting for some more time, we decided to meet for some real fun as she was waiting eagerly to have sex with someone she could trust, and luckily that guy was me.

She informed me that her in-laws and her kid were going to the village to attend a family function and she would be home alone for two days.

Finally, after waiting for almost 10 long days, the day has arrived and Priyas in-laws and her kid left for the family function and Priya was all alone. All this while, we chatted on Kik, exchanged some sexy pictures in sexy attires.

It was a Saturday and her family had left home early in the morning to catch an early bus to their village. As soon as her family left, Priya called me and asked me to come home as early as possible. I couldnt sleep the whole night thinking of the next two day with a hot woman.

So I reached her apartment by 10 am without anyone noticing me. Priya insisted that she would like to see me with a medium amount of beard on my face as she loves men with beard.

She opened the door and it was the first time I was seeing her for real a beautiful woman with extra large sized boobs wearing a black kurti and red colored leggings. Priya was hot as hell and any man would die to fuck her to the moon and back.

I entered her house and Priya had already cleaned up stuff and made her house look neat and clean. We both sat on the sofa after greeting each other. Even though we knew we were going to have fun for those two days, our first real-time conversation was a bit awkward and it took 15-20 minutes for the both of us to get comfortable.

I moved a little and sat next to her on the sofa. Her breath became heavy as I moved closer to her. I put my hand on her thighs and I could sense her shiver a little. We kept quiet and I put my hand around her waist and pulled her closer to me.

I started tickling her and she kept moving out of shock and ended up on my thighs. Now I held her with two of my hands. I kissed her shoulder over her dress and she tried to move in excitement. Then I went to her neck and she has fallen for me.

Now I knew she was mine. I saw her face fully charged up and she looked very excited. Our lips met each other and I could taste her soft lips and we smooched like there was no tomorrow. I even bit her lower lip with my teeth, and she turned towards me and placed her legs around my waist on the sofa.

Her big melons were not far away from me and within no time, I started to play with her melons. Her nipples were so erect that I could clearly sense them over her bra and kurti. I did bite those juice nipples over her kurti and she moaned.

I kissed her cheeks, kissed her eyes, kissed her nose and then her lips again. Her red lipstick was on mine. As Priya was sitting on me, her ass was on top of my dick. As we kissed and explored more of each other’s lips and bodies, we knew it was time for the morning session.

I wanted to seduce her before having sex with Priya. So I insisted I would massage her and made her lie on the bed in their bedroom. I asked Priya to change her dress to something comfortable and she asked me what to wear. I suggested her to wear a tank top and shorts or track pants.

After waiting for 3-4 minutes, she opened the door of her bedroom wearing a white tank top and grey track pants. I was able to see her pink bra clearly and her round shaped big cute boobs.

I made her lie down on the bed and within no time, I was on top of her massaging her melons first. Priya was moaning every time I pressed her left and right boob with both of my hands. In between, I even pinched her nipples to which she used to give a crazy smile indicating she was loving every inch of what I was doing to her.

I then massaged her navel which was smooth as cotton. I lifted her tank top just to get the view of her extremely fair navel and a deep round bellybutton.

Now I went to her pussy over her tracks and started fingering her. She was turned on to the next level and she stood up and pulled off my t-shirt. Priya was kissing me everywhere on my upper body. I sat on her again and pressed her boobs, this time with more amount of force and she loved it.

I indicated her to remove my pants and she happily did. Priya held my already-rock solid dick and was shocked to see as it was huge and bigger than her husband’s(as she told me).

She was playing with my dick with her hands and now to tease her, I sat on her boobs not putting too much of my body weight on her getting my dick close to her mouth. She was trying to reach my dick with her mouth in sleeping position but failed.

Finally, I held her head and lifted her and put my entire dick inside her mouth. I held her head in such a way that only I can get her back on the bed.

She took my dick deep throat and I was trying to push it deeper. I put it inside for a minute and held her head in that same position. By this time, I removed her tank top which exposed her pink sexy bra which was not able to hold her boobs.

I removed her track pants and she was wearing a black panty which was already wet. I removed her panty first and her juices were all over it. She was in full mood to get fucked but to tease her, I just touched my dick head to her pussy and she was not able to control my actions. I rotated my dick head on her pussy.

I then removed her bra and the scene was heaven to watch. Milky white boobs with black nipples, boobs were in perfect round shape as if her boobs were personally designed by someone with the right size to seduce each and every guy.

Within no time, I was sucking her huge lemons and biting her cute nipples. All this while, my rock solid dick head was still touching her pussy lips and she had shaved the night before. I suddenly pushed my dick inside her pussy, and she moaned like hell without expecting this sudden action of mine.

As her pussy was a bit tight, it didnt take a while to go completely inside her and I was now giving lighter strokes and Priya face changed from pain to pleasure.

Once I saw Priya was enjoying, I started stroking fast giving her pain. I was simultaneously kissing her lips, her boobs and her nipples while strong my dick hard inside her.

After about 10-15 minutes, I was about to cum and she told me to cum inside her. While I was cumming, I held her so tightly that she couldnt move an inch and that she feels the warm cum inside her.

I placed my dick inside her for some time until we both were satisfied. Then I removed my dick just to make her clean all my leftover cum with her mouth. She was sucking my dick and made my dick hard within no time. It was super hard again inside her mouth and there she was giving me the best blowjob.

Now she sat on me and started to play with my balls, sucked my balls and again played with my balls. We were in that position for around 20 minutes and she slept on me.

We went to the washroom to clean ourselves under the shower and I was there again sucking her boobs while the water was flowing over it.

I bent down to her pussy and drank the water placing my hands on her pussy just as one drinks water from a tap. It was an amazing experience and I pressing her super hot ass while taking shower.

We then cleaned with the same towel and tied a single bed sheet around us and we were hugging each other tightly. Our bodies were so close to each other that her boobs were pressing against my chest and I was fucking her bellybutton with my dick.

She made lunch all naked and it was the sexiest sight to watch. I hugged her from behind while she was cooking.

I pressed my rock solid dick against her ass and tried to enter her from behind while she was cooking made me aroused so much that I sat on the platform and made her suck my dick again till I cummed inside her.

We ate food naked, she sat on my dick while eating food. Later we watched tv naked, we also watched porn until the evening.

We now wanted to go out of the house as Priya said she likes bikes rides. I made her wear a tight top which was an old top of hers and she has gained weight, her top was so tight that one could see her crazy assets over the top.

I love women wearing extremely low waist jeans and shorts so I asked her to pull down her jeans making the already low-waist jeans even lower. This gave a sexy view of her ass while she bent down and a sexy view of her belly button if she lifted her hands.

I was sure when she sat on my bike, her back would be visible and people on roads would enjoy the best view. We went to a nearby shopping mall, kissed in the parking lot, and had our dinner at a restaurant.

We were walking on the roads holding hands as if we were a couple. My bearded look made me look like her husband and people didnt get a doubt looking at us. I even held her waist while walking in the shopping mall, which she loved the most.

We returned home tired and sleepy but I was in the mood to fuck her so immediately removed her top and jeans and kissed her lips and all over her body.

We had sex again and this time I cummed inside her mouth and she drank all my juices. She cleaned my dick with her mouth and we slept naked all night. To be continued in the next part.

Girls and women (age above 18) can contact me on [email protected], hangouts id: [email protected] and Kik username: kushal5005 from Hyderabad or any part of India for sex chat or hookup.

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