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Hello, I am Arpita, 31-year-old, cute and innocent. I am married at 25 and its arranged love marriage. My husband is a professor and earning so well. I am financially independent and has one 4-year-old child.

As I am a doctor and general physician, I have to treat a lot of patients every day. One noon I was getting late for lunch. I had planned to meet my husband as it was our wedding anniversary. The celebration was actually in the evening but he wanted to have a lunch date with me. But one 25-year-old boy came and he looked frustrated and panicked.

Although I was getting late, I looked at him and called my hubby to tell I will be late by at least 15 minutes. He agreed as he knew I was a helping-minded girl.

The young guy sat next to me and started telling his love story and his ex-girlfriend. I stopped him and told him to get to the point as I was in hurry. He said he was having an erection problem. I started treating him and told him it was just a mindset and nothing to worry.

I asked him to be relaxed and have healthy food. He said he was having issue with his ex, as her ex was the only his sex partner and she had very big boobs of 36DD and now he was missing her boobs all the time. I felt awkward but as a doctor, I knew the psychology of human. He was obsessed with her boobs.

I understood he did not have erection problem but was having a psychological problem. I asked him, “Why do you only like womans breast? There are many other ways to enjoy in a woman body”. He said, “yes, there are. I love to eat my exs cunt”.

Well, I didnt know how it would feel as I never had oral sex. I even dont watch porn as I hate it. But when he said he loved to eat his ex-girlfriends cunt, he somehow evoked the lust within me. I dont know what happened but I kind of started imagining my husband eating my cunt!

The guy started telling me how he ate his ex gfs pussy and I was getting horny and horny. Then I got a call from my hubby and I realized what the hell I was thinking of. I just stopped him and told him that I have to go and he can visit me in the evening and he agreed.

So I left for lunch, but all the time I was thinking of having my husband eating my pussy. I was getting horny as minutes passed and I couldnt control. I called my husband and told him to come home. He asked me why as he was waiting at the hotel for me for the past half an hour. I said, “Your special lunch is on the dining table”.

He said ok and he was on the way to home. I went home and removed all of my clothes and I lied on the dining table with my legs spread. I and my husband both have keys to the house and so I knew he only could come inside.

He came and I shouted, “Come and have your lunch, my jaan”. My husband was surprised but happy seeing me naked. He quickly took off his pant and kissed me. Then, without wasting time, he tried to put his dick inside my cunt but I stopped him.

“Eat my pussy first”, I said.

“What the hell are you talking about?! It feels disgusting. How can you think of me doing such things?”, he was so angry.

I tried to convince him that it was my wish and I didnt mean to force him. But he didnt listen and fucked me as he was horny after seeing me naked and when he cummed, he left me. I wasnt done yet because I didnt know what happened to me but I was just thinking of pussy eating. I couldnt control and think of anything else. All the time I was imagining of my husband to eating my pussy.

He left to his university for lectures. I tried to talk to him and called him to say sorry. But he didnt pick up. I was feeling ashamed but still, my thoughts of pussy eating werent fading away.

Finally, I tried to stop it and told to myself, “Let me go to my clinic, I could stop thinking about it if I will get busy in work”.

I reached the clinic but couldnt see that guy. So I was relaxed that I wouldnt have to bare his talks or else it would be hard for me to control. I started treating the patients and after an hour, that guy came. Unfortunately, I was all alone in the clinic and I couldnt deny him.

He sat there in front of me. I was so uncomfortable. He again started where he left about eating pussy. He said that he often tells his ex asking her to lie on the bed an spread her legs as far as she can so that he can eat her pussy for hours. It was driving me crazy as I was craving for having my pussy to be eaten.

I was not so lustful person and I quite use to have gentle and calm sex. But his words were having a magical effect in me. I was slipping out of my normal ”me. Finally, I stood up, closed the door and told him that I want to see how he eats his gfs pussy.

He was bit shocked and confused thinking how he can show me. I told him that I am a doctor and he doesnt have to feel shy.

I went into the dressing table and lied and removed my bottom and told him to show me. He said he only can do with the girl he had feelings for. I told him just do it to get to know me more and not for sex. He said he will just do it for a few minutes.

So he started doing it slowly and he commented that I have a creamy, wet and decent smelled pussy. His ex-girlfriends pussy was smelly and on the other hand, I had the best pussy for oral sex. I was happy but still so horny and uncontrollable. I grabbed his hair and started rubbing my pussy on his lips and nose. He was trying to say, “Please leave me”. But I didnt.

I just kept grinding my cunt on his lips and nose and face. It was one of the best feelings in the whole world. It went on for five minutes and finally, I was done and cummed. The next second, I got back to my senses realizing what I just did. He was angry too. He said that he was loyal to his gf and I made him do oral sex.

When he started getting angrier, I realised it could be a very serious issue if he told this to others. So I started begging him to not to tell anybody and I was ashamed of what I did. I was trying my best to convince him while I was feeling I even cheated on my husband too. But he wasnt listening to anything. I told him I can do anything for him. But he left angrily. I was so worried about what to do and sat there in the clinic.

Story to be continued in part 2 (Becoming The Sex Slave To My Patient).

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