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Hi friends, I am a regular reader of ISS. After reading so many lusty stories, I decided to pen down my own sexual encounter. This is a real story. I am currently working in Bangalore, fair in looks and 30 years of age.

So the story begins. This happened a few years back. Once, I was traveling in a train to Pune. My berth was side lower in AC 3. I always had a fantasy to have sex in the train.

When I boarded the train at 6 PM, it was full of passengers, and all were old uncle and aunties in my compartment. I was little disappointed to see old people, and decided to quickly eat dinner, and have a longer sleep. Accordingly, I ate my dinner at 8 PM and went to sleep. Since that was a winter time and lights were still on, I covered my head with the blanket and slept.

After some time, I felt that somebody was sitting close to my legs. When I removed my blanket, I saw a young lady sitting near my legs and playing with her mobile.

The lady of this story is “Mini” (name changed), wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. I guess she was around 25 years of age. She was very fair, slim but had healthy curves, black hairs tied with clutter, and a tattoo on her forearm. I was stunned to see the beauty. I woke up and asked her, “Do you need any help?”

Mini: My ticket is still on ‘waiting list, and I don’t have any seat. Would you mind if I sit here for some time?
Me: Of course not, you can sit here as long as you want.

Mini: Thank you.
Me: If you need any help, please let me know.

Then she again started playing with her mobile. I was a little excited to share my seat with a young and hot lady. I started to make plans, to make my fantasy come true. After some time due to the cold, she started shivering.

Me: Are you feeling cold?
Mini: Yes, AC is too low.

Me: If you want to share my blanket, you can take it.
Mini: Thank you. You are such a sweet person, but I will manage.
Me: Fine.

I was little restless. I was not able to sleep anymore. She wasnt showing any interest. After a few minutes, when she was not able to manage the cold. She voluntarily came inside my blanket and covered herself.

Now it was 11 PM, and she was feeling sleepy. I woke up again and started drinking water, and went to the restroom. When I came back, I saw she had occupied more of my seat, and asked me:

Mini: Are you not feeling sleepy?
Me: How can I sleep when such a beautiful lady is next to me, it would be an injustice.

Mini blushed.

Me: In fact, I am happy to share my seat with such a beautiful lady.

She gave a naughty smile.

That was the first signal to me from her.

Me: I can see that you are feeling cold and sleepy. If you want to share my seat, I will be glad to share.
Mini: Would you be comfortable then?
Me: It will be my pleasure.

Mini smiled.

I suggested her to sleep facing opposite to each other, which means her legs towards my face and my legs towards her face.

She came inside the blanket and kept her legs close to my face. She was wearing socks. After 15 minutes, I started adjusting my body. She was quiet.

After another 10 minutes, I started adjusting my body again. This time, I kept my right hand on her foot. She was still quiet. Now the train was running at full speed and hence oscillating.

I slowly started rubbing her foot with my thumb, in line with the movement of the train, so that it should look real. She was still quiet. I did it for 5 minutes. Now, I got more courage.

Then I slowly started playing with her toes. She suddenly withdrew her legs towards her. I was scared. After 2-3 minutes, she put her leg back to its original position. Now I was in a dilemma, whether to go ahead or leave it. After 5 minutes, she rubbed my foot with her fingers, and I got an instant boner.

This was a clear signal for me to go ahead. I started playing with her fingers. She withdrew her leg again, removed her socks, and gave me her leg to play. I was on cloud 9.

I took her toes in my mouth and started licking it crazily. She was aroused by now. Slowly I moved my hand towards her waist and then started playing with her belly button. She had an ultra-soft and milky white skin.

I went to unbutton her jeans and suddenly, she took my hands and kept it on her right boob. This was a moment of my life, I never expected to drill any stranger just like this. Her boobs were very soft with hard nipples. I was squeezing them like crazy for 5 minutes and she started passing moans. Her moans became louder within no time.

I woke up and went to her. She asked, “What happened?” “Please continue. I am living my fantasy, please don’t stop!” she added.

I said, “Not here, please follow me to the restroom in 5 minutes”.

I went inside the toilet and kept the door open. She came in 5 minutes. The moment she entered, she hugged me tight and started kissing me like crazy all over my body. We licked each other’s tongue for 15 minutes.

I slowly removed her t-shirt. She was wearing a pink colored bra and had a tattoo on her left boob. This view was driving me crazy. I removed her bra, started sucking her boobs like crazy and she was moaning louder. She said, “Dont stop today, lick me, suck me and fuck me”.

She removed her jeans quickly and asked me to fuck her. I made her sit on the commode. I took both of her legs on my shoulder and started licking her pussy. She had a clean shaved pussy which was completely wet. She was moaning loud and oozing juices.

My tongue was exploring every muscle of her pussy. She held my head and pressed it against her pussy. I inserted my 2 fingers inside her vagina and fingered her hard for 5 minutes. She came to an orgasm with lots of fluid. I wore my condom. Since train toilets were not so big, I told her to get in doggy style. I inserted my dick and started stroking.

We both were enjoying our horny fuck in the train. After 5-7 minutes, I came. She hugged me hard for next 5 minutes or so. I saw a very satisfied face of her, which I will never forget.

This was a journey which changed my life. After that, I had several encounters which I will be sharing here. Reach me out on [email protected]

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