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Hi fellow ISS readers! I have been a vivid reader of this site for a while. For quite some time I wanted to pin down my story so that I could be a part of this community.

Let me introduce myself. I am Manas Sharma (name changed). I am 511 and a normal body with an average 6-inch dick from Bangalore. If anyone wants to give feedback or just want to meet up for a casual date, relationship or indulge in satisfaction of some carnal sinful desires, I am always open for it. You can always contact me on [email protected]

Coming back to the story. This was back in March of 2018 where I was giving an MBA interview at a well-known MBA college in Bangalore Electronic city.

I was a bit early for the interview and had to wait for a while. While waiting for the whole interview process to begin I was relaxed and was looking at other candidates.

In amidst all the students, I spotted another girl. This girl was in a professional attire with her hair tied, she was wheatish in color and had really big boobs. Her figure was 36-26-38 with some generous 36D Boobs I approached her and introduced my self

Me: Hey I am Manas Sharma and I must say you look quite nervous.

Her: Hey I am Vidya (name changed), do I look that nervous?

Me: Relax it is just an interview, with your killer looks, you can ace it easily.

She started laughing and gave me a slight punch on the shoulder. With this, I started talking to her. At every step, I was being a little corny in comments about her beauty.

These conversations went on and in no time, we were called for the interview process. Looking at her she got a little sad, so I gave her my number.

Me: How about we get together after the interview?

Her: That would be wonderful! Maybe you can show me around some places also.

With this, the interview process began and ended. By the time I was out, I was waiting for her to come out or just call me. I waited for about 1 hour and decided it was never going to happen. So I started my car and was heading back home.

Just then I got a call from a number, after picking up I got to know it was her. I was escalated in joy and directly headed for the entrance where the beauty was waiting for me.

I welcomed her in my car. We greeted each other again. After that, she said she was very hungry, so we went to a nearby restaurant and had some food. During our lunch, we started talking and I learned some vivid things about her.

She comes from a very conservative family, but she was always open. She told me that she had a lot of boyfriends. Seeing this as my opportunity I started sliding my finger from her wrist to her shoulder. She looked at me with a naughty look and then I gave her a naughty smile saying let’s get out of here.

We went to a nearby place (we call it an adda, it is a beautiful small hill with a view of lake in front) By the time we reached there it was already 6 pm and the sun was about to go down. The scenery looked absolutely beautiful so we sat on top of the hill and were just gazing at the sun. Suddenly she started rubbing my hand and then with this I got excited.

Me: Your eyes look so beautiful in this sunset as if they were designed by God himself

Then I slowly leaned in to kiss her. As I leaned in I saw she was also leaning  towards me and then we kissed for a few seconds. After that, we broke the kiss and I could see some lust in her eyes. So I kissed her deeply this time for a few more minutes(remember there is no one to see us over there.)

As we kissed, I started to caress her boobs over her shirt. Then slowly I started unbuttoning her top shirt buttons. She broke the kiss and said, “Wait up honey, not here.” I gave her a naughty look and said, “No one is here.”

She said, “Let’s go to your place” I said, “What’s the hurry? You are like the chocolate cake that I can have and eat it too. So why not eat it slowly and enjoy it” With this I grabbed her, and pulled her closer to me.

I started licking her neck and caressing her boobs over her shirt and then slowly with other hand, I started caressing her thighs. She got fully excited and she started kissing me again. With this excitement I started to remove her belt and unbutton her pants.

I put my hand in her pants and started to caress her pussy over her panties. This went on for a while then I started to rub her pussy slowly and increased my pace. After 5 minutes she moaned slightly and came.

After she had cum, she adjusted her pants and shirt and held my hand. She pulled me taking me to the car she said, “Let’s go to your place. You have been a very naughty boy and I want to punish you”

As we entered the car and started to drive back to my place, she started to caress my thighs while driving. Suddenly she caught my crotch tightly and said: “I want to see this bad boy.” She started to unzip my pants and removed my cock out.

My cock was already erect and standing at its full length. She started to play with it a little with her hands while I was driving. After a few minutes, she bent down and gave the tip of the dick a little lick that literally sent a current through my body.

She started to take the tip of my cock in her mouth and started licking it like a lollipop. She started blowing me while I was driving. When I came, she let my cum go to waste and then after 5 minutes we reached my place.

We were going up to my flat and she was climbing the stairs I spanked her ass. She looked back and said, “I know you want more action but let’s get in the apartment first”

When we reached my flat door, my hands were shaking in excitement. Then when we got in she immediately shut the door behind her and jumped on me like a hungry lioness and started kissing me.

I carried her to my bedroom in my arms and then I threw her across the bed. I said, “I want to see that juicy ass, show me that juicy ass”.

She immediately pulled her pants down and pointed that ass towards me. I was awestruck with the fact that I am going to have this ass and eat it too tonight, with that fact in mind I started to bite her ass while I was caressing her waist. Then suddenly I spanked her ass

Me: Tell me who is your Daddy.

Her: You are my daddy.

Spanked her harder on the other ass cheek.

Me: Who is your daddy.


With this, I pulled her panties down and started to lick her clit lightly.

Her: Please daddy lick it harder.

After hearing that I started to suck on her clit and played with the clit using tongue, after 5 minutes of sucking I inserted my finger in her pussy.

Her: Ahhh ahhh please daddy I want more daddy.

Me: Embrace for more my baby.

I inserted one more finger and started to finger her good after 5 minutes. She went crazy and pulled me towards her. She started kissing me while I fingered her pussy she gave me a naughty seductive look and said

Her: Give me that big dick daddy.

Me: Where do you want that big dick baby girl?

Her: I want you to put that big dick in my wet pussy daddy

With this, I positioned her in missionary position and slowly inserted my dick in her vagina. She was in an ecstatic mode and started to moan heavily, “Aaaah aaaah ahhhh ravish this dirty girl more daddy.”

After hearing that I started to move my dick in and out and started to fuck her slowly. After 15 minutes, she said, ” I wanna ride my daddy now.”

She went into a cowgirl position sitting on top of me. I held her on the ass and making her move up and down. We fucked for another 10 min in that position.

The room was filled with her moans, “Aaah aaaaah AAAAAh AAAAhHHH AAAAHHHHH yes daddy punish this bad girl daddy.”

After 35 min of continuous fucking, she said, “I am about to come.” So I started to fuck her even harder and deeper and after 2 minutes, she came.

Her: That was a nice one.

Me: I am not finished yet.

And I started to fuck her even more.

Her: Ohhh yes keep going.

Then I made her stand on all 4s like in doggy position. I held her waist and kept on fucking her then I spanked her ass

Me: Is daddys dick good?

Her: Yes daddys dick is very good.

Me: Now take all the cum in your pussy now.

Her: Yes daddy give it to me.

I kept on fucking her hard and came a lot in her pussy. After that, I fell on the bed. Then we had 5 more sessions that night and then in the morning, we got up.

I got her an ipill and then after a solid breakfast and a goodbye kiss, I left her at her hotel.

To this date, I never had such an experience before we are still are in touch but sadly she is far away back in Delhi.

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