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Hello, everyone, Im Varun and a fan of ISS for a very long time. After reading so my stories now I like to share my own experience.

Im a gay bottom living in Chennai. I always wanted to have a dirty sex and wanted a real adventure in it. Ive had many experiences like seducing my friend, masturbating in the classroom, sucking in a lonely theatre, and my most favourite picked up in public restrooms etc..

To tell about myself Im really a good looking smart guy, with a small belly and nice milky boobs and a very big ass. Many ass cheeks are chubby and soft. Here Im going to tell u about my unexpected encounter with a man with big cock which I mostly loved and enjoyed. So lets get into the story.

That day I was in my native planning to go for attending my friends sister wedding which is 50 km away from my location. So I took the bus to reach the destination. I have to pick an auto to reach the wedding hall from bus stand. Before doing it I wanted to pee badly. So I went into a public restroom with no mood of sex or nothing. After reaching there I found some guys there. And there was a guy standing in lungi and a shirt with only three buttons on. I slightly aroused me but without knowing whether he was a gay or not I restricted myself from approaching him.

And I controlled myself because I have a wedding to attend. So I stood next to him and took out my cock and started to pee. And then to all my surprise, I had a clear vision of his cock which was 10inches black, long fully erect. That guy was masturbating standing there. Still, I had sucked many cocks I swear that is the biggest cock ever. So I gained some courage and looked at him showed him my cock. He after seeing me understood my expectations. I thought well both help each other to jerk on and go. But suddenly he asked he had a place nearby and whether I was willing to come. I was slightly hesitant at first but the smell of that place and thirst for that big cock gave me the courage to do it. So I agreed.

He explained that he is running a juice shop in the bus stand itself and said he will take me there. After reaching the shop I was shocked to see that the shop had only one room divided into two with the help of bottle cases through which it is slightly visible inside. I was afraid at first but he convinced me that it will not be visible. So I accepted and we went in with the shop still open. After reaching there I found out that the part of the room had a toilet and a water tap in it which is readily open without any doors i.e the part hidden by the bottle case is a restroom. He asked me to take off all my clothes which I hesitated but he said itll be safe and no one will come in.

And I being ready to take the adventure went ahead took off all my clothes and stood there naked. Je didnt take off his clothes so that he could address the customers outside(only if anyone come, hell leave me in the back part and went to the customers). Now he takes off his underwear and showed his wonderful cock. And suddenly I galloped it in my mouth like a child waiting for candy. It was really dirty with a smell of sweat. I sucked his cock like a mad dog and he was squeezing and pinching my boobs. Then he started to put his full cock in my mouth and hold it until I can. After that, he fucked his cock in my mouth. And suddenly a customer came he went outside and returned after some time with a glass full of pista milk in it.

He asked to open my mouth and poured some milk into it and ordered not to swallow it. Then he started to put his cock in my mouth full.of milk and started fucking my mouth. After fucking for some time he asked me to drink the milk. And he continued doing this until glass of milk gone dry.

Now he wanted to suck his balls which was dirty and smelly which I said no. And all of sudden he took all my clothes and said only after doing all the things he said, hell return the clothes. So I took his balls in my mouth which was disgusting at first but I started enjoying it and without my knowledge, due to the peak of mood I started licking his asshole too which was small but dirty. He asked me to lay on the floor and sat on my face and started rubbing his asshole all over my face. It was dirty and smelt bad but without any choice, I licked his asshole. But unknowingly I really enjoyed it and I was surprised to know how I had a became a gay bitch.

Now he was in his peak and again inserted his cock into my mouth and started fucking it in my mouth. After doing this for 10 mins he stopped. He asked me to stand like a dog so that he can fuck my ass. I was really happy and the same time scared because it is gonna be my first anal sex. I asked him to do it slowly but he never cared. His cock was shining with my saliva and he also applied some saliva into my asshole and started fingering it. After doing it with two fingers he inserted his cock. But it was too tight and so after a great pressure, he inserted his cock. But it was a great pain, tears rolled on my cheeks. He started pumping slowly and now a customer came suddenly. So he again went outside and I have to go through the pain once again.

While returning he took some oil from a old small paint brush which had an end like cock. He applied some oil on my asshole and put that brush which thickness smaller than his cock. He fucked me with it even with the brush I have reached heaven. Now he took out the brush and again inserted his cock. Now it went inside easily without any struggle. He then fucked like a machine. I cant control screaming and moaning. After fucking for 15 mins he came in my mouth. He wanted me to drink all his cum and I did it. After that he made me jerk off. I thought the pleasure ended but he gave me a final surprise.

He said that he wanted to pee on me. I said no but he said hell not return my clothes so I allowed him to do it. He made me sit on the toilet and opened his stream of urine which was yellowish and full of salt. I drank only a little and made it flow on my body. After that, I washed myself with the water and he gave me a towel and dress. I got dressed up and came out. He offered me some drink and walked me to the auto. After I went inside the auto he came inside and said he loved it and took my number and planted a kiss on my lips in front of the driver for which the driver gave an angry look. After he left and I reached the wedding late.

Guys this is my first story please support it. Im happy to hear u in [email protected] and any top in Chennai with place needing a really nice cock sucker also mail me. Thank u. Have a nice day guys.

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