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Hey guys, this is Rahul and I am back to describe another encounter that took place on my Graduation Day. I would love to express my gratitude to all the souls who gave me a tremendous response to my previous story – “Ananya: My Sex Angel!

This story revolves around a series of unexpected events that turned into a super erotic night worth remembering.

So a little about me – I am a northerner residing in Bangalore. I am a student, 21 years old, a footballer, slim, 59″ tall, fair and endowed with a dick 6.5″ in length and 3″ in girth. Guys, I love experimenting in bed and a few of my favorites include eating pussy and extended foreplay.

I was finally graduating, a lot of friends made, a lot of memories created; but amongst all this, I was unhappy with the fact that I was parting ways with Ameesha.

Ameesha and I were together since high school and had broken up a year ago. She was insanely hot with looks to kill for. A perfectly shaped body with the right combination of tits and ass.

We had sex many times before but after our relationship, things werent as exactly as before. On our graduation day, she looked an absolute stunner. She had worn a beautiful white saree on a black blouse and was revealing a lot of skin. I was awestruck and complimented her. I knew I wanted to be with her that night. The graduation ceremony was over and we headed to the resort where the graduation party was.

Ameesha and I were headed there together and we were alone in the car. We had general talks and started to discuss our relationship and all the memories we had shared. By the time we reached the resort, there was an awkward silence in the air. We checked in and went to our rooms with a couple of friends. We were staying in rooms adjacent to each other.

So we got changed and as I met her downstairs, I was turned on. She was in a black dress with subtle shades of gold. Her tits emerging out firm and a deep cleavage tickling every persons imagination.

She came to me and we hugged. We got her a drink and got to chill out in the open lawn. It had rained a couple of hours back and the weather was chilly. As we were sharing a smoke, she wrapped her arms around me, lay on my shoulder and we just remained there silent. Our friends called us and we went to where the DJ was playing. Alcohol was flowing like a river and my room was the stoners paradise.

Ameesha and I parted ways for a while as I had gone to my room to smoke up with my friends. In a matter of 15 minutes, I was 4 joints high and was tripping hard. Ameesha was quite tipsy too and we danced for some time. When I was started to get really tired, we sat in the corner for a while. We were just looking at our friends dancing and were laughing. We headed back to my room because she had started to feel thirsty and wanted to use the restroom.

Meanwhile, I was chilling in the balcony by myself, enjoying ‘Pink Floyd with a smoke and some cool breeze. She came there too in a bit and we decided to stay away from the drunk crowd and soak in natures solace.

We were talking all casual stuff and slowly my fingers were playing with hers. I looked at her and she too turned her eyes to look me in my eyes. We leaned it and starting kissing. I was playing with her hair as I rested one arm on her ass.

She turned, came and sat on my lap. I was kissing her neck as she let out soft and subtle moans. The moonlight was casting a shadow of our indulgence on the other wall and that was turning me on even more. She was holding my hard cock and I began undressing her. She had worn the same lingerie that I had gifted her a week prior to our break up.

Ameesha looked ravishing. She pulled me closer and I was over her sucking her big tits. Pink nipples on huge, firm, white breasts. A treat to the soul, isnt it?

She kept letting out moans whilst I rubbed her clit from over her panties. No sooner had we started our night than my friend entered the room and not realizing we were in the balcony, he went and passed out.

We were too horny to think about anything else and got along to continue what was going to be a long night. It was almost 2 in the midnight and I was kissing her with all of my passion, all of my love, and all of my lust. We were both in a world of pure ecstasy.

Just then another roommate of mine came in and passed out too. I was busy eating my girls pussy and she was controlling her moans hard. My fingers were pinching and playing with her erect nipples. I was getting rough with my tongue and lips with every passing minute and she was on the verge of squirting an ocean.

I started inserting my tongue deep into her and was using my lips hard on her clit. It took only a matter of minutes for the expected to take place. She couldn’t control her moans and started squirting like an octopus. I was completely drenched in her squirt and wanted more of it.

We decided to take things to the room. We entered quietly and went inside the bathroom, smoked a joint and got back to play. As we were waiting for the bathtub to fill, Ameesha gave a really awesome and super slurpy blowjob in the shower. The girl knew exactly how to use her tongue and spice things up with her lips.

The bathtub was overflowing and we were absolutely negligent towards it. After a steamy session of cunnilinctus and squirting, we finally hopped on inside the bathtub where Ameesha spread herself and sat on my erect dick. That awesome feeling was further amplified owing to the fact that I was high.

Ameesha kept riding my dick and I was in a world of sexual euphoria. She got up, turned around and sat on my dick to perform a reverse cowgirl. She knew that it was my favorite position and in no time, she got me to a point where I couldnt control and needed to get off.

Ameesha liked to take cum on her face and so we went ahead with the normal routine and I came on her face. She licked all of it.

Her tits were glittering with all the sweat and we got into the bathtub again.

We remained silent for a while and got to making out again. This time, to end things on a happy note, she gave me a footjob and pulled me further to kiss me. Honestly, it felt insane. She had never done it before and now, I loved it. The orgasm was just mind-blowing. Our tongues were glued to each other as I ejaculated.

It was around 5 in the morning when we both were satisfied enough of each other and got out of the bathroom. We went to her room and slept together naked. Later, we woke up; had another session of steamy shower sex with an anal creampie just like an icing on a cake.

We went to grab the breakfast and all our friends were smirking at us, where we both just smiled and let it pass.

I hope you liked the story and I am also very apologetic for making the story quite huge.

Thank you for bearing and Id be looking forward to your response to my story.

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